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Mar 29, 10 at 11:04pmryanoc1004

I think the worst region is hoenn. It's just half land half water. And half of that land you can't get to until you travel at least 50 times around one stinking area!

The storyline is boring... It's like omg team magma and aqua are fighting! I'm gonna stop them.

The gyms are annoying ( Brawly... I just hate him for some reason) and the elite four is ok .

The only thing I really liked is the battle frontier.

On the contrary the best region is without a doubt johto! Classic!

What's your opinion on this

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Nov 1, 15 at 7:27am

I really liked hoenn. I do admit that i hated all that water, and god, I cant hate tentacool any more than I do. But hoenn has the best experience in pokemon GBA platforms for me. The weather, diverse environments, and most worthy of mention is the reporters! So underrated. These all made the experience 100 times better.

Oct 31, 15 at 9:03pm

If you're talking about the anime, my favorites were by far Hoenn and Sinnoh. I didn't watch a lot of Johto but the battles against Gary and Harrison were epic. I didn't like Kanto really because Ash didn't even earn 8 badges, he only beat Lt.Surge,Koga,and Blaine. Unova was just flat out awful to me. One of the main things that made Hoenn and Sinnoh so great to me is the girls didn't take a backseat to Ash. May and Dawn actually had their own goals and activities in Contests. Misty and Iris said they wanted to Water and Dragon Masters but they never really even started. Serena took too long to start Pokemon Showcases,it would have been a lot better if she had started earlier. Ash's battles with his rivals in Hoenn and Sinnoh were just incredible, that final battle against Paul was the most epic battle ever and the last epic battle Ash ever had. I prefer the rivals like Gary,Paul,and Tripp because even though they put Ash down,they motivated him to get stronger.The only problems I had with Sinnoh was that unfair battle against Tobias,and that Buizel never evolved into Floatzel.The gym battles were epic with Ash's creative new battle styles like Counter Shield and Ice Aqua Jet. Unova was the dark ages to me. Pikachu,even though Zekrom disabled it's electric attacks, lost to Tripp's newly acquired Snivy,who somehow already knew Leaf Storm,one of the most powerful Grass type attacks,was just pathetic and frankly, unrealistic. I mean a Pikachu who had been in 32 gym battles,4 pokemon leagues,and 7 frontier battles,and I might add that in the frontier, they battled legendary pokemon ,got beat by a new Snivy. What the heck? And Cameron beat Ash in the Unova League despite only having 5 pokemon to Ash's 6 pokemon and he only won because his Riolu evolved into Lucario at the worst possible time.And then Cameron got beat by Virgil and the Eevee Squad and he didn't even take out any of Virgil's pokemon.I think it would be really cool if Virgil came to Kalos to catch a Syleveon. The only good thing I saw in Unova was the return of Ash's most powerful pokemon, the one and only Charizard! The gym battles/leaders were lame although Drayden was a boss. It took way too long to introduce N and Team Plasma. Kalos is okay to me so far but I wish Serena would catch some more pokemon already,Pancham would hurry up and evolve, Bunnelby would evolve, and Frogadier would evolve. I like the group of four dynamic but I think Hoenn did a better job with it because Max was older and knew more about Pokemon.And I wish Ash would notice how Serena likes him. I mean, a girl sets out to return a scarf from your childhood and you don't realize she likes you?And Miette's a good character and good rival for Serena in Showcases and a rival for Ash's affections.And I really like Serena's new outfit. And Clemont's a good character too. In most regions, the fifth gym battle has the most sentiment and emotion. In Hoenn, the first gym Ash went to was the Petalburg gym but he had to come back with 4 badges to battle and defeat Norman for his badge and then Max took it and ran off beacuse his dad,the gym leader,his idol got beat. In Kalos, the battle against Clemont was climatic and a lot better than I thought it would be and probably better than most people thought it would be. In Sinnoh, Dawn had to battle Maylene for Maylene to get her confidence back. But Ash's battle against Maylene, in my opinion was the best Sinnoh gym battle. I mean it was so intense the gym's roof got blown off and Lucario and Buizel got a double KO to end the battle in a tie. I'm hoping Frogadier will evolve by the time they reach Anistar City. The Kalos gym leaders/battles have been good so far espicially with Ash's creative and unorthodox battling style. I hope after the Kalos League, they do something like the Orange Islands or Battle Frontier, kinda of like an epilogue to the region. I like Ash's new Kalos outfit but his Hoenn and Sinnoh outfits were by far the best. Sinnoh definitely had the best champion in Cynthia because she used to be like Paul but changed and got stronger to become Sinnoh Champion. And her Garchomp could possibly be the most powerful non-legendary dragon type pokemon in the anime. And Sinnoh had good gym leaders and Elite 4. The season moved at a good pace that always kept me on my toes. And the way that in the first few Sinnoh episodes,they showed a random scene and then they went back and explained how they got to that opening scene, that was very clever to me. And the way Team Galactic was sowed in, having their appearances at good intervals, and the final battle with the Red Chain at Spear Pillar was incredible. Ash's team was great too. They got stronger at a brisk pace and Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape was the best part of Sinnoh. I mean the arrogant power obessed Paul throws away his "weak" Chimchar and Ash gets it. And trains it but finds out there's a twist to it's power. When Blaze activates, it turns into a uncontrollable beast. When it finally learned to control Blaze in the battle against Volkner, that was epic. I just think it took too long to evolve into Monferno. It didn't evolve the first time until his infamous Lake Acuity battle against Paul, which was after Ash got his seventh badge. But yeah, you probably forgot what I started talking about and that was that Anime wise, Hoenn and Sinnoh were the best regions ever. Sorry I rambled on for so long! Again sorry!

Feb 4, 15 at 12:26am

My regions from best to worst is

1: Kanto
2: Johto
3: Unova
4: Kalos
5: Hoenn
6: Sinnoh

Oct 2, 14 at 2:59pm
Typhlosion r da best

Sinnoh was such an awesome region. i remember getting pokemon diamond and pearl when i was in 5th grade and i loved it to the bottom of my heart. My first game was Crystal, however, and both Johto and Sinnoh are my favorite regions. I didnt play ruby sapphire or emerald but im going to get OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire when it comes out. Ive heard hoenn is good so i cant diss but i also cant give an opinion.

Aug 10, 14 at 5:38pm

In order from best to worst:
1. Sinnoh
2. Hoenn
3. Kanto
4. Johto
5. Unova
I've never played the Kalos region, but I've played all the others. Sinnoh and Hoenn are underrated and far superior.

May 12, 14 at 5:56pm

I like kanto and johto because it has a mixture of all the regains

May 11, 14 at 2:48pm

The best region for me is Hoenn. It has the best storyline the best legendaries pokemon. Also I like the design of the games and most of all in pokemon emerald adding new graphics. By the way:


(As for Unova and Kalos regions I prefer Kalos. I haven't play the games of 5th and 6th generation before but I prefer the Kalos region most as I mentioned).

I put Sinnoh in 4th place because it has so many events (in the game) which if you lose the chance to play them you will never be able to play them again. Nevertheless it has cool storyline and cool pokemon

So <3<3<3HOENN<3<3<3

Feb 11, 14 at 6:48pm
Christopher Gill

Hoenn is my personal favorite. Starting with the legendary's and heading down to the basic Pokemon themselves are awesome. My other opinion though is probably might be the johto. Sinnoh suck's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 26, 14 at 11:45am

best to worst

4. kalos

Jan 4, 14 at 7:25pm

Sinnoh for life, not enough love for it. I own both diamond and pearl. Played through them 3 times. So much nostalgia tho.

Second best.. Kalos I guess, worst is without a doubt unova yuck yuck yuck

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