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Mar 15, 10 at 3:25amChozenMaster

For those that have gotten that far in the game and can choose who you want in your party, this is for you to discuss. . . . if not, well, it's not so much a spoiler, but you don't have much to contribute so .

My favorite combination would have to be Lightning/Hope/Sazh. My first Paragism is Sent/Syn/Syn because they give crazy buffs with haste and they take no damage. After that, I follow up with Com/Med/Rav and Com/Rav/Rav and battles have been going pretty smoothly for far.

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Jul 26, 14 at 9:44am

Fang/Hope/Vanille is the team I use. I start off in Sab/Syn/Sab or Com/Syn/Sab. That way I get wuick rebuffs and strong buffs on my characters and the enemies. Fang is a great sentinel as well. But hope and Vanille together make a power dual casting team. So you do more damage while building he stagger up. Plus Vanille's Death ability can be handy.

Apr 13, 14 at 3:11pm
carous Elambra

Lightning, fang, sazh / Snow, Lightning, Vanille

Sazh is the best synergist, vanille is an average sabotuer and a strong healer. Fang has some better sabotuer spells. Snow is a strong sentinel and deals good damage with Lightning.

Feb 4, 14 at 2:02pm

many people underestimate vanille for even though normally hope has more magic either way for some unknown reason vannile heals about a half more than him and that more than enouph to control emergencies my grouping is vannile/lightning/snow

mostly: rag/rav/com or med/rav/sen or med/med/sen
thats what i prefer and vannile actually has a really good eilidon.

Nov 5, 12 at 3:03am

During the story, I pretty much have Sazh in my team at all times for offensive buffs. For when I first hit Gran Pulse, I use Snow/Vanille/Sazh. Sure, Fang is better offensively, but for just starting out grinding in Pulse, I needed Snow's HP and Sen role.

For post game teams, I barely ever use Sazh anymore. It depends what I am doing. For the big tortoises, I have Fang/Vanille/Hope but I can put Snow in place of Fang. For the smaller Tortoises, I use Light/Fang/Snow, with Light always in the leading role for Army of One.

But I love playing about with groups because no matter who you put in, they always have a brilliant advantage in one area but lacking in others. So it's really about the conditions you are faced with. :)

Nov 4, 12 at 11:54am

Light, fang and hope everyone else is crap I smashed the game without using sentinel once and never died once as long as you don't skip fights you can't lose

Sep 9, 12 at 10:37am
Truely EpIc KiNg

First of all square enix needs to come out with kingdom hearts3 ive been waiting for ever!!! ANyway...
The best Paridigms and party combos in final fantasy 13-Pt1 are

Snow/commando)/Hope/medic)/sazh synergist) ok for starting of battles but if your looking for a quick win use...
Snow Sahz HOpe

command command ravager
rav rav rav(quick stagger)
seteneil synergist syn(begging of battle
Snow Lightning Fang
Sentnel MEd com (begging of battle)
Rav RAv com
com com com
____________________________________________________________________________________________Best Team right Here
Lightnin Sazh Snow
Must have weapons at least lvl 5 to be a boss;) prylocons airwing gladus )
Lightning Sazh(Truth) Hope
commando synergis synergist
Commando Ravager Ravager
Medic Rav MEd(if close to death
COmmando Commando Rav (anazin combos
MEdic syner syner(start of bttl)
RAv RAv RAv(stagger bomb)
_______________________________________________________________________________________________i will be posting more batttle teams as i progress please tell me what you know i love FF and KH and RPgs are the shiz so anyway i hope this helps;)

Dec 21, 11 at 1:51am

I've been using Lightning/Fang/Hope. For mobs I use Rav/Com/Rav till staggered, then switch to Com/Com/Rav about half way through the stagger bar, and to Rav/Com/Med when I need healing. For harder enemies, I switch Between Com/Sen/Med and Rav/Sen/Med to build up the stagger bar, then go to Rav/Com/Med for the first half of the stagger bar, and then go to Com/Com/Med

Dec 20, 11 at 11:18pm

I'm using a Fang/Sazh/Vanille party at the mo with Fang as the leader. It covers all the roles well and I had no trouble through Mahabara or whatever its called, Taejins tower, and Oerba.
I usually start with heroes charge COM/SYN/MED,
then switch to decimation COM/SYN/RAV
then to relentless assault COM/RAV/RAV once sazh has buffed the party up enough. then i stay in diversity COM/RAV/MED for trhe rest of the fight.

for bosses i sometimes use SAB/SYN/SAB and SEN/SYN/MED combinations.

Dec 9, 11 at 2:21am
bluedragon rox

I personally use Lightning Snow and Sazh, starting with com/sen/syn, then switch to rav/com/rav, rav/com/com, med/sen/syn or rav/rav/rav always with lightning as leader

Nov 27, 11 at 4:59pm

My party right now is Lightning/Hope/Fang. Hope is my main healer and the other two are just strong as hell.

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