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Nov 2, 09 at 5:19pmBigft64

So we already have the Skagzilla thread but that to me was a pretty easy fight. Takes a while but you just jump around in circles and you're fine.

The real fight in the world of not-so-subtlely-named-for-Japanese-monster fights is Mothrakk! I died multiple times barely making a dent in his life before I took the easy way out and hid under the carport. So far this "glitch" seems to be the only reliable way to take this guy down. I've read in other forums about people using machine gun buggys and just driving around while shooting at it but it takes 45 mins or more that way. Has anyone been successful against him or is the carport strategy your only option?

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May 15, 16 at 8:21pm

Become level 50 go on normal mode and beat the living shit out of him with a corrosive Lyuda you got somehow from killing terramorphous

Aug 28, 14 at 6:26pm

No glitch needed, just go up to the path along the mountain and drive back and forth slowly with a machine gun vehicle and stay locked on. You'll know if you're driving too slowly because you will get firebombed. If you are driving too quickly, you won't fire accurately. Took <5min to win this way, only took minor vehicle damage.

Jan 29, 13 at 2:54pm

I found that elemental weapons were almost useless against him. Using the vehicle with auto lock was the most efficient strategy if I was a lower level.

Jan 28, 13 at 10:23am

I go down the hill from the fire and go to the car garage and hide under the roof of the building, when the flame balls are dropping they don't hurt you under there and then when there done poke your head out and blast away at her until she comes back then rinse and repeat.

Nov 9, 12 at 12:43pm

Like a moth on a flame.

When I've activated all 3 torches, I've runned to my scooter.
Then I drove to the main street. At the main street, I did turn left
(Like you go for the next world part, with a claptrap before the closed gate)

While going into that direction, I was looking to the left side of the road.
There's a small bridge or something to a bandid-camp on a mountain.
Before the bridge, there's a HUT on you're left side.

Good place to hide, when this moth drops his/her bombs.
When she's away, I use my sniper to hit her again.
She flies a little around in circles and then she comes.
In the mean-time, I've changed from weapons, to attack her with a speedy gun or so.
When she's getting to close, I run into the "HUT' and waited till her bomb attacks are over.

It's a repeating job that can take a while and some bullets,
but the job will be done. With that money, you can buy bullets

Sep 10, 12 at 11:54am

What I do everytime is drive to the carshack just down the road and then shoot it with a long range weapon. As soon as it gets close and starts dropping loads on me I go back under the roof, which completely protects me. Then I go back out and shoot again and repeat the process until it's dead. Pretty annoying fight if you ask me.

Sep 10, 12 at 7:10am

I parked the car, shot til I got its attention then sent out bloodwing and when it started shooting fire I jumped in the car and hit the turbo til I was down the road. Itll ignore you if you leave but doesn't regenerate health so I just repeated it til bloodwing killed it

Jul 11, 12 at 10:29am

I just got on the ledge on top and sniped him untill he got close to go phasewalking untill he reset.
(Lillith is soooo op).

Oct 5, 11 at 12:12am

All I did was run around it and keep shooting it with my machine gun. I was with another player(Online) and he was doing the same. Although he died, so I killed the mother Rakk. It was a pretty easy boss to be honest. Sledge was the hardest imo.

Oct 4, 11 at 1:23am

All I did was take a machine gun runner (I used to like rockets but tracking moving targets get the better of ya) locked on and slowly drove away with secondary held, killed it in just over a minute.

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