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Nov 14, 02 at 4:39pmRevelation

quote Revelation
Funny how the series' main character is the most evil of them all.

Kazuya was always, and still is, more evil than Heihachi.

Yeah, we all know how Heihachi dropped Kazuya off a cliff when Kazuya was 5, and how Heihachi sent his adopted son, Lee Chaolan, to the US to study business, instead of Kazuya. But Heihachi's motives weren't evil.

Heihachi just wanted Kazuya to grow up to be strong and competitive enough to lead the Mishima Zaibatsu.

From what I know of, Kazuya was always stubborn even as a kid. I can really relate to Heihachi if that's the case. Can't blame him for being too rough on young Kazuya.

Wan't an example of how evil Kazuya is? Well, here's one... The moment he took control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, he began to corrupt it in every imaginable way just so he could be more powerful.

Any thoughts?



Violent reactions fro Kazuya fans? I know alot of you are...

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Dec 1, 13 at 8:49am

Kazuya....this dude is weird!

Aug 9, 13 at 6:29am

for all we know, kazuya could have just been doing evil under the zaibatsu power cuz he wanted to give it a bad name and make heihachi pissed off and a bad reputation as revenge psychologically also. again this is just my guess

Feb 17, 12 at 6:42pm

i think that heihachi maybe greedy, as he defeated his father jinpachi and entrapped him in honmaru temple to take control of the mishima zaibatsu and turn it into a military organization for money i think, and also killing jin kazama.

kazuya always kills anyone that stands in his way, heihachi and jin, but his human side has still some kindness in him, as you can see in the ending of tekken 5 where kazuya holds jinpachi and has flashbacks, showing the emotion kazuya had for his grandfather, but then his devil took control and killed jinpachi.

Jul 29, 11 at 3:05pm

First off, this entire argument started off on the wrong foot(I know this is an old thread, but bear with me). Heihachi's motives were always evil. Period. He locked his father in the basement or something along those lines just so he could take control of the Zaibatsu empire quicker. In fact, speaking of spoiled brats, Heihachi was definitely one. There was no reason for him to be so jerk-faced to his father who seems to be a nice guy who even had a best friend named Wang Jinrei. As I recall, Heihachi has zero friends as he never acts nice to anyone. All he's ever seemed to care for was power.

Kazuya might have seemed stubborn to Heihachi who obviously wanted a jerk for a son instead of someone who was generally nice. Kazuya simply didn't fit into Heihachi's selfish little world and he took out his unfair frustrations on his son. Okay, I don't know where you're from, but throwing five year olds off of cliffs is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Heihachi isn't an idiot--he's simply obsessed with power. I'm sure he knew that little kids don't survive drops that severe. In fact, he didn't expect Kazuya would survive. It was more like good riddance.

Heihachi hardly cared about his son passed how Kazuya would represent their family. Since Kazuya wasn't cutting it, he tried to destroy him.

Have you ever been five years old before? Ever been on the brink of dying? Have you ever done both of these things at the same time? Probably not. I can only imagine how that must have felt like. Yes, it says that Kazuya wanted revenge on his father, but I think the main reason why he made that deal in the first place was to live--I think it was just simple, natural human self-preservation at work. I'm sure he was far more concerned about dying than revenge at least at that moment. I think it was after he realized that he could survive that he really began to pursue his father.

Prior, I don't think Kazuya was concerned about power, but you do realize that the Devil gene changes people--it changes you into a douche bag/power-hungry/ass. So if you find Kazuya acting like this, that is the reason. Were you there for Tekken 2? Did you catch the Angel vs. Demon concept? You know how long Kazuya had been living with that Devil gene before it came to a head like that? This means that it must have taken years for Devil to even gain such influence over Kazuya. Someone who is supposedly already bad to begin with would have easily been converted--but not Kazuya.

Is Heihachi more evil? Yes. Hell yeah. He doesn't even need a Devil gene.

Oct 18, 03 at 3:20am
kin jazama

Yeah I was about to say that too Scrad'.

Oct 16, 03 at 3:31pm

You mean girl.

Oct 15, 03 at 11:26pm

quote Laura J
Not I! For I possess an infinite might! Bwa ha hah!

Anyway, I don't see much of a point in debating this issue. It's a toss-up. It's quite easy to see that neither father not son are nice guys, but it's quite difficult to decide who's really the most evil. They're both bad. End.
haha.This guy's got a good point

Oct 15, 03 at 11:22pm

But anywho, I think heihachi is more evil.

Oct 15, 03 at 11:19pm

Heihachi did that with the idea that it might help Kazuya to grow up to be strong.

Besides, it was probably an accident, and Kazuya's been blowing the whole situation up for almost 50 years.

lol that wasn't and accident, ever see the movie.(although the movie is rather different from the game)

Oct 15, 03 at 8:02pm

Yeah Kaz can't help being evil he's been through some crazy crap, he's one messed up MoFo.

That's all thanks to Heihachi, He's the real monster.

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