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Sep 11, 09 at 12:45amPrincipality

Continued from previous discussion.

So Shuyu is at the start of the queue for Jihl, and a Shoopuf believes that Vanille is a great character for her seeming like previous characters.

She doesn't seem all that flighty to me, as she does have a posh british accent! =]

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Jun 21, 11 at 10:00pm

The one thing I really miss in the last two titles is the mini-games. Blitzball,Spherebreak,Chocobo hot&cold.Triple Triad were such sweet additions to the already solid games. Sometimes I wonder what idiot stood up in a boardroom and said to the staff "let's not put minigames in FF titles from now on." and then some other idiots agreed to it. WTF!! Don't you remember what helped get you where you are today. I like the storytelling and the battling in XII and XIII but man I just seem to miss the good old days of the Gold Saucer. I just hope that someday the game designers will remember how much people enjoyed this part of FF and how much it's missed.

Apr 8, 11 at 9:32pm

This whole new actionlike-RPG aspect of the last two FF games is really good and entertaining. It is a nice change from the previous FF games where battles were slow paced and more strategy oriented. Still i wish they make at least a one-time turn back to old school RPG because i kinda miss it. Anyway, whatever a FF's battle style and story is, i know that diehard fans are going to like it anyway

Sep 13, 10 at 6:31pm

Yes, yesterday I was thinking the EXACT same thing, choose the element, then the amplitude of the spell. Scrolling just takes such a long time. And also, I personally liked the gambit system, it was a good way to personalise the random battles and it was quite non obligational, you really didn't have to use if it you didn't want to. Just the story was so ... meh... FFX is still no.1 for me when it comes to the story, I just hope versus is gonna have a kick ass story similar to FFX.

Sep 9, 10 at 12:24am

quote Shoopuf
Or using spell/strike/spell/strike/spell/strike abilities which take too long to complete in that order.
Man I really hated this too. Actually found out much later that there is method to this madness. You actually get a chain bonus for using a different type of attack from the last as a ravager. I started using auto-chain alot more after I found this out, humans just can't mix up the right rav abilities that the enemy is weak to as fast as the AI.

Agree with alot of what you said.

quote Shoopuf
Paradigms are great. Really great. I would like to play another paradigm based FF game. But then again, I would like to see more roles.
Especially this. 8 roles though, that's enough imo. Don't want the paradigms and whole system to be too complex; alot of it's greatness lies in it's simplicity. Paradigm and battle system should return with some alterations and improvements in FF15. Maybe add in the FF12 Gambit system so you can countrol the AI more. Would also like to see a way to pick abilities better, scrolling all the way down the list to find the right water spell when being timed is a pain. Maybe ability then in a sub list pick a element and then pick a strike or -ra -ga etc.

Sep 8, 10 at 1:15am

First of all, I'm saying this as a big FF fan... I would say that this game is... ok... alright... enjoyable... but not superb. It really IS beautiful, although I really do dislike some of the design choices, but still it's a true GEM. I've bought a new LCD just so I could enjoy this game's graphs to the fullest. The story....... meh... I was disappointed. And I'm sad because of that. This game could have been so much more... There are some loose ends and some characters didn't have a real reason for doing the stuff they did. Instead of making three or four great characters with a great back story and real agendas, they made six average characters with a bit weak stories... It's like putting a weak, class B story in a class A movie. The game is enjoyable and fun, it really is. But it really lacks the minigames, towns, NPCs who you are actually capable of interacting with and a REAL stat/ability system. I really miss speed, defence, evasion... Mb this hp/str/mag thing is easier to deal with, but I still miss em. And the battles... They really are fun... But not involving enough. I WANT to have a chance to choose what abilities I want to use and what abilities I want my other two characters to use, no matter how great their decisions are. One of the most annoying things are using single opponent abilities in the large groups where you can easily take em all out with a good aoe spell or ability. Or using spell/strike/spell/strike/spell/strike abilities which take too long to complete in that order. Paradigms are great. Really great. I would like to play another paradigm based FF game. But then again, I would like to see more roles. FFX-2 has shown that songstresses/ladylucks/berserkers/gunners/dark knights/mascots and other dressspheres (roles) are all powerful in different kinds of ways and that they can all be very fun to use. This game has absolutely no Final Fantasy charm, not even the chocobos, but on the other hand, I couldn't not call this game a Final Fantasy game. Its a game with plenty of crooked decisions that still manages to be fun and beautiful. But it could have been sooo much more... I mean, the Cradle, right before Orphan, with the three portals seems just so pathetic and lifeless... Just three portals... As if you hadn't visited loads of different places... The game gives you the opportunity to visit Edenhall and Gran Pulse only. Its just... sad... Dunno, comment if you wish, share your thoughts...

Aug 17, 10 at 8:42pm

Hey, I'm not really a big follower of the series, I just have some of the early games, and there's something that's been bugging me for a while now.
What's Final Fantasy about anymore? A few of the older games carried on this story about four light warriors saving the four crystals (FF 1 3 and 5), but the other games don't seem to have any connection beyond some ever-present elements the developers always tend to include. Cids and chocobos and whatnot. And the spell system, sort of, and in a fairly inconsequential way, the job system.
As much as I love FFIV, it doesnt seem to follow from what I would consider the main story. Fantastic game, but I don't really understand why it's a Final Fantasy game, rather than the first in a new series by Square or something. FFVI was pretty good too but it pretty much was the end of the series for me. I admit I don't have a lot to go on. Being a Nintendo gamer, I didn't have access to many of the games. I did skip right to Final Fantasy X when I had a PS2 for a while, but it didn't really feel like a Final Fanasy game to me. And I quit when Seymour was introduced. Also, Blitzball. I also played FFCC: Crystal Bearers on the Wii, but since Chronicles is a spinoff itself, I didn't expect to see the return of the light warriors, though the reimagining of the four crystals thing was interesting.
Anyway, where's the link? Square's not incapable of creating new properties, so why all these completely different stories and worlds all under Final Fantasy? What's holding the series together besides yellow birds and Cure spells? I guess there's just no turning back now, they've gotten into the habit of releasing these things. The change must have been fairly gradual, with the progression of both gaming technology and the series itself. Maybe the "sequels" to the original story were the oddities, and everything was always supposed to branch out like this, but that still seems rather pointless.
Okay, ranting over. So what's the deal?

Jul 31, 10 at 3:33am

I loved the story of 13, it wasn't hard to get into at all. I love to hear people complain about how they have to skip the cutscenes because the story doesn't make any sense. Then they quit at chapter 3.

All the way up to Palumpolum was awesome in terms of character and story development, and then the RPG elements took over for the rest of the game.

I put this game down for a while (after losing to Attacus AGAIN >.>) but I'm picking it up again to get the platinum. I went ahead and bought my first trap, going to triplicate the rest because I hate summon-killing the adamantoises. It seems like a cheap way to play the game, and since it takes forever and I hate all of the enemies in eden, I'm against it.

I like chocobo digging though. I got about 200k in 10 minutes, and I was doing something productive the whole time. There's a 25% chance to get over 10,000 gil and a 63% chance to get over 1000 gil. So it's rare to have a run where you only get dew or feathers.

Also, for anyone who has yet to complete the game: Don't fight the boss in Chapter 13 until you farm 30-40 Perovskites from the Templar people. You won't get another chance to fight them, and Perovskites make up a majority of the catalysts you'll be using for upgrades. I really wish I had known that, it would've saved about 1 mil.

Jul 22, 10 at 3:11pm

I recommend everyone get the Piano Collections album. There was a wealth of other, better tracks that Hamauzu could have chosen, or some that would have been more interesting than those that were originally half piano to begin with (Snow's Theme would have impressed me), but it's worth it to hear Aki Kuroda just completely rocking out on that piano. I bet she broke it. <3

Jul 18, 10 at 1:39am

I've finally made it to Gran Pulse! :3

I've found a good leveling up spot. In The Archylte Steppe there's an enemy called Amphisbaena. I found a good area with 4 of them, and also a set of Goblins to fight. Amphibaenas give 3500CP each, and I have a good strategy:

Fang / Vanille / Hope

Start off with Commando, Saboteur and Medic. Have Fang rack up the damage while Vanille lands Poison, Imperil, Deshell and Deprotect on the enemy. Once all four of those debuffs successfully land, switch to Commando, Medic and Ravager. Then just start whailing on it with all you have, and it should be dead soon enough. If you're a low level or generally weak, have Hope be a Synergist instead of a Ravager to keep Protect up. Amphisbaena does a lot of damage, but only has 560k health to widdle down.

And if you're really struggling to defeat them at first, use a Deptisol to get a Preemptive Strike and then summon an Eidolion for some damage.

There we go

Jul 16, 10 at 3:15am

quote Reason
What difference do the battle ratings actually make? Do they have any effect on the drops you get from the battle?
Yes, they do.

If you want the rare drops, it's easier to get them if you get a five star rating. ;D

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