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Mar 21, 10 at 5:06ambrandonnn

Sorry if theres a thread like this already, i searched and didnt find one similair.. so yeah.

What team did you use to beat the Elite 4 with?

I just beat the elite 4, 38 hours into the game with

Lvl 45 Sceptile
Lvl 49 Garchomp
Lvl 41 Gyarados
Lvl 47 Typhlosion
Lvl 45 Alakazam
Lvl 45 Lugia

Id have to say my most useless pokemon was my sceptile unfortunately, grass types pretty much were useless for this elite 4. I was kicking myself for not swapping him out for an electric type. My most useful pokemon was probably Alakazam, he swept koga and bruno. I didnt have any trouble until i got to lances gyarados and because of my lack of an electric type/ move he pretty much was raping me until i finally finished him off with lugia. I then proceeded to sweep his entire team with my garchomp with dragon claw. GG lance.

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Oct 25, 16 at 3:04pm

I have beaten the e4 3 times with this team and you can acquire all of them in johto before 1st e4 battle:
- typholosion (nature: modest, item: chracoal, location:prof elm lab)
Sunny day, flamethrower, eruption, solarbeam

-gengar (nature: timid, item: choice spec, location: sprout tower)
Psychic, shadow ball, focus blast, sludge bomb) if you don't find a way to trade haunter, there's a ROM patcher that make it able to evolve pokemon without trading, i already tried it, 100% works!

- ampharos (nature: bold, item: magnet, location: before union cave, i cant remember what route)
Thunderbolt, signalbeam, powergem, lightscreen

-lapras (nature: modest, item: life orb, location: union cave on fridays)
Ice beam, surf, raindance, thunder

-dragonite (nature: jolly, item: dragon claw, location: goldenrod city game corner)
Outrage, earthquake, waterfall, fly

-tyranitar (nature: naive but actually adamant is best, item: zoom lens, location: safari zone mountain area)
Earthquake, crunch, aerial ace, stone edge

May 25, 16 at 3:27pm

I'm using
Lvl 48 lugia
Lvl 42 Entei
Lvl 42 red gyarados
Lvl 34 dragonair
And I'm still picking my other two members to make it perfect. I haven't beaten yet but made it to the last one and ran out of potions because I didn't stick up properly. Any ideas for my last two pokemon? I'm thinking my lvl 31 quilava and a lvl 33 ampheros

Feb 29, 16 at 6:11pm

Typhlosion Lvl. 76.
Flamethrower, Swift, Rock Slide, Eruption.

Feb 18, 16 at 1:55pm

Feraligatr Lvl 82

Ice Fang, Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool

Ampharos lvl 77

Discharge, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Thunder

Feb 18, 16 at 4:12am

I used:

Feraligatr Lvl 56
Nature:Brave Item:Amulet Coin

Waterfall Surf
Whirlpool Ice Fang

Ampharos Lvl 45
Nature:Modest Item:Magnet

Discharge Signal Beam
Thunder Wave Thunderbolt

Arcanine Lvl 47
Nature:Brave Item:King's Rock

Extreme Speed Flamethrower
Outrage Will-O-Wisp

Crobat Lvl 53
Nature:Hasty Item:Black Sludge

Toxic Sludge Bomb
Fly U-Turn

Exeggutor Lvl 43
Nature:Quiet Item:Quick Claw

Solar Beam Psychic
Energy Ball Giga Drain

Mamoswine Lvl 49
Nature:Naughty Item:NeverMeltIce

Earthquake Ice Beam
Blizzard Hail

Feb 16, 16 at 10:23am

quote rawfish
ummmm crap i dont remember first time exactly but heres what i think i had

typhlosion level 45
lugia lv 45
dragonair lvl 45
Ampharos lvl 45
gyarados lel 45
and i cant remember last one

and i beat them like 40 times already... they are such noobs

Even Lance? I find him really tough. Here's my team:

Feraligatr lv 47 I LOVE him, though he's not my strongest
Ampharos lv 52 Such a best!!!
Pidgeot lv 41 Didn't really do much
Nidoking lv 43 Always better than Nidoqueen
Growlithe lv 41 Good, but I wish I had a fire stone
Espeon lv 45 Swept Bruno

Jan 20, 16 at 4:46pm

- Gardevoir
- Umbreon
- Charizard
- Red Gyrados
- Pidgeot

Jan 19, 16 at 5:48pm

After having the game 1 week i beat the elite four with
Lugia lv51
extrasensory, waterfall, hydropump, aeroblast
meganium lv60
cut, magical leaf, razor leaf, petal dance
ursaring lv33
fury swipes, feint attack, focus punch, slash
garados (shiny) lv30
bite, dragon rage, dark pulse, twister
golbat lv32
bite, wing attack, confuse ray, air cutter
lickitung lv26
knock off, wrap, stomp, disable

Nov 27, 15 at 12:36am

My team was:

Lvl 41 Typhlosion
Lvl 37 Lanturn
Lvl 38 Machamp
Lvl 38 Gengar (it levels up through the Elite four)
Lvl 42 Weavile
Lvl 49 Garchomp

I use Gengar to beat all of the Elite 4 except Karen
and for Lance
for Gyrados, I used Gengar and Lanturn, I destiny bonded Aerodactyl and used Weavile and Garchomp to beat his Dragonites

Apr 17, 15 at 2:38pm

Well i won my first time and this was my team
Ditto lv 59- Transform
Dragonite lv 64- dragon claw, hyper beam, dragon rush, thunder
Kabutops lv 60- slash, giga drain, rock slide, withdraw
Feraligatr lv 54- surf, ice beam, blizzard, crunch
Scizor lv 56- metal claw, rock tomb, iron head, cut
Blaziken lv 66-flamethrower, blast burn, mega kick, and mega punch. Wiped them all out.
I used ditto to manipulate them and it was funny.

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