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Mar 11, 10 at 7:27pmKin

Hello im new to the whole forum thread shit but i need some help. im making my own Unofficial Sequel simply cause Dragoon kicks ass. I can handle the story on my own but i need someone who can do the following:

Sprite Creator: I want this to be like the classic rpg's like Chrono Trigger so if you can make sprites like that thatd be awesome (this also counts as making bosses and minor enemy sprites)

World Designer: If you are good with RPGMaker then this the job for you because i for the life of me cant figure it out

Animator: I cant find out how to make animation for sprites either so yea think about it

Heres wat i got for a story so far....

After the defeat of Melbu Farmha, Dart and his companions went on to create their own lives and futures. Dart and Shana's daughter, Ophelia, wishes to be a great warrior like her father and one day save the world. Albert and Emily's son, Lavitz (as a tribute), wishes not to be a prince, but rather a traveller and see the continent of Endiness. Meru and Guahara's twins, Geldin and Nika, are adventurous as their mother and wish to explore as well. All seems peaceful in Endiness...

But a mysterious storm approaches Serdio, carrying with it a new breed of Dragon Knights, simply known as The Corrupted. With the Power's of the sun, the stars, the moon, the poison of Feyrbrand, sound, the mind, and the deep sea, The Corrupted have taken all of Endiness and rule with an iron fists leaving all in poverty and despair...

thats what i got as of now it may be edited, but thats up to you all so here's the character facts:

Weapon: Trident
Element: Darkness
Species: Human
Spirit: Black Burst Dragoon

Weapon: Spear (duh)
Element: Wind (duh)
Species: Human
Spirit: Jade Dragoon (duh)

Weapon: Staff
Element: Fire
Species: Wingly
Spirit: Red-Eye Dragoon

Weapon: Hammer
Element: Water
Species: Wingly
Spirit: Blue-Sea Dragoon

Weapon: Dagger
Element: Thunder
Species: Minito
Spirit: Violet Dragoon

Weapon: Axe
Element: Earth
Species: Giganto
Spirit: Golden Dragoon

Weapon: Sword
Element: Light
Species: Half-Wingly, Half-Human
Spirit: White-Silver Dragoon

Weapon: Sword
Element: Void
Species: Half Human, Half Wingly
Spirit: Divine Dragoon

Ok so thats the main characters and that lance guy...lets just say that i dont think lloyd died without leaving an offspring...and to keep the game from being the ultimate form of rape you dont get lance until the final boss of the game

so tell me what you guys think and if your in or not

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Mar 6, 15 at 5:11am

But honestly ur story is interesting and id love if it came to light and reality cuz we all want another legend of dragoon to play, well I know I do.

Mar 6, 15 at 5:07am

I think a prequel would be a great installment cuz there's already a back story but a lot of the texts were lost in the legeng of dragoon.

Jul 22, 14 at 6:32pm
ben lav

Oh ya email at if interested.

Jul 22, 14 at 4:40pm
Ben lav

Hey is this really happening, if so I'd like to be involved. This is totaly going to sound childish but I can draw, character are my thing. All I need is more info on the characters and I'll be good.

Jul 1, 14 at 10:26pm
shane love

hey are you still doing this if so i would like to talk to you email me at

Jun 21, 14 at 5:58pm

quote gobi1972
I hate to break it to ya, bub ... but Lavitz supposed to be dead.

So, unless ya wanna call it prequel or alternative future or something, Lavitz cannot be part of the character.

PS : My apologizes. I didn't read properly. Ya did mention about the new Lavitz being the son of Albert.
This Lavitz is a TRIBUTE to the first Lavitz. He's the son of King Albert.

Oct 8, 12 at 2:08pm

Nice plot however a few things I would like to point out. This is a good plot and a lot of fans would be head over heals for it. However the characters that you mention should not be there at all. Lavitz should not be there cause he is dead same with lloyd offspring. I Do recomend using Shana due to the fact you use her for only two disk before miranda takes her spot and also you can come up with cool stuff with a bow. So that in my opinion would work well. If you want someone from the original party. Meru with the twins i suggest not to do due to the fact they were not officially married yet.However she can be used again since she is a wingly. Albert is king and married to emille.

My opinion for dragoon spirits should be
Jade dragoon
White silver dragoon
divine dragoon
Gold dragoon
Violet dragoon
blue sea dragoon
that should be it 6 people even
You can change the weapons and stuff to new ones. Dark and red dragoon I do not see there cause in the end they were seen next to the divine tree so the others would make more sense. I know how to rpg vx if interested. But this can be good with more detail Email if interested

Jul 19, 12 at 2:24am
Kurt Cobain

While reading this thread riled me up, I ended up looking at the original dates and this may not have ever happened... Sad face... :,(

Jun 13, 12 at 12:06am

Ok. Idk how old this is or if anyone will see this but, here we go. (I'm on mobile.) Lets start with endings. Dart and Rose settled down in Seles (might not be spelled right.) Kongol and Haschel went to Haschels home town (Kongol wanted to learn of Haschels people/fighting style. Lavitz deceased [ :'( fav character] and Albert lived happily with the princess of Tiberoa (I believe was the water city from the very beginning of the 2nd disc. Miranda went home I think? Rose and Zieg died (Or did they?!?! Final "the end" scene shows a red dragoon colored egg and purple dragoon colored egg like pods illuminated next to each other). Llyod (forgot how to spell his name) deceased. Meru, went home too I think? Red eyed spirit and dark purple dragoon spirit died with Zieg and Rose (maybe). Dart More than likely still has the Divine Dragoon spirit. All others as well. Miranda probably has the spirit and not Shana. Why wouldn't all characters have the spirits? I know this because I recently best the game (finally after YEARS) on my PSX emu. Overall, I NEED. Sequel, but an OFFICIAL one. A fan-made one will be fine to ease my heart though. Can't help in making it unfortunately but I will NEVER stop hoping/wishing/believing one will be made. Btw, Shana is STILL the Moon Child (I believe she was called.)

Mar 21, 10 at 7:43am

Alright, before we go and confuse ourselves, let's recap wat had (likely to )happened and how many Dragoon spirits we have (without hosts).

Drat and Shana - settled down. They have three spirits - Divine, Red Eyed, and the Silver Dragoon.

Hashel - settle down in his home town - Purple Spirit.

Meru and Gongo - probably return to their home town (maybe Gongo travel with Meru since he seems to be comfortable with her presence) - Earth-based Dragoon spirit and Blue Dragoon Spirit.

Albert has Lavitz's (inherited to his son).

So, did I miss anyone?

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