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Mar 20, 10 at 1:28pmsean

So im fighting Barthandelus on chapter 11 and this guy is impossible to beat...

i have the guide for ff13 and im doing what they say... using comando-sentinel-ravenger then switching it up when he's staggered...

this part im ok with, its just when he inflicts doom on lightning... now in the guide it says he inflicts it when he's down to around 400k-500k hp left.. well in my battle he inflicted it 2 times now, both when he had around 1.2mil HP left.. now that is impossible to do!

any tips ?


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Aug 13, 12 at 4:45pm

Thanks for the tips everyone, have been having a hard time with the late game boss battles.

Aug 6, 12 at 2:55pm

Com com med
Med RAV med with maxed out crystarium and light Sahz Vanille use RAV RAV RAV to stagger and then com com med when staggered. Use med RAV med for major healing. Sorry for bad grammar etc. And you've prob already beat this boss bu it's easy with thus method. You will most likely defeat him before he casts doom. I did but I only beat him once with this method, it was so effective. I'm on my iPod btw so excuse the spelling/Grammar mistakes. THIS IS AN EASY BOSS WITH THIS METHOD

Jun 28, 12 at 6:37pm

Pretty simple, you can do it on one try if you're careful. I haven't read all the responses, so I don't know if anyone has suggested this, but I would suggest Fang/Vanille/Hope for this one (not my usual team, but hey)
Anyway, 1st paradigm: SAB/SAB/SYN which you should be able to hold up for awhile if you all have 5000+ HP
once you go into the yellow zone as far as HP, you can switch to SAB/SAB/MED if you're still debuffing, or SEN/MED/MED.
Once your HP is all good, switch to COM/RAV/RAV, get him to stagger (pretty easy, he goes fast with dual Ravager) and then just barrage him with attacks as long as you can before switching back to SEN/MED/MED for healing.
So, just keep switching between those two paradigms, stagger, heal, stagger, heal... it will be somewhat slow going, but he shouldn't have a chance to actually 'doom' ya.
Anyway, if your team gets in a tight spot, you can summon or use renew as needed/able. You shouldn't really need it though.
Hope it helps!

Oct 12, 10 at 3:48am

Wait, people are having this much trouble?

Relentless Assault
Combat Clinic

I used Renew once when I got hit a little hard, and aside from that, it's all about watching your HP.

Oct 11, 10 at 3:00am

I was desperate trying to kill this boss, all because of the #$&%&"@ DOOM that he throws at you. So I decieded to look in the internet and found this post:

quote iainteze
Nothing is impossible, just sometimes you have to just keep on trying different strategies. But I had posted a link somewhere around here when I was having the same problem as you and here is what I did to beat him. Really he is soooo easy the way I did it anyways

Never mind I beat him just now, but to those also having difficulty even though I got 3 star rating >_> I'll tell you what I did. To get 5 Stars I believe you have to beat it 7-8 min Because I did it in 9 min 38sec

I used Light/Sazh/Vanille
my Paradigm was set up like this:

#1Tri-Disaster : RAV/RAV/RAV
#2Bully: COM/SYN/SAB
#3Perpetual Magic: MED/RAV/MED

ok so 1st stage what I did was I switched to #2 while Sazh hasted me and gave me some nice buff to up my magic and Vanille spammed Deprotect and Imperil <--- Which will be your best friend. Anyhow once everyone was hasted and the boss had imperil I switched to #1 and spammed the heck out of him until he was staggered & up to 999% then summoned ODIN used him until the enemy fell out of stagger then back again.

Now the boss should have by now hit is phase #2 and you should already have about 25% of the boss's hp gone. Now in phase 2 I'm sure of those who have gotten there he does a spell that takes your buffs all away. When this happens switch back to #2 get your buffs and then switch to #1 and keep going until you staggered him. When he does his other spell where it greatly diminishes your hp switch to #3 get up hp up ( now it doesn't have to be in the green just get it where your char are above 2k. Then switch back to #2 and just keep repeating.

Just remember Imperil was my key to defeating this guy which basically "Reduces target's elemental resistance and deal magic damage" So imagine 999% Stagger and RAV/RAV/RAV goes up fast.

I just registered to this site to say THANKS!!! to this guy !, this worked perfect for me, a few tries to get used to the paradigms and characters and at the end, I got DOOM but I didn't care because I FINALLY KILLED HIM after 30 seconds when he casted DOOM.

I looked over other sites and THIS ONE worked for me!. Thanks again man!.

Oct 1, 10 at 4:32pm

wow! how can people beat him in 2 staggers??? i think you farmed CP lol. i can take out around 35% of his HP after i staggered him.i also need to keep 1 medic while two of my characters are doing the damage.
well im in to farming CP right now since non of my strategy ever worked.

Sep 23, 10 at 3:50am

I found it really easy. well, not difficult at least.

Used Lightning, Hope and Vanille

Paradigms: Sen/Syn/Sab (ya i got Lightning 2 basic sentinel commands, provoke and elude)
Med/Med/Med (switch immediatly when Thanatasian Cannon message appears)

I basicly got Hope to upgrade every1 with all possible spells, and wanted Vanille to hit Bart with deshell deprotect and imperil by the time i staggered him. Think I beat him in about 9 minutes? took my 2 staggers

Aug 27, 10 at 10:20pm

quote Zha0_Yun
Just keep swirching between diversity and relentless assault ;D

Combat Clinic might help too.

Aug 22, 10 at 9:42pm

Just keep swirching between diversity and relentless assault ;D

Aug 22, 10 at 3:23am

quote celebi88
quote One X
You really should have a spoiler tag in the thread name

He casts doom after 20 minutes, as a sign of 'Hurry up or die'.

I was stuck on this guy for around 2 hours and I forgot how I beat him

But remember - Sen/rav/rav

I'm pretty sure I used them to kill him, buff up then stagger him and assault him, you should take off about 600k every stagger.
I beat him rather easily, and didn't feel the need to use synergyst at all. For one, I don't like the synergyst class, mainly because it's the only class that neither heals nor contributes to a chain guage against the opponent. Saboteur at least contributes, even if the status ailment is inaffective. As such, you can probably guess that I don't use Sazh much, and for that record Hope either. Vanille learns Curaja earlier than Hope does, so I find more use in him.

My party's paradigms have always any paradigm combo of the roles Medic, Commando, Ravager, and Sentinal. Combat Clinic is something I would recoment if you can manage it, I can't remember if at that point you were able to select your party members or not.

It also helps to grind a bit before this fight, and there are plenty of enemies to fight, just leave an area and return if you need more CP.
I just realized, I was thinking of the end of chapter 9. You fight Barthandelus at the end of chap 11. You sure you don't mean that other falcie?

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