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Jan 25, 10 at 11:51pmKrunal

Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you had good team suggestions... I'm still Pre-Story End (i.e. haven't finished story) at the moment and so was wondering if there's anyone that'd be good on the team. At the moment I have Mao, Alzas and the other defaults, though I've found myself NOT using Prinny at all, nor the Monster class that I've created. I use my mage very rarely, and my Bow/Healer is used a fair bit when my characters are injured. So what I'm wondering is what's a good team to use before I finish the game and what will be after I finish (I have all the DLC, so please also let me know when the DLC characters will become available for use).

Oh, and I've found that I'm using my four main characters (Mao, Alzas + two other melee characters) a lot, and they do a lot of damage... is it a good idea to continue with that, or will Magic become a necessity later on?

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Oct 3, 12 at 6:41am
Hell Fire

Hmmm... I've been trying to level up all my characters evenly. I have one of every class at the moment and tend to rotate them all. I am only on chapter 5 though.

Btw, how do you access dlc content? Can't find the option anywhere.

Feb 11, 10 at 9:03pm

Yeah, healing is really only useful for long runs through item world if you have a character that's taking a lot of damage without actually dying (this happens to me when I bring out Adell and he has any armor with Dieticians on it). That said, you're just as well off using Flonne's healing ability (however, you don't have the Disgaea 1 crew yet) so I suppose finding a character with ridiculously high RES to use Omega Heal isn't too bad an idea for those particular instances.

Feb 11, 10 at 3:09pm
Shadow of Death

Well, IMO, I think Healing is essentially pointless, especially in the later post game, as either you'll be killed in one hit, or you'll do the killing....

Game makes defense a negligible value, so healing wouldn't be too issue. If you're strong enough to avoid getting hurt, you probably aren't receiving much damage anyway, if any at all.

Hit first, hit hard, and be done with it, pretty much.

Feb 11, 10 at 12:36pm

Yeah I noticed that the most when I was on HoO3 for the very first time... I brought out - wait for it - 10 characters. I used Adell (at that point my Mao was level 1ish) to take out each of the flans that came out (all 12 of them) with a little help from Thursday... then to take out each of the monks I used a combination of:

The Police Officer (has a throw of 7!!!), Prinny (has a throw of 7, meaning I get a throw of upto 14, plus movement for my... adell which was another 7). I'd then get behind the monks, take them out in one go go through. For some reason, to do this, I acutally brought ALL of my characters along with me which was a big pain, since I barely even used any of them... I may have Yukimaru now and then to extend the throw of Mao once the Police Officer had thrown the Geo-Block to get rid of the Geo-Effects, but it was a very easy to take each of them down... I think I just used 4-5 characters in total, and I brought all 10 of them into the match...

Btw, is it better to give Sapphire Omega Heal or would it be better to give it to Pram (or both)? - As in who do you actually use for Omega Heal - whose your healer, or is Mao good to use Omega Heal himself (I'll teach him it either way)?

Feb 10, 10 at 10:39pm

I go with a team of 6 or 7. Pretty much if some guys manage to wipe out my main chars I'm screwed anyway, so that's how it is.

I use Adell around 20% of the time and my Female Fist Fighter around 70% of the time, with other people making up the other 10%. No joke, most maps I only use one or two characters.

Feb 10, 10 at 8:39pm

Chests generally give good amount of EXP and HL, with the odd weapon now and then... but they're all brown, and I don't have a high leveled theif yet...

And yes I'll use a Majin too I want to get my Statisticians boosters before I go into New Game+...

Feb 10, 10 at 5:53pm
Shadow of Death

Adel and Yukimaru are the two I mentioned you should use. They are DLC characters and (both I think) have S rank single block attacks, so they have ultra high damage potential compared to non DLC characters.

Thursday sounds good. I gather he is a Monster character? If you like him, use him. Just don't use him to make paths is all XD Are the chest rewards any good though?

Handful of ubers > 10+ decent characters.

FFS don't forget about the bloody majin. He is totally worth spending time on if you want an uber character. Highest potential of any creatable class I would think, what with his inherent evility and his highest tier evility (which you can copy to other characters via class world method).

Feb 10, 10 at 4:19pm

Thing is I'm finding that whilst creating my 'ultimate' team, I seem to be using Mao, Adell and Yukiamro the most thus far, and the others are only used when I need them to take the health down to zero when there's only a sliver of life left...

Now, Thursday is a great character in terms of strength, but if I have a problem with something related to him, then it's his Evility. When he defeats an enemy he turns them into chests, which means he's utter utter rubish at unblocking paths, even though he has a big-bang type of skill right from the beginning. That said, he's stats are brilliant (155% aptitudes for everything, right from the beginning) which means that he can reach the 250% Apititude Cap. So the real question is, should I continue to add him in my ultimate team, or let him go?

Also, do you think it's better to only have a handful of ultra powerful characters or should I make all 10 slots filled with powerful characters? The question is here mostly because I can see that it will take a VERY long time to actually get all characters through Class Wrold a minimum of 70 times (which is required to max out their Aptitidues)... I mean 70*10 = 700 class world runs, not to mention the runs I've done for my Masked Hero to give him extra movement...

So in LoC, is it better to just use - say a five person team (I'm thinking of using: Mao, Adell, Yukimaru, Pram & Laharl, with the possibility of Thursday). I'll call Saphire in, but she'll really only be there to give the 20% stat boost by being next to an ally when I attack... I really don't want ot bother with going through people's Class World if I wont be using them...

Feb 10, 10 at 2:06pm
Shadow of Death

Ah, I should mention that I use two Generics myself (that is to say, they're on my top list of strongest characters in my team).

The highest Tier female Ninja (Hanakage I think), and the highest tier Majin.

Both use fists.

Feb 10, 10 at 7:11am

Yeah, I have a bunch of guys with Violence right now. I really don't use generic characters, with the exception of my female fighter and maybe a gladiator.

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