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Mar 1, 10 at 8:34pmRasberyl

Ive watched plenty of videos and played for quite a while, but I cant think of ever seeing a female turian. Are turians an only male race? Im sure I cant ever remember seeing a male asari either, but Im probably wrong about the asari one. So, are turians an only male race, am I wrong, or if im right, then why?

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Jul 16, 12 at 9:05pm

Three games and Bioware focused on other things instead of fleshing out THE OTHER GENDER of their most popular race.

Even the Salarians, who had a good lore reason for not appearing, got to see not one, but two dalatrasses in the game (renegade anyways).

This is inexcusable.

Jul 16, 12 at 7:02pm

In reply to your "Im sure I cant ever remember seeing a male asari either, but Im probably wrong about the asari one". There is only one 'gender', The asari aren't exactly considered female, they just have feminine features and act like the human females. They can reproduce with eachother, So they're kind of like flowers.

Jun 8, 10 at 4:36pm

When You're talking with Garrus and he talks about his C-sec training, he spoke of the female who was "flexible" being pretty much his equal. So wouldn't it be safe to assume there would be female Turians in C-sec?

Jun 8, 10 at 3:40pm

quote Chaotic
I don't remember going to the Asari homeworld either...
Yeah your right their home world is Thessia.

Anyway Budgeting of money and space, as well as the getting lazy contributed to it. I think if they don't do a rush job on ME3 we will probably see female genders of most species though if i'd like them to include Earth, which i no doubt know they will knowing thats the human home world and the Repaers have that special hate for them its either one; gonna be annilated early in game causing much anger in the human space population, or two; its the final showdown of the game.

Jun 8, 10 at 3:33pm

We've only been to the krogan homeworld. I can imagine the Asari homeworld to be beautiful and simply beyond belief. Just look at what they did with Ilium.

I wonder if females use face paint like their male counterpart.

Jun 8, 10 at 3:10pm

quote Andy
I remember a conversation in the bar on Illium, where the Turian watching the stripper mentions that female Turians rarely leave the home planet.

Hopefully we'll see Palaven in ME3. Turians and Humans are the only two "main species" where we haven't seen their home world.

Edit: Forgot we haven't seen the Salarian home world either.
I don't remember going to the Asari homeworld either...

Seriously, Earth needs to be in ME3.

Anyways, I never really noticed that all the Turians were dudes. Doesn't really matter to me.

Jun 8, 10 at 1:04pm

In the case of the Krogans at least the absence of females is understandable. It doesn't seem like they are 'left out' of the game the way the female Turians were. Female Krogans are protected and shielded and it's not out of the realm of possibility that unless you were a male Krogan, you would never see one. And even IF you are a male Krogan you might never see one if you are weak or undesirable.

In the case of the Turians it's almost like they just aren't in existence. There is never mention of one, discussion of one, discussion of mating habits, etc, though we know a good deal about the habits of most of the other main races. Asari, Quarian, Krogan, Humans - their sexual behavior is pretty discussed, but not Turians, other than that one trying to get with the Quarian on Illium.....

Jun 8, 10 at 8:17am
Hell Fire

I also thought of this and I'm disappointed to find it was because of budgeting. We better see them in the future. The second game should have rectified this.

I'm assuming they ran out of money before the female Krogan were modelled too?

Mar 4, 10 at 11:05pm

Someone bring proof of these conversations about females, or it didn't happen.

The only thing we know is that while turians males have reach, females have...flexibility lol

Mar 3, 10 at 1:19pm

quote Fatherbrain30
quote PhluXx
quote rasberyl
Do you think they will include the females and males for each race in ME3 or maybe in a spin off? Also If they hadn't had enough space, why males instead of females? And why not instead of lots of appearences of both genders, why not just one or two shows of a female character?
Also any idea of what a female turian would look like?

edit; I didnt see the above post, so they basically look the same except the females have their... noticables features?
Turians come from an Imperialistic culture with heavily emphasized gender roles in their society with it also being a patriarchal controlled society. To answer your question.
They don't have gender roles, bioware was just lazy.

Also, the only logical excuse is that turian females aren't as numerous outside of Turian space than males.
I'm pretty sure they have roles if I remember my conversations with Kaiden in Mass Effect 1 right.

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