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Jan 28, 10 at 3:12amRex the Water Rider

quote LinKing12

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Caption Contest

Any member can participate in this game. Basically, what happens is that a judge gives a member's picture from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Then, you get to post a caption. A caption is a description of the picture, or what a character in the picture could say. Try to make it funny- after all, that's what this game is all about!

BONUS- Each judge has their own bonus, so be sure to check to see which judge will be judging and how to cash in on the bonus they offer!

Rex the Water Rider-

Examples of how a caption should normally be entered (do this without the quote, and replace text in brackets with your caption):

quote Example 1
[Speaker]: [What speaker says]
[quote=Example 2][Comment about picture]
  • No spamming or flaming.
  • Follow all other Forum Rules and Sitewide Rules.
  • This forum is for a T-rated game, so your captions may include profanities, drug references, and mild violence, etc., but if your caption does include any of these or anything else that may be considered offensive, keep it in a spoiler tag. This forum attracts kids under 13 as well. The spoiler must say why it is in a spoiler tag, or in other words, what your caption contains that makes it offensive. But unless your caption contains suggestive or derogatory material according to the forum rules, DO NOT put your caption in spoiler tags! Otherwise, your entry may be ignored for failure to follow instructions.

    How to use spoiler tags:
    [spoiler=Description of what your caption contains]Your caption[/spoiler]

  • In addition to the above rule, if your caption contains inappropriate/offensive content but is not in a spoiler, and you do not edit it within 5 minutes, then a judge will report it without warning you. Read the rules and follow them; we're not responsible for your mistakes.
  • Don't argue with the hosts/judges (their decision is final), and be patient for judging. You may have heard this before, but it's very true: Real life is more important. The judges do have lives when they are not online. If a member asks when judging is, simply tell them to check the first post. I cannot emphasize this enough.
  • Judging will usually be 4 to 7 days from the posting of the round's picture.
  • One entry per person. Also, editing your caption's content (unless you are putting it in spoiler tags) is against the rules and you will be disqualified from the round. If you do edit your post, put in the post the reason why you did so. Lastly, you may post a caption for your own picture if it is chosen by the judge(s).
  • We will go by points. 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, and 3rd place gets 1 point.

Head Judge:
Rex the Water Rider
Agent C

Screenshot Submissions
This Caption Contest uses screenshots from Neoseeker members. So if you have a picture that you would like to submit for the next round, PM it to the judge of the current round with the title "SSBBCC Screenshot" (follow it exactly!). The judge will choose one picture from the submitted screenshots to use for the next round. If you do submit a screenshot, it has to be one of your own. We'd love to see a lot of your pictures, so feel free to send them in. And please limit the amount of hacked pictures; we want to see more actual in-game surprises, not so much manipulated ones.

How to Convert Your Pictures

Perhaps you would like to submit a pic for judging, but you don't know how to convert the file format that Brawl saves the pics as. So, here's how it works. You'll need to save your desired pic onto an SD card for transmission to your computer. Use the SD card slot on the front of the Wii to do this (insert the card there under the flap, and when you play Brawl and snap a pic, you will be given the option to save to the Wii or your SD card. Save to the SD card).

After this, turn the game off, remove your SD card, and insert it into an SD card slot on your computer. Then, go online to this website. Click on "Choose File," and find your SD card in the window that opens. Once there, you'll need to go into a number of folders to find your pic. I believe the initial folder that you open is named "private," then keep clicking open the folders until you find the picture file. It should have some weird name, and it should end with ".bin" Click this file, and you should be taken back to the Decrypter window with your file name located above the "Decrypt" button. Click "Decrypt" and you will have your picture.

You will then need to save your pic to your computer. In the window that comes up with your picture displayed, go to File, Save As, and choose where you would like to save it (you can save it to your computer if you like, or save it to your SD card or a flash drive. If you save it to your SD card, and then place it back in your Wii, you can then view your pic in the Picture Channel. It might also be a good idea to name your pic with a more understandable title). *If you choose to save your decrypted pic to your SD card, do not remove your SD card at this point. At this point, you will need to upload your pic to a file-sharing or photo-sharing network. You'll need an account there; popular free ones include,,, or Go to the website, and (if you do not already have account there, you'll need to register for one. Once again, it's free) sign in to your account. Follow whatever instructions there are to upload your pic (there should be a big button somewhere that says "Upload Images"), and you'll need to search for and find your decrypted pic and upload it (in the same manner as you did with the decrypter. You'll just be searching for your new file; it should end with "jpg"). Once this is done, your pic will be assigned a link. Use the link (usually located below the pic in your account) that says IMG code (or something to that effect). Copy that link, then go to your Neoseeker account. In a PM addressed to the judge of the NEXT round and entitled "SSBBCC Screenshot," paste the copied link into the body of your PM. Be sure that there are image tags on both sides of the link ( [img]LINK[/img] or [IMG]LINK[/IMG] ). You may send in as many pics as you like; you are not restricted sending in only one pic per PM or per round.

I hope this covers everything in detail. If not, please feel free to ask questions.

Past Judges:



Slepten: 30
The Hero Hartmut: 25
Drago Shi: 17
DXD: 16
Slicer: 15
Archiie_Barrett: 14
hugs 4 hackers: 13
Zumma: 11
Automated: 10
ownedbyasmartbomb: 8
InvisibleMuffin: 7
LinKing12: 7
Shortman: 7
dragon_luver94: 5
Cero: 5
D24: 4
Steam: 4
Tiger of Wu: 4
Ripulse: 3
Griffsports: 3
Gotenks: 3
fillypig: 3
Knukles Da Echidna: 3
Weird55: 3
Blaziken is the Best: 2
Curtzilla: 2
mattardis: 2
Ninjabrawler499: 2
PkFlAsH: 2
SecretGamer360: 2
Sephiroth25: 2
Shadow Troup: 2
SSBB Crazy: 2
Luroberto: 2
drwhatshisface: 1
AmazingXeno: 1
euben0: 1
foxthefox: 1
kirbyHyrule: 1
NeoFoxx: 1
Samus: 1
luckyman777: 1
Skyexplorer: 1

Bonus point! +1. Whoever find any spelling mistake in the scoreboard first will be rewarded a point. It starts exactly two hours after my post date.
Good luck
It happens every round ONCE!
So get your eyes trained for it.
Agent C and Shorty and LinKing12 may use this bonus event as their own, or make up your own.


Judging by: Shorty
Date: 2/2
Given by: Skyexplorer.

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Aug 16, 12 at 3:14pm

quote euben0
cool what round is it
i will edit my post once i find out


Dangit!!! You beat me to it.

Aug 2, 12 at 8:31am

this is worse than ike's problem at the beginning of the last thread.

Jun 27, 10 at 9:30pm


can someone judge plz

Jun 10, 10 at 6:49am

It's sad how steep of a nosedive this entertaining little thread took.

Jun 10, 10 at 6:44am
Shadow Flare

(up) late submission... lol

Jun 10, 10 at 6:42am
Shadow Flare


Apr 27, 10 at 8:53pm


Apr 26, 10 at 7:33am

entry: you just won the game!!

Apr 25, 10 at 8:54pm
Triforce of Wisdom

Apparently, CF decided to audition for Cirque De Soleil with his "Tower of Death" act.

Apr 24, 10 at 8:30am

Who knew that the Neo-Falcon looked just like the Dragoon?

(obviously not Blood Falcon.)

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