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Feb 2, 10 at 3:55pmA tigrex goes Moo

Yian Garuga
@I decided to create this guide to help those whom have an exceptionally hard time defeating Yian Garuga. I hope that you will refer to this guide in future threads with the question of how to defeat this particular monster. I still need information on particular parts of the guide, such as how to engage him with a Hammer weapon and whether or not he can be repelled.
@ If you have better weapons that you think is better used against him, feel free to post/pm me and i'll add it to this guide.
@ G-Rank quests are still not here, i'm still at my high rank working my way up to G-Rank. Feel free to make your own guide about the quest
if you like. Full credits is given also feel free to correct me on my quest guides.
@ If there's anything you like my adding feel free and ill post it. Full credit is given for people that's willing to help out.

Quicksearch (Ctrl + F)
[Gar1] Elder Quest Garuda
[Gar2] Nekoht's Garuga Quests
[Gar3] G-Ranked Garuga Quests

[GarA] The lone black Garuga Recommended Armor
[GarW] The lone black Garuga Recommended Weapons
[GarG] The lone black Garuga Guide

[GarA2] Elegy for a lone wolf Recommended Armor
[GarW2] Elegy for a lone wolf Recommended Weapons
[GarG2] Elegy for a lone wolf Guide

Tips when fighting him:
1. If you lose, don't throw your psp thru your window, open your window up THEN throw it outside.
2. If Garuga is too hard and you've tried your hardest and you've been calmed thru the fight, start making Max potions and Mega Demondrugs.
3. From what I saw, Garuga is pwning some players, so don't go beating up your sister with your psp when you lose. The more calm you are
the more focused and easier things will go. If you're getting worked up, go to a safe area, put off your psp, and go watch loony toons untill
you calmed down.
Mega Potions
Max Potions (You really don't need this but if he's THAT hard, make the crap)
Mega Demon Drug( What I said at max potion)
1-3 Well-Done Steak
Whetstones (Bring atleast 10+ if you're not using a Blue sharped weapon)
Bluemushrooms, Herbs, Honey, Flashbombs can be used to if he's that big of a pushover.
Noticing the breakable parts:
Beak: There will be a cut over his beak. (Boosts chances of getting the item Sharpened Beak)
Ears: His ear or ears should be all torn. (Get the item Garuga ear)
Wings: The sharpened part near his face (Not sure if that's his claw or not) should be broken, it's not hard to
Notice the peace missing. (Get the item Garuga wing)
Back: I heard you can break his back but I have little success to break it, it boosts your chances of getting a
Garuga Webbing but it's really not worth the trouble in my opinion since they arnt that rare.
Weakest to: Water so I heard (Feel free to correct me)
Weakness signs: Ears will lower, after awhile he will start limping.

Elder Quests:
The Lone Black Garuga

How to unlock: Kill 10 Yian Kut-Ku's.
Info: This quest is optional but needed to unlock Nekoht's quests. You can skip this and do this quest later when you obtain stronger armor, OR
you can farm Garuga here for his armor. The only reason to obtain his armor is, it can last you (Lasted me) up to 7/8 star Nekoht's quests
(With upgrading the armor of course). Yes I know there's alot of complains "Garuga's too hard, which is why I decided to make this guide.
You don't have to make his armor, but I recommend you do if you want Tiggy to be a bit easier and also helps you if you want to farm for
Tigrex's armor more smoothly. When killing 10 Yian Kut-Ku's try doing them with no armor, and learn how to avoid his attacks, this can make
Garuga a bit easier for you. I suggest you read some of this before fighting him and reading this.

Recommended armor: Ok so, we all know Garuga is more of an upgraded version of Kut-ku, more attacks, stronger attacks, more health.
Khezu D is a perfect armor for Garuga and you can most likely use Khezu D when fighting TIggy too.
Khezu Starting Defense: 150, Garuga Starting Defense: 180. As you notice, it would still be much safer fighting
Tiggy with Garuga (Your choice though). For lazy players which finds Khezu too annoying, Kut-ku armor is
just nothing compared to Khezu's. Khezu: Defense 150, Fire 15. Kut-ku: Defense 120, Fire 10. The good side
about Kut-ku's armor is it gains a Health boost(Add one strenght jewel to get even more), and Attack up [Small]
and if you add 3 Attack Jewels you can get an Attack up [Medium]. As for the other skill, you gain Fire Boost meaning,
Kut-Ku's basic fire skills is 15, just as much as Khezu. With the skills Attack up [Medium], Health up +20 and Fire Res
+5, Kut-ku armor is worth it. So there you have it, make Khezu if you don't want to make Garuga for Tiggy later or
make Kut-ku so you can upgrade it to Garuga (You can upgrade Khezu to Garuga too if you want).

Recommended weapon: Water is Garuga's weakness(I'm not sure if this is true or not, if someone can just comfirm this is).

Longsword Users: Frost Ripper is most likely a longsword to use if you can obtain a Lg lobster (I'm not even sure
if it's available that time) or just use Eager Cleaver, or you can use a weapon with reasonable
Raw + Sharpness [Blue] like Black Katana Mk.II [It's a pretty good weapon].

Greatsword Users: Ravanger Blade+ OR Plesioth Crystalsword are your best bets. Element Damage is best used
when doing a combo, SnS, DS or LS for examples, they can do pretty much easy fast combos.
Unlike the GS, it can provide a slow combo, and for those who likes to hit once/twice then run,
then I suggest Ravenger Blade+. If you're a fast combo hitter and know your timing when fighting
then Plessy Crystalsword is for you, but it's really your decision with what you want.

The Gunners: I can imagine this must be pretty hard but I heard a tip that in area 3, standing just at the entrance
going to Area 8, Garuga can't get up there meaning, you can shoot the over sized turkey as much
as you like untill he flees to area 4. For those experience Gunners, it'd really be helpful if you'd just
post which weapon might be best used and maybe a stragety for when Garuga flees to a different

Dual swords: Dual Swords are only useful with Water Element (If someone would be kind enough to post which
water element DS there are available).

Sword and Shield: There's no way to obtain a water SnS now (Unless im mistaken) so your best bet would be a Frost
Edge+ (That's just my opinion, there can be other weapons you'd prefer to work better too, feel free
to use those).

Lance: Just like Greatsword, Fast Combo Hunter + Element Weapon = High Damage. If you're good with a
Lance + Combos and think you can most likely have a fast combo (4+ atleast) with Garuga then use
Ceramic Blos Lance or Ceramic Blos Lance+ if you can, if you're not then you'd most likely have to use
a weapon with High Sharpness atleast (If anyone knows of one this early in the game, please do
share it with us )

Hammer: If anyone would be kind enough to post a recommended weapon, that'd be helpful.

Hunting Horn: Just like the Hammer, would someone post some useful weapons.
Sorry guys, I'm mostly only a LS and GS user my entire MH experience, it would be helpful if some people would post some useful tips.

The Guide: Yian Garuga is a Yian Kut-Ku, Both has the brain size of a peanut, and really really easy if you know how to fight him.
A way to beat him is to just repel him(Usually you can kill him which takes 10min), fight him and deal as much damage as
possible untill 25 minutes passed, if enough Damage is caused, he will flee and next time you fight him, he will have the
same health as when he flee'd. If you failed to cause damage and he still didn't flee, then don't panic, he will flee as soon
as you've caused enough damage. He'll be in area 3(Note, you'd have to run thru Area 4 to get to him fast enough) if this
is your 1st time, he'll be in the cave where you first fought Kut-Ku. I'm not mentioning his peck move in the guide below
it's pointless mentioning when to avoid it because it is so damn easy, just stay on his side and you wont take the damage
think of his peck attack as his charge attack, though it's just a faster version.

The first basic step is cutting off Garuga's tail, your weapon will always bounce off, unless you have white sharpness which you
wont have, i'm not quite sure if Lance, Hammers and Bows can cut his tail off but feel free to correct me on that. Garuga will always
spin around(Tail slam) so roll away as soon as he does, once he's finished he'll turn and look at you (Make sure you dont have your
weapon out this time) and either do a back jump, this causes him to jump back twice, while he's yelling and pushing gust towards you.
This is what you DON'T want him to do(It's safer yes), if he turns start running to the left/right as soon as he turns cause he'll most
likely charge at you (This is what you WANT) he'll charge and miss if you started running(roll if you need to) and he will fall down
a perfect chance for you to get a few hits on his tail. If he does (which I doubt he will) turn he will scream, if you started running
as soon as you saw him turning you're most likely safe, cause he'll have to turn again so that he can charge at you (As soon
as you were able to, you were supposed to run AGAIN). If you are at the back attacking his tail again, always run to your
left/right as soon as he turns, the possible attacks for him to do is: The Tail slam, which we already went thru.
Turn and shoot one or three fireballs.
Turn and do a charge.
You wont get hit by his charge if you did what I said, run as soon as he turns and not get greedy with your attacks.
With him shooting fireballs you WANT him to shoot three(Only if you started running ) because that's perfect to hit his tail.
His tail will eventually come off after 5-10minutes (For people that has a hard time with him), Carve it after he flee'd.

Next up, you have a choice to either keep attack his legs at the back and following the tail stragety or you can go crack his beak (Don't do his
wings if you're not experienced with fighting him yet), if you attack his wings now, there's a chance you could weaken him after
awhile and he'll lower his ears, and yoru chances of getting ears that fight is slim then. Break his beak and ears first then finish
his wings. Like I said, if you're looking to farm him, break his beak next. Go at his back, and wait for him to turn, as soon as he turns
have a quick smack at his head and roll (You'll have to attack with timing as soon as you see him turning). Now chances are, he'll
shoot a fireball or three, if he shoots it you can get 3-5 free hits on his head, which is perfect. If you ever see him scratching the ground
with his legs, he'll taunt you, meaning he'll lower hsi head making a weird sound for a few seconds, this is perfect for 3-5 more hits
(Charge GS). When attacking his head, make sure to always roll away as soon as you see him turning(It's a tail slam). Now if he does a
charge it's still lucky for you to get a free hit as soon as he turns around. It's not unlucky for you anymore if he jumps to the back.
Make sure to not get in his front (Which you wernt ever supposed to do) and start running towards your side, now you can get
a free hit or two on his head (Don't get greedy, you might not always be fast enough).

By now he should be in rage mode. As soon as you see this, NEVER stand under him, cause he'll start jumping like crazy as soon
as he hits rage mode, and this might not seem to affect you, but it causes alot of damage standing under him. In rage mode he has
a few new tricks, for one, he might start doing a back flip (Which you don't have to worry about cause you're not supposed to BE
infront of him) which causes heavy damage + poison(Note that he RARELY uses this in his none rage mode). His last attack is a
charge yes, normally you can stay far away and start running to the sides with his none rage mode but this time, you better stay
at his back at mostly all cost. Why? Because when he charges he starts shooting fireballs at the left and right side, and unless your
timing is good, you better stay at his back (Again, he RARELY uses this in his none rage mode). The only time you're allowed to attack
Garuga is when he's taunting you(Note every attack when he's in rage mode becomes faster, stronger and more deadly) or when
he uses his Fireball(s) attack. The best part of rage mode is, he uses his fireball attack half the time he's in rage mode. You will most
likely break either his beak or his ear if you didn't break any of the two when he wasnt in rage mode. Continue attack his beak untill
you see him out of rage mode.

Now you can choose to break his ears/beak(What ever is left) or for LS, GS, Hunting Horns or Hammer users(I'm not sure if
other weapons can break his wings but please feel free to correct me) you can choose to break his wings. I suggest you
focus more on the beak/ears though, when you see atleast one ear broken/cut on the beak you'll most likely get a reward for
it (Increases Chances to get a sharpened beak, which you'd want to get for Yian Garuga's mask, if you want HGE).
Breaking atleast one wing will get you a reward (But I recommend you do this after cutting both his beak and ear/s).
Breaking his wings are mostly the hardest thing to break on him if you're not ever gonna focus on breaking his back.
Just like when he turns with breaking his face, you'd have to run with him as he turns and hits, timing is everything here,
or you can take chances run far away and hope he starts randomly pecking and start running towards him and crack a
hit on his wings. Breaking ANY part of him is very easy if you have your good ol' cat with you. Enemies focus like,
Attack you (small amount of hits depending on attack), Attack your cat (Free hits!!! Depending on attack), Attack you,
Attack your cat, and you get the picture, this will go on untill your Felyene dies then it's Garugas full time job to attack only you.

Breaking his back, this is really not neccisary but if you want to, rapidly attack his legs, if he turns roll under thru his legs so
you're at his back again, then rapidly attack his legs again. Eventually he will fall and if you're fast enough, you can run to his
back and attack it (Your weapon will bounce of if you don't have white or purple sharpness <- Need help on that). If you see
a sharpened piece missing on his back, you know it's broken.

Garuga's spot to rest when injured is Number 4, note that even if he flies here, it doesn't mean he's weak. He favours the 3rd
and 4th area (If this is your 1st time fighting him, then he will flee out of the cave towards either area 3 or 4, 4 most likely).
Garuga is at area 3 but you'll have to run though area 4 to get to him in time or else he will fly away. Most likely, you WILL die
when fighting him, but don't go start bashing your fists on the wall and abandoning the quest, rather turn off your psp and
come back later when you cooled off or else you will keep on losing and you'll be more focused on attacking an injured
Garuga (Depends how much you injured him). You WILL die, so don't get mad, get even with him, go back and wack
the crap out of that @$$hole!

That's mostly it for this quest. If you're still going down, learn from your mistakes and try AGAIN. If you give up now, you'll
never make it thru Nekoht's Garuga.

Nekoht's Quest:
Elegy for a Lone wolf

You're forced to do this quest as it's required to obtain the urgent quest.
Think of this Garuga as the previous Garuga's rage mode, with a little more attack points, and think of this Garuga's rage mode,
as a High Rank Tigrex (Or if Garuga is harder for you than a Tigrex, think of his rage mode as a High rank Tigrex's rage mode >->)
There is no need to get this Garuga's armor, it's most likely not going to get you far and Mono's armor is way better too.

Recommended armor: Ceanataur S/U is a pretty good armor, as is Monoblos/devil. If you've gotten a good hunter so far,
go back to the Elder quest Garuga and fight him naked, with your best High Raw + Water weapon
or just your plain Raw weapon (We'll get to that later). If you can win Elder quest Garuga naked or
atleast gotten far naked, then you can most likely defeat a Yian Garuga easy. (You don't have to go
fight Elder Garuga again, just for you to learn avoiding him better).
Recommended weapons: High Raw + Element + Sharpness is your best bet around this time, get the best weapon you can
get during this time, if you're not good with combos, go with the Highest Sharp weapon + Raw
you have.
@ Again, i'm a pro with both LS and GS and that's mostly the only two weapons I can help you
guys with, I'd need other people's help to post other

Recommended weapons here:
Longsword: Black Katana MK.III is very helpful in this fight, as it's Sharpness (White) and Great attack (730) + Defense (10). It has 2 slots and 15% affinity making this a suitable weapon to kill Garuga.

Greatsword: Plesioth Azureblade or higher if you can. With the high element damage and blue sharpness, you will beable to own if you're fast on your feet. (I recommend having your felyen with you as Garuga will focus on him from time to time giving you free combos)

Gunners: Area 4 is a perfect spot for gunners, on the cliff, near the entrance to Area 5 and shoot Garuga, the only down side is the firefly flying up here. Just like the previous guide I know nothing about a gunners weapons. Feel free to post.

Dual Swords: Feel free to post/pm which weapon.

Sword and Shield: I am no expert with this weapon but the weapon you'd want to use is a Odyssey+, if you have a better weapon, feel free to use and/or post/pm it here.

Lance: Emerald Spear if possible, if not then Aqua Spear+.

Hammer, Hunting Horn: Just as before, feel free to post the best weapon to use here and I will update.

The guide: First let's look at the area. Area 8 is where he spawns, but don't go running to it, the area is to small and unless you're
good with fighting Garuga, then you can go, if you suck at it go to Area 3 or 4.
Area 3: This spot if full of those half bull half pig things(Forgot the name ). Take them out and there is nothing to annoy
you in this spot, it's large enough to jump out of Garuga's way, and use potions.
Area 4: This spot is very good for hiding behind the rock here and use your potions, and it's also big. The down side of this
spot if the firefly here, it can stung you. Stun + Garuga attack = You going x.x
There you have it folks. Choose your area and go there.
Remember our previous stragety with the elder Garuga? Well this one already has a cracked beak and one ear. Quick, get the beer
and start a party, that's a free Sharpened beak and ear!! Oh wait no .. nothing in MH is free . You STILL need to break his beak and
ear(s). It's hard noticing this but if you're a good hunter you should beable to notice as soon as it breaks.
Garuga here has a few new tricks up his sleeve, remember his deadly back flip? Well, guess what, this time he uses it ALOT.
I suggest you stay on his sides at all time, keeping up with the stragety from Elder Quest. His newest attack is just as rough,
why don't we name it, his heavy peck. Garuga pulls back and starts slamming his beak into the ground 3 times, note that he
moves foward after each slam. The best part about this attack is, his beak gets stuck in the ground for a second or two.

W00T!!! NOW you can pull out the beer, save the party for when you beat this over sized turkey. For players that started farming
elder Garuga, if you were good at killing him, it would have taken you atleast 10-15 minutes. With this Garuga, it might take you
atleast 20+ minutes. No, I don't think you can repel this one, such a shame yes. If you repelled this Garuga, please do post it.
You don't have to break his wings or back since his armor is mostly worthless compared to the other armor you can get.
Rath Soul U can totally pwn a Garuga S now. So don't even go and bother looking at the armor, it's a waist on your PSP's
batteries! Just cut off his tail, and if you must, break his beak.

Garuga flees to Area 9 when he's weakend (Note that he might still flee here when he isn't weak). If you die, it's ok, Garuga is
supposed to make you look like an idiot. So as soon as you kill him start phoning your friends, crack open the crack and start
the party!!!

Bird Wyvern All-Stars

This quest if just like the Elegy of a lone wolf. The only new thing is there's a Kut-Ku and a Hypnocatrice here. Always flee as soon as you see the Garuga entering your area, you don't want to fight a Garuga + Kut-ku or Hypno .. or even both. That's right, you can easily kill both a Kut-ku and a Hypno, just start throwing your flash bombs and start rapidly attacking the kut-ku. Eventually after all your flash bombs are used Kut-ku will be dead by now, if not, and both of them are to hard for you, flee and wait for one of them to fly to your area. You really don't even have to use Flash bombs. The only reason to take out Hypno and Ku-ku 1st is because they can fly in while you're fighting Garuga. Fighting this Garuga is like fighting the previous Garuga. Use the same armor if you must or you can even use Narga to gain Eva distance up, which is very useful.

Guild Quests G-Ranked:
G** Howling at the moon "Coming soon"

For those who feel like starting a guide for this quest feel free to post it here (Or you can even pm me) and i'll update it to this
with credits given. I will eventually update this if no one feels like making a guide for the G-Rank Garugas (I can't yet cause im
currently still at my high ranks, working my way up).

G** The Yian Garuga Twins "Coming soon"

For those who feel like starting a guide for this quest feel free to post it here (Or you can even pm me) and i'll update it to this
with credits given. I will eventually update this if no one feels like making a guide for the G-Rank Garugas (I can't yet cause im
currently still at my high ranks, working my way up).

G** Three Walls "Coming soon"

For those who feel like starting a guide for this quest feel free to post it here (Or you can even pm me) and i'll update it to this
with credits given. I will eventually update this if no one feels like making a guide for the G-Rank Garugas (I can't yet cause im
currently still at my high ranks, working my way up).

Garuga Armor:
Yian Garuga Helmet/Cap: Garuga Ear (2), Sharpened Beak (2), Garuga Shell (3), Garuga Mane (2)
Yian Garuga Mail/Vest: Garuga Scale (4), Garuga Shell (5), Garuga Wing (3), Gendrome Hide (2)
Garuga Vambraces/Guards: Blade: Garuga Scale (5), Garuga Shell (4), Garuga Wing (2), Monster Bone+ (1)
Gunner: Garuga Scale (5), Garuga Shell (4), Garuga Tail (1), Monster Bone+ (1)
Garuga Tasset/Coat: Garuga Scale (4), Garuga Shell (5), Killer Beetle (2), Lg Monster Bone (2)
Garuga Greaves/Leggings: Garuga Scale (5), Garuga Shell (4), Carpenterbug (4), Gendrome Hide (2)
Garuga Mask: Use this only for HGE, Sharpened Beak (2), Garuga Ear (2), Garuga Mane (4), Firestone (1)
I don't see the reason in posting Garuga's S version of the armor as it becomes quite useless but if anyone really wants to
know, let me know.

Well people that's it. Sorry if I was typing so fast and there's a sentence or two that sound a bit weird.
If something is wrong in my guide, please feel free to correct me right away.
If there's something you need added, please feel free to ask right away.
Don't try and flame me on how shitty my guide is, I tried helping people out, if you can make a better one, feel free to go make one.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jun 19, 15 at 8:42am

Yeah I agree with that guy above Hammer and Gs works wonders especially ith magnitude or king atillart..hehe but I recommend that guys advice..Have fun Hunting

May 28, 15 at 2:31am

hello there! i would like to recommend a hammer to complete your guide in the lone black wolf. The hammer i used was kut-ku pick with a raw power of 884 and an affinity of 10%. its weapon path is from bone club > cyclo hammer > atlas hammer > kutku jaw > kutku pick. the materials required for upgrading kutku jaw to kutku pick are easy to farm if you have patience. you can get kutku ear and monster bone + in the low rank 3* guild quest "attack of the yian-kutku". and finally the last material vibrant pelt can be gathered from a congalala. all u need to do is break the ear for the kutku and break the hair of the congalala, both by means of hitting the head. i used red wing for the congalala coz its weak to fire, and instead of killing them, i captured them coz capturing them increases the chance of getting the materials needed. i would not recommend any elemental hammer coz like the GS raw pawns element. im a GS, LS, and hammer user, but what i used most is hammer coz i like hitting heads^_^ :P :cool: the armor i used that time i fought garuga was a mere low lvl kutku set :D i didn't use any traps in any of the battles i fought with garuga to get his armor. getting garuga armor is really hard but worth it, and i really recommend getting garuga armor because it can really help you. based from my experiences, killing garuga is a piece of cake with either GS or hammer. i hope this helps:D

Jul 4, 13 at 1:18pm

Yian Garuga High Rank is a very annoying and difficult cookie to crack. i suggest any armor that has its armor points above 350 and an onslaught hammer. Pound its face in for as long as u can but make sure to beware that his attacks are strong as hell, he can kill me in my crimson Fatalis armor and Ukanlos in about 7 hits with his spinning move, 4 hits. Keep in mind if u don't anticipate his attacks he will suck up your hp like a sponge stay on his left side of his face so when hes flashed or dazed he doesn't interrupt your hitting spree, trust me your gonna need all the hits u can get on him.


Oct 29, 12 at 10:07pm

quote Zakuto
For G-rank and Nekoht you could use King Atillart Sword for GS and Blacksmith(Juggernaut if able) for hammer.Btw great guide and thanks this will help me in my next fights with him.
Yeah, because you can get KAS in Nekoth Quest and G-Rank (pre-G***)?

Oct 28, 12 at 4:22pm

For G-rank and Nekoht you could use King Atillart Sword for GS and Blacksmith(Juggernaut if able) for hammer.Btw great guide and thanks this will help me in my next fights with him.

Oct 27, 12 at 7:23am

love my hammer

Oct 27, 12 at 7:22am

Hey a tigrex goes moo i recommend the bull tusk hammer for this beast sorry my email aint working

Aug 20, 12 at 7:37am
MoNsTeR eateR unite

How much it's attack?

Aug 20, 12 at 6:43am
jordan abc

hey, i found a water elemented SnS. its the Oddesey+. but i dunno if you guys cans beat up to obtain that.

Aug 11, 12 at 7:21pm
NARUGA slayer5xy

G rank garuga is quite hard.when his near death,he always in rage mode when i slash his head with gs.He always hit me when he's running to me:o.AN ANNOYING AND MY HATED MONSTER IN THIS GAME.

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