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Dec 27, 09 at 10:55pmXenophilia

Uhh, yeah. I don’t know who to marry. D:

For a long time, I really liked Toby, but I already married him in ToT, and he’s sort of starting to get just a TAD bit boring.
I’ll probably still marry him in my first file. As for my second file... I’unno who to marry.

Any suggestions?

I was going to marry Chase, but then I realized he was sort of hard to court. Then I was going to marry Julius, but I’m still very unsure.

So yeah... Suggest who I should marry, then give an explanation why. Kay, and thanks. =D

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May 29, 14 at 6:47am

I love Luke, the minute I saw him I just ugh ;u; love him so much!! He's so spunky and happy and just knows the right thing to say.
My other two favourites are Owen (because he's sweet and his children are adorable :3 ) and Toby. I too think Toby is just refreshing and lovely.

Apr 25, 14 at 12:58am

What i think of all the bachelors:

Owen: That man and his cocktails... He kind of reminds me of a brick o-o If i ever married him, our kid would be named Brick. xD

Julius: Idc what you say, I personally think Julius is the manliest of all the bachelors.

Calvin: ROCKS 8D

Toby: So cute ;n; He was my 2nd choice.

Luke: He reminds me a little of Black Star from Soul Eater. Just a little...

Jin: Him a Anissa belong together 5ever. I dont wanna get in the way.

Gill: He's fine being a kids TV star with his dad. #5everAlone

Wizard: ^ they can be 5everAlone buddys on FaceTime.

Harvest King: I wouldn't mind living on a rock for the rest of my life with him. But then again...
Me: Hey Honey, im preggers.
HK: Ah ha.
Me: you know what that means?
HK: nope.
**A few weeks later**
Me: *wakes up*
HK: Hey honey. Here's our child. Raise it. *Vanishes*
Me: ... D8

Chase: MY WAIFU 4 LIFE. (we just got married)

Yea thats about it.

Jan 19, 14 at 7:30pm

Yeah to the girl who wrote the forum. Owen does drink a lot and so does Calvin if you read his favorites and I don't like that at all even though it is a game it still seems wrong and that is just my opinion. So I am leaning towards Chase. :-)

Jan 19, 14 at 7:23pm

I cant decide I love Chase, Calvin and Owen.
I married Toby before and love him but now I wanted to try something different so on my second slot I just can't decide!!
Luke is a little bit childish no offense just my own opinion. I think he is cute but my sister married him and my best friend... so he is out of the question.

Gill is a little serious and always frowning. Plus he's kinda mean to Hamilton. It would be cool to marry the mayors son though. But he is not for me.

Gale is a little strange and doesn't seem like the best father. Plus I am not attracted to wizards.

Harvest King is to big and powerful for me I like the nice guys less beefier guys like Toby and Chase. Plus he can'tlive with you which is a little sad. I almost thought about doing it. But I am to lazy to beat the whole game.

Julius is creepy and fruity my sister wants me to marry him but my kid would have purple hair and that is not cute..
Chase reminds me of Peeta from the Hunger games and Owen Gale. Idk I was drawn to Calvin I don't really like him I guess I wanted to try something different who should I marry!?

Jin the only reason I would marry him is because his kids are adorable. I don't really like the doctors.. and he looks a little distant.

I wonder why Bo is not a bachelor!

Jan 17, 14 at 12:10pm

:3 okay so in my first game I married Jin, and I just got SO SICK OF HIM SO FAST. it's like, he's really sweet and I like the quiet types but he's altogether too serious and really seems kind of he doesn't have an interesting hair color so his kids were really boring to me!! XD This is just my opinion, but if you really like studious guys go for it..
I wanted to marry Luke He's sweet and childish, but I think he might be a little TOO childish? I got the feeling he'd be an okay father but he'd also start more trouble than the kids x3 if you've ever seen the cutscene with Owen, Calvin, and Luke in the mine, you'll see that he's also kind of impulsive and doesn't take anything seriously, and his rival events with Selena (in one of my other games) put me off him a bit.
I LOVE CHASE'S HAIR SO MUCH XD I don't care about the beret. But again, i find a problem with him because in one of my files he married Maya and had a kid and Maya said that Dakota learned how to talk back to her from Chase xp and that kind of made me balk at him a bit cuz I don't like rude guys. BUT HIS HAIR! <3 <3 <3
i ended up marrying the wizard..cuz of his hair..but I'm still trying to make friends with all the guys. :/ I haven't found one that's amazing yet. x3 maybe I'm just picky?
good luck, all of y'alls!

Oct 20, 13 at 4:42pm

quote Anonymous Boo
Julius is just plain ugly and is he really a guy? He looks more like a girl... And he like all those expensive things... He's so picky!! So for you players out the don't married that girly man unless you love them... Ewww :S
i agree he looks so girly and says girly things too DX JULIUS YOU ARE A GUY SO ACT LIKE A GUY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!

Oct 19, 13 at 6:35am
Anonymous Boo


Oct 19, 13 at 6:35am
Anonymous Boo

Julius is just plain ugly and is he really a guy? He looks more like a girl... And he like all those expensive things... He's so picky!! So for you players out the don't married that girly man unless you love them... Ewww :S

Oct 12, 13 at 5:33pm

LUKE IS THE BESTTTTT! he is so sweet and caring and kind!
LUKE FTW!!!!! =D

Aug 29, 13 at 10:54pm

I thought about marrying Julius, because his kids are so darn cute. . . But I just couldn't do it, he has too much lipstick, which to me, is the biggest reason he looks like a girl. Chase isn't exactly a guy like Owen, per say but he looks a little more like a guy. I married him in the game, and I honestly think he's a sweet guy.

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