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Apr 9, 10 at 7:31pmCmaster111

Just curious. and if you have any tips for anybody else please feel free. And feel free to ask for help!

I'm at Elite Four, and my team is:

Raikou lvl 43
Poliwhirl lvl 36 (HM slave, does that make me a bad person? :3)
Gyarados lvl 31
Typhlosion lvl 51
Togepi lvl 29
Lugia lvl 45

and i have a question: Why can't my gyarados learn Fly? i mean its a flying pokemon isn't it???

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Jun 15, 14 at 12:45am

My team is
Typhlosion level 92
Gyarados level 89
Espeon level 90
Ampharos level 82
Dragonite level 78
And Venusaur level 60

I've got all 16 badges Have beaten red,

Instead of gyarados you could use quagsire if you dont want type duplication.

Feb 3, 14 at 3:22am

It would take a looooooong time for you to train, but it's worth it. Also, try to balance your Pokemons like if Typhlosion is weak to water, get a grass type or an electric type, if it's weak to ground type or fire type or poison type (Poison types are kind of useless so no biggie), get a water type. Your Typhlosion, Gyarados and Raikou can be that. You might wanna remove either Poliwhirl and Gyarados, two water types in the team 'specially one's an HM slave? That's a big no no. Go to Smogon, it gives you tips. Or you can just look at the nature, then EV train it. Evolve your Togepi. It'll probably be great against Lance since it's beautiful literally at special attack and special defense, Lance uses dragons which is really good at S.A. so you'd need a kind of tankish wall. Replace your Poliwhirl with a Mamoswine, they're crazy good at attack but don't use it at Bruno (seriously) and replace your Lugia with an electric type pokemon just to balance it, maybe Ampahros? It's a special tank. And Gyarados makes up for it's inability to fly by being an awesome sweeper, the ones who try to take down the enemy team.

Aug 23, 13 at 11:37am

This is mine Elite 4 progress
Lugia 49
Typhlosion 44
Scyther 50
Lapras 45
Dewgong 51
Magneton 47
Still ca't win with Lance so I reseted the whole game

quote Time is gold, when playing pokemon heart gold

Jun 19, 13 at 9:59pm

Houndoom lvl 65
Nasty plot
Dark pulse

Garchomp lvl 59
Dragon Rush

Alakazam lvl 55
Focus Blast
Shock Wave

Gyarados lvl 52
Ice Fang
Dragon Dance

Aerodactyl lvl 42 (training)
Rock slide
Take down(taking advantage of his rock head ability)
Sleath Rock

Heracross lvl 58
Mega horn
Stone Edge
Night Slash
Close Combat

Jun 19, 13 at 9:52pm

quote Cmaster111
oh ****!!!! just got beaten by the last member of the Elite Four with his bloody Houndoom!

Life is so cruel
That's so funny my houndoom kills everything

Jun 19, 13 at 10:59am
Galen Stocklass

My Pokemon in Oder of levels
Haunter lv64
Tyranitar lv66
Rapidash lv72
Lugia lv76 ( only use is to defeat fighting types fast and to use fly)
And my lv100 magneton is this a good team? Defeated red and e4 multiple times is that good?

Jun 19, 13 at 10:53am
Galen Stocklass

My team is somewhat high level beaten red and the e4 multiple times here my team:
Rapidash lv72
Haunter lv64
Tyranitar lv66
Lugia lv76(don't use much)

And last my strongest Pokemon..... Magton lv100 if you have any comments tell me please.

Jun 6, 13 at 6:51pm

I am almost done.

My Team right now is,

Dragonite lv 71
Charizard lv 70
Feraligatr lv 65
Articuno lv 50
Mewtwo lv 70
Arceus lv 100

Update, just got done catching Mewtwo.

I also just got done defeating Giovanni in the Celebii Event and obtaining the Triforce of Power aka Giratina in the Arceus event.

I am now in the process of rematching Sabrina to level up my pokemon so I can challenge Red and become the new Kanto champion.

Jun 1, 13 at 1:03pm

Having beaten red twice, right now I have just beaten the elite four in my new game. I bred a sceptile, ferligatr and sceptile (I have 2 ds's b/c of my brother and I use my pearl game to store pokemon [after I beat red a third time I'll have every starter from gen i to gen iv])
-Sceptile: 51
-Pidget:13 (have to bring around someone who knows how to fly)

May 28, 13 at 11:41pm

Shiny squirtle (not going to evolve cause it looks so epic)

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