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Jan 2, 10 at 10:27pmXenophilia

Make Your Own Character! [Game Thread]
♥ where imagination sets free ♥

[approved by forum mod Crystal Rain]

Hi, and welcome to the Make Your Own Character game thread! In this thread, anyone can join in and make up their own character, whether it be a bachelor or bachelorette, or even a villager. Each week there will be a judge who judges which character is best!

Let your imagination set free, and have fun!

the rules
OK, there are some basic rules we need to go over:

◘ Don't spam. Spamming includes posts that consist of only smileys and posts that don't contribute anything to the thread.
◘ Please do not flame others, it's rude. If anything, just take it to the PMing system.
◘ No double-posting unless you're bumping the thread.
◘ Do NOT include any inappropriate content in your characters.
◘ Please don't post unless you're commenting on someone's character or you are posting a character.
◘ BE ORIGINAL. We don't like copycats, and plus, we'd like to see people bring a taste of what they can do to the thread.
◘ Have fun!

what to include
Okay, let's set some rules in place on what to include in your characters, OK?
When making your character, please include:
  • his or her name
  • age
  • gender
  • birthday
  • where s/he lives
  • job
  • appearance
  • personality
  • history
  • status
  • and anything else you want to include.
If you want, feel free to add in any other information such as your character’s nickname, race, heritage, rival, etc.

Also if you want, you can add in heart events, likes and dislikes, rival events, and even children images. These will most likely boost up your score with the judges, plus it brings more fun and reality to the game!

the current theme

the judges
PM me or post in the thread if you would like to be a judge! Judging takes place every Sunday.

= = =


RainEDIT: Just changed my name and link to Crystal Rain =]

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Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Sep 22, 12 at 1:05pm
Darryl HM DS

Rose is a woman and she is Valley girl idk what a heritage is soo well valley girlHehehehe

Sep 22, 12 at 12:55pm
Darryl HM DS

I just wish that Natasume can see all of these posts so they know that some of us can make a game too
And they put our characters in the game lol
I will be very happy if like that cuz im bored with the game,i played all HM and Success and well happy not ending[u][/u]

Sep 22, 12 at 12:53pm
Darryl HM DS

Rose and you are on a date
Howto trigger:go to the beach in summer,sunny day,weekends
Rose: *sigh*
You:(looks at her)...
Are you okay Rose??
Rose doesnt answer you but she looks away
You:Rose,are you breaking up with me?
Rose:what?no!im just...
Rose sits down on a bench
You:What is it?you know you can have anything.
You:Its about the home?
Rose:Yes,i cant go up and down all the time!im sick now.*cries*
You:i'll build you a house near the duck pond?its a quite big area and if you decorate the garden we can have parties again
Rose:*smiles for a while*
Rose:#Darryl why cant you understan what i mean,i love you and i know you love me too,but...#
rose:lets go home
After the event is over you will be at your farm house and there is a house near the dick pond wherever it is of you dont have you can chose the location of the house and its FREE
Red:(be carefull activating this)
Winter,snowy,Monday/Wednesday,Saved H Godess
You and rose are at the godess pond,she wants to see the harvest godess
You throw in a BIG STRAWBERRY and....
H.Goddess?(i forgot her name spelling):TAA-DAAA!!!!Aha!Darryl you came again as usual and you brought your maid
You;Ahh..Yea and her name is Rose and well she is my girlfriend
Rose:OMG!!im seeing the harvest goddess YESS!!thank you Darryl this is the best day EVER!!
You:im happy you like it
Im worried you have been looking sick and dont want to go to Doctor Hardy,its okay,he is nice
Rose: .....
Rose:im going home i feel dizzy
Rose faints
HG:!!!is she okay??if she is sick why did you bring her here in winter And its snowy stupid!!
You:..,im going home
You carry Rose home
You:#i wish i can give you the blue feather to you,i dunno if your ready yet,ur weak and sick now#...
Rose:Darryl,im sorry
You:its okay,uhh,..i have something for you
You took the blue feather and...
You kneel to the groung and Said
You:i love you too
and thats why i said be carefull u will automaticly get married if u activate this and well thats no gonna happen

Sep 22, 12 at 5:26am
Darryl HM DS

Idk i this is still a game
Bday:27 summer
Apereance:red short hair,blue skinny jeans,white shirt,purple sandals
Job:your maid
Lives under your basement
History:when she first got to Forget-Me-Not-Valley she got lost,she bumped into you and you offer her to live under her basement,she agrees but she wants to be your accept
Heart events(3)
She wakes you up as ussual in the morning
Rose:master!breakfast is ready
You eat the breakfast and...
You: <3
Rose:music note
Rose:i know you would love it
You:well im off to work i'll be home at eight
Rose...o..okay(looks bad)
You:Rose r u okay?
Rise:im fine
Coming soon
Coming soon

Sep 21, 12 at 4:01am
Tay Lids

Where dis you guys make the drawings i wanna try too >.<

Sep 2, 12 at 6:20pm

Name: Luna Thorn
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: Summer 30
Lives: Hidden in the trees.
Job: Dr. Hardy's assistant
History: When her mother and father died in a boating accident, she moved in with her older sister until she turned 18 then moved to Forget-Me-Not Valley.
Apperance: Flowing blond hair to her waist but she ties it up during work.Deep blue eyes. She wears plain cotton shirts, the colors are light blue, purple, dark green, and gray (which she changes each day), and ripped jeans and a silver charm bracelet which belonged to her mother.Her wedding outfit will be a lace mermiad dress
Personalty: Kind and understanding. Wise beyond her years but still fun and goofy sometimes. When she sings all the birds fall silent to listen to her lovely voice. But shes not unfamiliar with spells and charms, as her mother was a White Witch (good witch)
Status: Special Bachlorette (no rivals)

Aug 23, 12 at 5:19am

Name: Elli Jane Soare
Nickname: Ell or Jan
Birthday: 23 Summer
Age: 21
Lives: In a huge mansion near Gustafa
Appearance: She has long blonde hair with green streaks and she usually is casual
Personality: She is kind and helpful but can be rude.
Job: Works in the Inn
History: Her parents forced her to live in a house with her uncle gustafa unfourtunatly gustafa couldnt let her live with him so he bought a mansion for her to live in the next fay ruby said she was looking for someone to help her at the inn and elli said okay.
Likes: Cats, crops and cake her favourite
Dislikes: anything girly and ourple grass
Status: Bachellorette
Gender: Female
Other: She wanted to become a vet but instead her mother pushed her into playing the piano but her secret is that she always stays inside taking care of animals.
Rival: Marlin
Enemy: Muffy

Aug 23, 12 at 4:59am

Name: Isabelle
Middle Name(s): Hope
Last Name: Justice
Age: 8
Birthday: 1 Summer
Biography: Isabelle grew up in the city with her aunt who used to be married to Gray's grandfather when her aunt had passed away she had lived there until she was seven and then the day she woke up she found a letter in the mailbox saying to leave the city into the town the next day she left a note for her friends to see and drove off she then lived with her step mother Mary
Location: Mary house
Personality: Has a bad sense of humor, is very shy and timid but warms up to you.
Job: she plays in the bar every Monday and Wednesday
Favourite Item: Diary and sneakers
Hated Item: Flowers and jewlery
Rival- Cliff
Best Friend- Mary
Cousin- Mary
Uncle- Basil

Appearance (description(: Isabelle has long red hair and blue eyes she wears a mini dress and clear stockings with red heels and white ribbon bracelets
Other: She is a magical person and really love playing with the harvest goddess and witch princess and will give you a poodle the first time you meet her and hates karen because she likes Cliff and she gets all the boys!

Apr 25, 12 at 4:40pm
Crystal Rain

We really need a judge for this... Livstme? Are you around? Could you judge soon, or do you want me to find somebody else?

Apr 12, 12 at 9:24am


Birthday: Summer 2

Job: Unemployed. (Although she helps on your farm if you marry her.)

Best Gift: Cookie

Really Likes: Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Cake, Cake, Chocolate, 1,000,000G Ticket, 10,000G Ticket

Likes: Rainbow Curry, Diamond, Mythic Stone, Alexandrite, Pink Diamond

Dislikes: Golden Lumber, Dry Curry, Curry Rice, Ultimate Curry, Finest Curry

Hates: Weed, Branch, Rock, Lumber, Material

Stone, Red Grass, P. Toadstool

Horror: Ice Cream

Description: This fun-loving girl was washed up on the beach 10 years ago. Ever since she has lived with Lumina. She barely remembers anything of her past but she will remember her dad if you view her yellow heart

Rival: Cody

Family: Thomas, (Dad) Lumina, (Close Friend)

Appearance: Long blond hair, with pale skin and deep green eyes. Torn, mostly red clothes with glowing red lipstick.

Personality: Shy

Lives: Romana's Mansion

Proposal: At first she will reject your feather... However if you've met the requirements and Been
rejected the next time you enter your house she will be there!! She will ask whether you really want to marry her.
You'll say yes then she'll accept your feather. Both of you head of to tell Lumina. You'll return at 6pm and kiss. You will wake up the next morning!!

Wedding: As you enter the beach for your wedding you will notice the bride is missing. Thomas will ask if she is still coming? You will hesitate... In comes the bride charging onto the beach apologising for showing up late.
Thomas will laugh and the wedding will continue.

Pregnancy: If you've kept your affection up with your spouse then 30 days after the wedding she may become pregnant. After you have met the requirement
exit your house then come back in. You will notice your spouse is in bed sick. You try to wake her but she won't
wake up. You immediately call Dr. Hardy and he will diagnose her as pregnant. After he leaves Ali will be in bed sick all day. After 60 days the child will be born!!

Black Heart Event
-Romana's Mansion
-10pm to 12 am
-Ali at Black heart or higher

As you enter the mansion you'll find Ali looking board.
She notices you then ask why you're here at this hour?

> I Came to See you < (+LP)
> Err... < (-LP)

If you choose answer one she'll blush then quickly change the subject. She offers to go down to the beach with you. If you accept the two head off down to the beach. She mentions how she's been afraid of water ever
since she was washed up. She thanks you for coming
then hurry's back before you can say goodbye.

Purple Heart Event

-Vesta's Shop
-4pm to 7pm
-Have purple heart with Ali
-Have seen Black Heart Event

As you enter you will notice Ali buying some vegetables
from Vesta. After she bought them she will realise your
there. She will offer you a carrot which you gladly accept.
She will comment how delicious the veggies were and Vesta will say over hear her and say how much she loves
good feedback after all the hard work out in the fields. Ali
will laugh and ask what you like about farming.

> Meeting girls like you < (++LP)
> Harvest Crops < (+LP)
> Caring fror Animal < (+LP)
> Sleeping... < (-LP)

If you choose answer on she will blush and ask why you
say things like that. If you choose 2 or 3 she will be pleased either way. At the end she will head off and
say before you can say anything she's gone. Vesta will
comment on how you too are so in love.

Blue Heart Event
-Cody's House
-6am to 7am
-Have the recipe for rainbow curry.
-Have blue heart with Ali
-Have seen purple and black heart events.

As Ali walks into Cody's house Cody will notice she is there and warmly greet her. Cody will ask her if she wants a drink. She will refuse then explain she is actually here to giver her something. Cody will ask what. She will him a bowl of rainbow curry. Cody looks at the burnt curry asks what it is? Ali will get annoyed and tell him it's rainbow curry!! He takes the curry then try's it. It was disgusting!! She gets annoyed with Cody for being so mean. As she leaves she finds you and explains about her horrible curry.Then she asks how to improve it.

> I'll help you < (+LP)
> Err... <

If you Choose answer one, both of you head too your
kitchen as she takes several goes at making it again she eventually does it right and now her curry tastes delicious. She thanks you then heads off to apologise to Cody for getting annoyed.

Yellow Heart Event
-Lumina's room
-9am to 1pm
-Have yellow heart with Ali
-Have seen blue, purple and black heart events

As you enter the room you'll find her bored again again she notices you which seems to cheer her up but still looks upset. She says silent for a bit and then starts speaking about how she lives this place and has many friends then ask does it sound selfish to say she wants to find out who her family were...

> Not really... < (+LP)
> YES < (-LP)

If you choose the first one she thanks you for your support and then shows something she found the other night. It was a small lock with a picture of her in it and Thomas. She asks who it is. You explain it's the mayor who picks up you ship every day. She thanks you and asks if you can be back here between 4:30 and 5:30 so you can meet him together.

If you show up at Lumina's house on time you will head off to your ranch to meet Thomas. Thomas will greet you as you enter. You show him the locket!! He says that that was his locket must have dropped by your shipping box the other day. As he laughs Ali nervously enters. Thomas over whelmed. The three of head of to your house as Thomas thanks you both of them chat until Thomas has to go. Ali thanks you so much and says that the two of you can still be great friends!!

(+FP to Thomas)

Black Rival Event
-1pm to 4pm
-Black heart with Ali

As Ali enters the beach she notices Cody at Kai's shack she walks over to place an order then Cody orders fir her. Ali is shocked at how generous he is! Cody chuckles and two of them head down too the ocean too eat. Afterwards Ali thanks him for the tasty meal and heads home.

Purple Rival Event
-Pass out in Cody's house
-Ali at purple heart or lower
-Have seen the black rival event
-Year 2 or later

Cody will get annoyed then take you back to your house. The next morning Ali will come round too see if you can hang out. You automatically accept. Then Cody Charges in s and exclaims you passed out in his house yesterday... He will stop and notice Ali. She will ask if he is ok. Cody says he is now your here. She giggles as Cody leaves. Ali apologises for Cody's anger then happily leaves.

Blue Rival Event
-Romana's Mansion
-6pm to 8pm
-Ali at blue heart or lower
-Have seen purple and black rival events
-Year 3 or later

As Cody enters the large place he is shocked at how large it is. Ali laughs then remembers about a banquet Romana organised then invites Cody. He rejects as he is busy. Then mentions that your beauty is worth ten times any feast. Ali blushes as Cody leaves.

Yellow Rival Event
-Cody's House
-6am to 7am
-Ali at Yellow heart or lower
-Have seen blue, purple and black rival events
-Year 4 or later

As Ali enters the house Cody apologises for not attending the banquet so he has made his own. Ali laughs as the too the of them tuck into some pizza Cody had prepared. Ali will mention how confident she feels around Cody. Cody's leave the table to grab something else and returns with a blue feather!!
Ali is speechless! Cody apologises for rushing things. Then Ali accepts!! The rival wedding is in a week and proceeds like any other rival wedding.

Additional Info:
There are also three more requirements before she can be married.
- Thomas at full FP
- Gave Ali a total of 10,000 gifts
- Gave Thomas a total of 5,000

If you marry her as she is unemployed she will help around the farm like harvest sprites do. First she will make you some lunch, (Sandwich) , then she will offer to too one of these three options.
-Feed the animals
-Clear the land
-Water the crops
She will only do one each day so you still need to do some work!!

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