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Apr 22, 10 at 12:24amPokemonHeartGoldX

whats a good simple team for pokemon heartgold NO UBERS!!!!! or anything overly powerful like tyranitar, gangar or stuff like that ( i want to know when and where to get them throughout my journey

-the order and where to get them throughout the game (when to get them so not to late in the game)

-moves and how to get them

-only want to use 4 pokemon 5 at the most

-natures to

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Oct 26, 13 at 8:35am

This is my current team.
Need rating as well....

Metagross (Lead) - Adamant - Leftovers :
Stealth Rock - Explosion - Bullet Punch - Zen Headbutt

Classic type for a lead, this guy can take a beating (especially physical one, while providing sufficient deffense against specials). Stealth Rock all the way for the first move, then you start throw some punches in, and finally go take your enemy to hell together with explosion. That's all....

Jolteon (Speedy Special Attacker) - Modest - Life Orb :
Substitute - Thunder Wave - Shadow Ball - Thunderbolt

Use substitute if needed at appropriate time, else, attack all the way, this guy can zap out enemy's Gyarados/Empoleon in easy swoop of Thunderbolt (Don't worry, this guy is speedy, it will outrun non-buffed Gyarados). More bulky water type like Milotic may survive the attack with critical HP. Shadow Ball for elemental coverage. Play with thunder wave to stall enemy's speedy attacker. That's all.

Blissey (Special Wall) - Bold - Leftovers :
Softboiled - Toxic - Flamethrower - Reflect

This mofo egg bearing monster used to piss of your enemy's special attacker, she got 600++ HP (714 Max, depending on IV and EV) and humongous Special Deffense stat. Use reflect if enemy got some fearsome Physical Attacker, then Toxic to kill them slowly , and PAINFULLY (Oh, I just love this...). Softboiled all the way to heal and keep pissing on your enemy. Flamethrower is used for elemental coverage, since it got average Special Attack stats. (Mine is 200++ or so...).

Gyarados (Physical Attacker) - Jolly - Expert Belt:
Earthquake - Waterfall - Dragon Dance - Ice Fang

This guy works as elemental kickass in my team. Enemy is using Dragonite, bite it to death with your icy fangs. Oh, an Electrivire? So cute... eat my Earthquake. And of course he can plum Magmortar / Arcanine / Rapidash / Non-Speed Boosted Blaziken into a waterfall. Dragon Dance is used to mainly boost your speed, in order to be able to outrun a Speedy Attacker such as Jolteon (which is quite dangerous for you).

Another 2 guys are still undecided, I'm thinking of Blaziken with Speed Boost + Weavile. Or perhaps Lucario and Togekiss...

Sep 13, 13 at 5:29pm

dragon types:
Dragonite,salamence (if you can get one) or a flygon

Normal types:
Furret, porygon's full evolution or milktank

water types:
Your beginnere, laparas,blastoise, or seaking

grass types:
belossom, vileplume, your beginner or execcute's full evolution

electric types:
Amphros,luxray,jolteon,or electravire

flying types:
Pidgeot,togetpi's full evolution, or aerodactyl

fire types:
you beginner, monfernape, blaziken, charizard, or magmotor

bug types:
butterfree, or beedrill

fighting types:

Jun 7, 13 at 7:04am

If you're looking for Pokemon to just get you through the game, here are some I've found helpfull with the main story..

Miltank - Adamant - Scrappy/ enables use to hit Ghost types with Normal hits
Rollout - w/ defense curl for double the power
Defense Curl^ - Gives you that extra bit of defense
Stomp - Normal Pokemon + Normal type move = Same type attack bonus (STAB - PWR ^50%)
Milk Drink - Restores 50% of max HP in battle /

Milk Drink Takes 20% of own HP to give to another party Pokemon outside of battle

Ampharos - Modest - Static/ chance of paralisis on contact
Thunder Wave - Paralyze's target Pokemon, giving you speed advantage
Discharge - SP. Atk + STAB (30% chance of paralisis)
Charge - 1st turn SP. Def ^50% - 2nd turn Discharge will result in double power
Focus Blast - 5 pro's (normal, dark, steel, rock, ice) great type coverage to go with Ampharos' already superior SP. Atk

Kadabra(Alakazam) - Hasty - Inner Focus/ prevents flinching
Shadow Ball - Type coverage for Ghost types + great power
Psychic - STAB + ridiculos power
Focus Blast - Type coverage for Dark types
Telekinesis - Gaurantee hits (apart from OHKO), good for Focus Blast

Golduck - Modest - Cloud 9(Negates weather effects)
Hydro Pump - STAB + stupid power = carnage
Amnesia - raises SP. Def ^100% to allow fighting chance against STAB electric moves
Blizzard - Type coverage for grass types, high power
Swagger - (if you have the TM handy) gives confusion to the target wit ^100% attack boost - if opponents hits theirself due to confusion, watch their HP deplete rapidly..

If you don't know how to acquire all of the said Pokemon + moves..
Miltank is found just west of Ecruteak city, so not too far to go for one
Mareep can be found just south of Violet city, giving you a very good early Pokemon
Abra can be found between Goldenrod city and the day care centre ( if you can't find this, kill yourself )
Golduck can be found as a Psyduck on route 35 with a 10% chance of it being a Golduck in itself
The Focus Blast TM can be purchased from Goldenrod Department Store, 5th floor along with Blizzard
Shadow Ball TM is a reward for defeating the 4th Gym Leader (Ecruteak city)

The rest of the moves in their movepools are self learnt; the movepools can be put together very easily and the team will work very efficiently as I have used each one of these before myself.

Jun 2, 13 at 1:35pm

Just catch urself a Mareep andevolve it into Ampharos at level 30 or get a leaf stone from bug catching contest

Nov 4, 12 at 12:47pm

i would pick for a simple team- cyndaquil or todadile- pidgey- poliwag- bellsprout- mareep- and any other that you like.

i hope this helps and you go along with my suggestions.

Sep 21, 12 at 8:10pm

I think they are all good, but i also have a problem, i started with Cyndaqwill and i have an eevee and plan to evolve it with water stone but i need a good grass type!! I also need to know how to train well i'm at Cianwood City and haven't beaten the Gym.

Apr 23, 10 at 1:27am

I would suggest zubat, yanma, murkrow, and abra(thats 4)

Go to dark cave for zubat and try to get a crobat. Once you got crobat use air slash, u-turn, taunt, and roost with jolly nature. Yanma obtainable north of goldenrod but are rather rare. If you get one go for yanmega with protect, bug buzz, air slash, and hypnosis with modest nature. Murkrow is found at the safari zone and evolve and use sucker punch, roost, fly, and super power with a adamant nature. And for abra found it same area as yanma evolve and use psychic, focus blast, signal beam, and shadow ball with timid nature.

Apr 22, 10 at 9:31pm
Shawn Yasumara

I recommend you get yourself a Nidoran Male(and evolve it,obviously).Not sure if you can find one in the game,but if you can,get it.It's a pretty good physical Pokemon,and a decent Special one.

Apr 22, 10 at 9:26pm

Check out this FAQ for excellent advice on pros and cons of all Pokemon options for HGSS: Moveset FAQ

Here's a few suggestions for types you may want to check out, based on the analysis in that FAQ:

The Shiney Red Gyarados that you get on the Lake of Rage @ L.30 makes an excellent water type complete with ice moves for Lance's pesky dragons.

Heracross is available in-game (after a bit of head-butting).

Pokemon obtained off the Pokewalker give many more options for early team building. Alakazam, Dragonite, Gengar and Nidoking can all be grown from Pokes easily obtianed off early routes on the walker. It would be a challenge to get Dragonite fully evolved by the E4, but you can level him up in the Pokewalker (its like unlimited Rare Candy) if you are careful to not miss levels where moves are gained.

An electric type (or moves) will come in handy for the E4. If you can catch the legendary dogs then you have excellent electric and fire options. Also you'll be given an Eevee, so Jolteon is also a good option (Thunderstones are available on the Yellow Forest Route of the Pokewalker, but you have to download that route from Nintendo via WiFi before the event finishes on May 6th). Although Elekids are easy to get on the Pokewalker, you should be aware that Electabuzz's evolution needs an Electrizer which is not available in-game until late in Kanto...

Are you going to catch Ho-Oh to use for the E4? If 'yes', then that gives you very useful Fire, Flying and Psychic coverage.

Scyther/Scizor can be gained from the Bug catching contest.

Check out Kangaskhan for a good HM slave that is also available easily, very early on on the Pokewalker (first route).

Apr 22, 10 at 5:08pm

errr... graveler-get geodude-good cause can teach most HMs
poliwag- route 35,using rod-can teach surf+good against fire types.
I don't know about the rest but these pokemon were in my team and i've beat red so....

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