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Jan 31, 10 at 9:32pmDaisy

I took Jack on her little pity party side quest. When we got back to the ship she started a fight with Miranda and I had to basically chose between them. Which ever one's side I took stayed loyal to me and the other lost loyalty. I chose Miranda. So Jack was loyal to me for all of 30 seconds.

So I saved Jack's ass, let her read her Cerberus files, and took her on her quest and now she sits in the engine room pouting like an asshole and I have no talking options to even tell her about the email explaining what happened to her from Cerberus' point of view. (Which is another annoyance I will discuss later)

So is that it? You can't get her to come around? Honestly makes you wonder if it's worth it being a Paragon and always trying to do the right thing for people if they are going to hate you just because you told them to back off in an argument. If I had know she would pull this shit I would have been rude with her from the start.

(Sure, ok, it makes it more lifelike I suppose, but still incredibly annoying.)

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Jun 15, 12 at 11:42am
Cale Tucker

Okay so i have a question, i currently replaying the mass effect trilogy. i am on game 2 i did Jacks mission first but Jack and Miranda never fought and i haven't done all the loyalty missions the only ones i have left are Samara Garrus and Legion when i get him. last time i played through they didnt fight and they both survived is this a glitch or what?

May 5, 10 at 12:08am

quote cheatingrox
How do you get Paragon up? I just told Miranda to shut it, not expecting anything to go wrong. How do I fix this, if possible?
You'll need to have from 80-100% paragon (apparently it's more the higher your level is) or 80-100% renegade.... then you can select one of the other speech options when talking to her.

This could cause immense annoyance, though. I've spent about 2/3 of the game trying to get enough paragon to talk to Miranda AND EVEN NOW WHEN I SAVED HER ASS IN THE FINAL MISSION SHE'S ALL bitch shut up I'm not talking to you. (And I have like 99 paragon. OGUHSUOIGHSFIUGHFDSIU)

May 2, 10 at 10:04am

How do you get Paragon up? I just told Miranda to shut it, not expecting anything to go wrong. How do I fix this, if possible?

Apr 25, 10 at 7:54pm

quote Fresnope
I have a quick question about loyalty. I didn't do Thane's loyalty mission right so he is the only member of my team without loyalty to me. I was wondering if there is anyway to gain it back to finish the suicide mission without him getting killed.
You can't get his loyalty now, but if you chose the right people he will survive.

And to keep Jack alive use the above mentioned set-up. I'm going to complete the list of who you can chose and why.
1st stage:
Tube: Tali / Legion (Preferably loyal. You have to chose a tech expert like Tali or Legion. If you don't the chose a tech expert the chosen person will get killed even if loyal).
Distraction Team: Garrus / Jacob / Miranda (Preferably loyal. You need someone who has leadership knowladge. If you chose someone else or a disloyal Garrus, Jacob or Miranda they will get killed).

2nd stage:
Biotic Shield: Samara / Jack (Preferably loyal. Here you need someone to create a shield around your team against the colector swarm. If you leave the shield for too long you are carried away by the swarm resulting in a critical mission faliure).
Second Team Leader: Garrus / Jacob / Miranda (Same as the distraction team. NOTE. Miranda will survive the shot to the stomach even if she is not loyal).

Crew Escort: Any loyal squad member (It is best to chose Mordin since he is most likley do die)

Last Boss: Anyone "squishy" (By squishy I mean characters who are likley to charge out and get them selfes killed or are natrualy weak. The squishy ones are Jack, Legion, Tali, Mordin and Samara / Morinth)

Leave behind Garrus, Grunt and Zaeed since they add a defensive rating to your team which is holding the line.

Edit reason: Grammar fix.

Apr 9, 10 at 8:06pm

Nah. It's easier going Renegade to keep the loyalty of both. I did the same thing: going for Jack's loyalty mission last. And after that she went to fight Miranda. With my Renegade Shepard, it only took around 70% Renegade to get the red renegade option. While doing it with my Paragon Shepard, i failed to get both P/R option even when my Paragon is nearly full.

To keep Jack alive after the ending (she was the only one not loyal), I used this setup:
Tube: Tali/Legion
Team Leaders: Garrus/Jacob
Biotic Shield: Samara
Escort: Mordin
Last Boss: Miranda and Samara

I got everybody safe and sound. Even Jack. She was chatting happily with Legion in the final cutscene.

Apr 4, 10 at 4:46pm
Solid Snake 4Life

Yeah my paragon is just below 100%. Luckily
during the suicide mission everybody survived cause I guess Garrus, Grunt, Zaeed, Jacob, Legion, Samara, and Thane were just super badass and babysat Jack to held the door. Mordin had been sent to help my crew.
On a side note Zaeed wasnt loyal either. I guess if their all still all during that time, just take Miranda and Tali.

Mar 28, 10 at 3:14am

quote Vanir
So, if you just say screw Jack's loyalty...and you upgrade all your ships stuff, so she doesn't get a headshot from the laser, and then always have her on your team in the suicide...she lives?
no just dont pick her at all, even on your team. thats what i did. if you dont pick her she will be used on the AI's team (whoever you pick as the team leader) and she wont die, at least its really unlikely.

to both of you guys, i did the exact same thing. picked Miranda over Jack and didnt regain loyalty with Jack. for the suicide mission, try this:

Security Tube things in the very beginning: Tali or Legion
Team Leaders: Miranda and/or Garrus (for both times, pick either or, they will lead the other team)
Protective Shield for Shepard's group: Samara
Escort Peeps back to the Normandy: Jacob or Grunt

then simply pick whoever you want from the remaining dudes that you didnt assign to the above tasks when it asks, but DO NOT pick Jack for in your party or any of the tasks. this is what i did and no one died. at the end when you are facing the Reaper and everyone else goes back to the ship simply pick whoever you like best for your party, except Jack obviously. she's not that good anyway but dont want to risk her dying which she very well might. i recommend Legion\Garrus\Grunt as long as they have their best weapons and you upgraded their powers all the way up, especially the unique ones that increase their weapon damage, health and all that that all the characters have.

Mar 28, 10 at 12:41am
SRU_ Benji

yea i picked miranda over jack too. Didn't fill up my paragon fully so
Basically, I'm *bleep*ed for the No one left behind achievement.

Mar 28, 10 at 12:20am

So, if you just say screw Jack's loyalty...and you upgrade all your ships stuff, so she doesn't get a headshot from the laser, and then always have her on your team in the suicide...she lives?

Mar 22, 10 at 7:46am

it's the czech version. i can't get jack's loyality back

resolved with save editor

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