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Nov 18, 09 at 5:03amkspiess

Whew what a monster. Dual-GPU HD 5970 reviewed for you:

ATI HD 5970 Review

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Mar 5, 10 at 11:42am

Yeah but they said it wouldn't be accelerated.

And if the PhysX in the game isn't being accelerated, then what the crap is this "stream processing" doing?

Mar 5, 10 at 2:16am

The 5890 will be the best single card to come out until the gtx480 comes out but it should have somewhat comparable performance give or take, but they cant say for sure outright.

AMD and Nvidia will continue battling for the top graphics card until one of them either stops making them or, and this part is from me, until it is no longer necessary to make gpu's more powerful as there's probably more potential power to be used than there is actual use. Like with the holodecks then holograms that are being developed, after those are out and can take any game imaginable at 100% realistic graphics there's really nowhere to go except for more power efficiency.
What I want to know now is wtf will sci fi books write about in the future? Other than jedi mind control we're eventually going to hit a brick wall.

As for the physx support they dont support it per card like nvidia has a dedicated card, at least that's what it sounds like. But you can still run it.

Mar 5, 10 at 1:11am

> > Dear Customer,
> >
> > Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200286939]} hasbeen reviewed and
> > updated.
> >
> > Response and Service Request History:
> >
> > Currently the HD5890 is the best card available. The GTX400 series are
> the
> > next release from the competition and should compare fairly close to the
> > HD5K series with the 480 comparing well to the HD5890. There is no way to
> > confirm this until benchmarks are released and this will not happen until
> > the cards are physically available. AMD (ATI) and Nvidia have comparable
> > series of cards with whichever company hasjust released the newest card
> > usually taking the fastest honours. This has been the way the releases
> have
> > gone for several years and will continue, probably as long as both
> companies
> > produce video cards.
> >
> > Physx is supported on Nvidia cardsand Intel cards, both of these
> companies
> > purchased, one each, the companies developing the Physx platforms and use
> > this technology to enhance game play on their video card platforms. Physx
> > was originally for all video cards but this is no longer the case.
> > Installing the Nvidia Physx software on systems with Radeon cards seems
> to
> > eliminate any problems with the games that look for this software to run
> at
> > the present time.
> >
> > AMD supports the Physx like support through our Stream Technology and
> > OpenCL support with the Radeon chipsets and DirectX 11 hardware
> compliance
> > introduced on HD5K series cards.
> >
That's what they said.

And also this when I asked for clarificaton:
> You will install Physx, it installs with most current games, but you will
> not use Physx to accelerate anything, this would require an Nvidia card.
> The Radeon card will use Stream processing and OpenCL support to do what
> Physx does on an Nvidia card.
Seems ATI has some kind of equivalent to PhysX processing, but I have no idea if it really improves performance in any way compared to simply running PhysX on the CPU.
Any ideas what they meant?

Mar 4, 10 at 11:57pm

You have the email? Post it up.

You can run games with physx and have it enabled on ati cards but it will seriously slow the card down. At least that was the case in cryostasis, but that games main selling point other than the ambiance was the amount of physx used in the game.

Ati does have a bit of driver issues but you usually never have to roll them back like you have to do with nvidia's drivers if something goes wrong.

Mar 4, 10 at 4:46pm

Haha, maybe for tech support on existing purchases.

But when I tried to get some info out of them about their GF100 cards, they didn't even reply to say no they couldn't tell me anything.

ATI at least replied and told me some confusing jargon when I asked if their cards had any kind of PhysX support or equivalent. I had no idea what they were on about, but they replied!

Mar 4, 10 at 4:08pm

dunno, but i guess this is as good an excuse as any for nvidia to have higher priced video cards. you get a better service with them.

Mar 4, 10 at 1:46pm

I just found out how many problems people are having with this card... Probably nearly entirely driver problems, but wow, that's a lot of driver problems.

Various issues include BSODs, flickering texture surfaces in games like Oblivion, strange... lagging light trails in games like X3 Reunion (engine trails leave a ghost image)...
Weird lines on the screen unless you turn off the second processing core...

Bloody hell. >_<

Why does ATI suck so much at drivers?

Feb 25, 10 at 9:17pm

well technology advancements should theoretically make things smaller, not bigger, but hey.

but you could always wait for a few more months, and im sure the price will drop significantly. it is only that expensive because its the best ATI has to offer.

Feb 3, 10 at 11:33pm

Hm, I was thinking of getting one of these...

Then I saw the price. Yeah, I don't think so. For that price they should personally customise my case to actually fit the damn card, and put my hard drives into drive bay caddies for me, as there's no way to leave those where they are right now and fit this monster.

What on earth were they thinking making it so long?

I COULD probably in theory manage to use this, but it would require the removal of my hard drive cage and the installation of three drive bay caddies.

I hope the Nvidia offering is SMALLER. My 8800GTX barely fits as it is.

Feb 1, 10 at 1:32pm
Shadow of Death

quote Vendetta
Nvidia's next generation of cards are due in a few months. I can see a GTX 395 taking the video card throne once it's released.
Very likely, yes, unless NvIDIA really drops the ball...

The REAL question is....Will it be worth the extra cash? ATI cards will be cheaper to be sure.

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