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Oct 29, 02 at 12:51amDragonKohr99

storylinedifferent from the game *kinda)

Mario is taking a plane to sunny island for a vacation but sunny island has turned all muddy and discusting. Its up to mario nad his waterpack to save this island resort!

Mario-maybe me-not sure
etc.(pm me for ideas for characters)

We each have a waterpack if you want it.
We will start as soon as at least 2 people sign up

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Sep 11, 07 at 11:09am

Well this had been a waste.

He had come to the airstrip without a clue what he was looking for. A clue or something, he guessed. Something that would make sense of everything. How optimistic of him. But reality was indeed cruel, and things proved to be never so easy. He had found nothing of importance.

He sat by the wall of a nearby building, the shadow cast engulfing his form. The airstrip was alive with activity. Aircrafts flew in and out. Passengers and staff dashed back and forth. It sure was a popular retreat, even with all the recent circumstances. Well... recent circumstances may be part of the reason it was so active. Who wouldn't want to see this spectacle?

Damn. He so wanted to punch something. He was angry for sure. This whole situation was one big mess. Everyone had their share of problems to deal with. Why had everything become so complicated? It had never been like this before. He found himself longing for the older times where he would travel the land, send koopas and other assorted enemies flying and deliver yet another sound beating to Bowser to rescue Peach. It had all become so common that it felt an everyday part of life, and it had always been so simple. And yet this...


Any other time and he would have been a little surprised at suddenly hearing her voice behind him. But now he was too tired to manage much of a response. He just turned to the princess and barely uttered a response.


There was clear evidence that she's cried. Over that beast no doubt. She stood there in the shadow, looking down at the plumber. Her body was shaking ever so slightly and she appeared to be grasping for words. What words did she hope to use? Comfort? Explanation? Plea?

But... as he sat there saring up at the shattered girl he found a strange feeling welling up inside. He'd been so angry and yet... he found himself thinking that he shouldn't be. She was hurting and he had left her. He reflected on this for a moment. What a cold way to act. Perhaps it is no wonder she sought comfort elsewhere.

He shook that thought out of his head immediately. Not something he wanted to think about yet. He still felt disgusted but he couldn't abandon her just yet. He stood up and spoke more clearly.

"Peach, what is it?"

Aug 30, 07 at 10:10am

Peach was twirling some of her satin gold locks between her fingers when she heard the soft pitter-pattering of footsteps growing increasingly louder behind her. She turned about to see Toad, who was wheezing out of breath from his frantic sprint. When he approached her, the little fungus spent a brief moment to recollect himself. Before Peach could question her advisor, he spouted out his revelation.

"Princess! I found him! I found the guy who reared the king of all that is vile and vicious!"

"And who might that be, Toad?" Peach was not in the least bit amused with Toad's outburst, but she gave him a chance to correct himself before she decided to scold him. The flat tone in her voice was enough for him to take the hint.

"Irk, well..." He cleared his throat as he wiped the perspiration from his brow, although he could not recall sweating from his little jog. "Um, it definately wasn't Kamek! However, I think his whereabouts may be of interest to your Highness, too."

"Do tell..."

As soon as she discovered that Kamek was a patient at the hospital's intensive care unit, she shot up from her seat with alacrity and quickly departed to the hospital. Getting there was easy enough, but getting near his room was another story. The same doctor that tried to treat Bowser's wounds back at the beach was also Kamek's, and though she persisted, Peach could not convince him to let her go seek Kamek's council.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I simply cannot allow you to see him. He's Bowser's lackey, after all, and-"

"I don't care who you think he is! I must speak with him!" Peach was a bit abashed by her behavior. It wasn't very princess-like, and quite unbecoming of her usually humble nature. She prided herself for being so softspoken and dainty.

"Regardless, your majesty, he is in no condition to speak." The Pianta doctor haphazardly reached up for his glasses. As he proceeded to clean his spectacles with the end of his white jacket, he added, "Whatever happened to him, it was meant to be fatal."

"What do you mean?" inquired the princess.

Replacing his smart-looking specks upon his bulbous nose, he replied, "He has a flail chest, and pneumothorax. He was badly burned, too."

A shrill gasp escaped from her lips, despite her attempt to conceal it as she raised a delicate hand over her gaping mouth. She attempted to regain her bearing, and failed. "Oh! That's awful! Horrible!" Only then did it occur to her that she hadn't the slighest idea what either a 'pnemothorax' or a 'flail chest' was. "...Isn't it?"

The doctor was abashed by the princess's innocent, or rather, naive sense of ignorance. He was a well-bred Pianta, true, but surely anyone would know that if someone was admitted into the ICU that that usually meant the said patient had a close brush with death. He simply stated, "He's lucky to be alive. Let's just leave it at that."

"Oh... It was then that Peach recalled of her dear friend Toadsworth's untimely death. She began to wonder if whoever killed her father figure may have been responsible for the attempt on Kamek's life, too. After all, Kamek is to Bowser as Toadsworth was to her. Then Bowser must be innocent! But then, why would Bowser say he killed him if he did no such thing?

Peach's thoughts were suddenly interuppted as the doctor tried to escort the princess out.

"Oh, wait! Please? It's my fault he's this way. I would feel guilty if I didn't at least get to see him."

Sadly shaking his head, the Pianta replied, "I'm sorry, princess."

Defeated, Peach resentfully allowed the doctor see her out. She sighed to herself, unsure of what to do to help Bowser. She felt completely helpless, even more so than whenever Bowser kidnapped her. Her thoughts trailed to when he told her he loved her the very first time. It seemed so long ago. Hard to believe it had only been a few days since then.

She clung onto that memory tight. He may have behaved like a brute at the jail, but she remembered the look in his eyes whenever he said those three simple words to her. They were sincere and overflowing with affection. Surely, even now, a part of him still loved her that same way.

Peach secretly hoped that he did.


"Hm?" Whirling around, Peach saw that the doctor was no longer walking beside her. In fact, he was several feet behind her. He simply stood there, looking in Peach's general direction, but not at all at Peach. His face looked vacant, even as he talked.

"You may come see him now." His tone was different. Peach grew increasingly confused. What made him change his mind all of a sudden?

"But... you just told me to..."

Please ignore my benightedness. I really have no idea what went over me. Just follow this hall and take the last right. You'll find him Room 303." He spoke as if he was speaking to someone behind her. He didn't move, either. He appeared as if he were suddenly possessed by a boo. Nonetheless, the princess accepted the brief opportunity she would have with Kamek and gingerly paced past the oblivious doctor.

It was nearly pitch black in Room 303. Had it not been for the little amount of sunlight that slipped through the curtains, or the spiking green lines that changed with Kamek's vitals across an old monitor, she wouldn't have been able to see a thing. She remained in the doorway as she observed her new surroundings. Kamek, merely a frail lump about half the size as she was tall, was laid out on his back upon a white bed. Nearly every part of him had been covered in bandages, some parts even casted. A clear tube protruded from his throat and connected to two larger tubes coming from a clicking, hissing machine beside his bed. Black suction cups on his chest translated his heartbeat to the old monitor beside the ventilator. A finger pulse oximeter was clipped over one of his fingers, submitting its new found information to the same monitor. Two bags dangled from metal hooks, dripping fluids through even more tubes that were taped to his right arm. And even more tubes were connected to other unmentionable recesses within his body.

Peach began having second thoughts about asking for Kamek's help. He appeared to be unconscious, and with everything else that was already going on with him, she decided that the doctor the right. Kamek was in no condition to speak with her, let along help his king. He looked so weak... Her heart sank looking at him.

What the hell are you staring at?

Startled, Peach gasped and clutched tightly at her chest. When her heart was no longer racing, she stepped closer to Kamek, searching for any signs of him stirring. He hadn't budged. Not even a blink. But she could've sworn that she heard Kamek speak, clear as a bell. Then she saw the tube sticking out of his throat again. How could he speak? He must've spoken to her telepathically.

Well? Are you going to tell me why you're here or not?

Yep, it was Kamek all right.

Peach began to open her mouth to respond, but she was just as quickly interrupted by the koopa.

Don't bother wasting your breath. Your memories and thoughts are telling me exactly what I need to know. 'Tis a shame you only come bearing bad news.

"Then you know what's going on?"


"Please talk some sense into Bowser! He won't listen to me!"

And what exactly makes you think that he would listen to me? I have some news for you, princess: I have been trying to talk Bowser out of this crazy fantasy of his since it started. I even used brute force, and it still didn't get through to him. He's a stubborn idiot! None of this would've happened if he had just listened to me in the first goddamn place!

Peach cautiously placed one of her gloved hands upon Kamek's shoulder.

"Would you at least attempt to talk to him? He needs you."

Don't you think I've tried? He has me completely blocked out. For all I know, he's already dead. And there's nothing I can do about it. The doctor's a joke, but he's right about one thing. I shouldn't be alive.

His last words sounded as despairing as her own now. It seemed that Kamek wasn't able to help her as she had hoped, and she shuddered at the possibility that she could very well be saving Bowser alone.

"You mean I have to help Bowser alone?"

There was a long pause. Peach watched Kamek's brow slightly burrow into the center of his forhead, as if he was deep in thought. His next question caught her off guard.

Princess, why are you so persistant on rescuing him?

And why shouldn't she be? Sure, he was a complete jerk to her, but that didn't change the fact that he was wrongfully placed behind bars.

"Because he's innocent, Kamek. That should be fairly obvious."

Kamek's tone changed from stern to annoyed. Cut the bullshit, Peach. Why are you really helping him?

Peach stared at the tiled floor by her feet, uncertain herself on why she was trying so hard to rescue her own arch-nemisis. Of course he was innocent, but...

No man had ever told her that they loved her before, not even Mario. Those three little words, they meant the world to her. And Bowser was the first to say it. Her heart spun thinking about it, much to her dismay. She shouldn't care what he thought of her, but she did... and she began to accept it.

"I need to know if Bowser loves me."

Kamek began to frown again. You haven't figured it out yet?

"I don't know what to think of him anymore! All I know is nothing is as it used to be, and everything I thought I knew was a lie. I'm so confused, Kamek. I don't know what to do!"

There was yet another long pause as Kamek dissected his brain for answers. He knew what Bowser thought of her, but he also knew his own words wouldn't sway her one way or the other. She had to hear it from Bowser himself.

Then Kamek got a brilliant idea.

I think we can figure out a way to save Bowser.

Peach felt her heart swell in her chest. Her eyes beamed with hope. "Really?!" She clasped her hands together with glee and brought them up to her chin, as though she was praying his idea truely was as brilliant as he boasted.

Yes. But I will require your assistance.

"Of course! What do I need to do?"

You must prove Bowser's innocence. Tomorrow. In front of all the media, so all the world can see.

Sighing loudly, she replied, "I know all that already, but how am I supposed to do that?"

Let's just assume for this moment that Bowser loves you, okay?

Peach's cheeks flushed at the thought. "Okay..."

Now, if Bowser loves you, then he most likely would have pleaded guilty to all those charges to protect you. Protect you from what, you ask? From anyone who would try to endanger your life because of the affair, whether they be friend, foe, or otherwise. You're off the hook, and Bowser takes the heat. Sounds like a good plan. However, there is one major flaw. Bowser's death may save you from his foolishness now, but at the same time, it will only set you up for more danger. Bowser has never layed physical harm on you or any of your people. Our people know that, and they know he never would. As a result, they would assume that you framed him. So, if we allowed this execution to commence, your kingdom would most likely be destroyed. Your people would die. You would lose everything. Isle Delphino would share that same fate.

Peach's eyes, wide and glassy, stared off into space as she imagined armored troops marching through her kingdom, destroying everything in their path. She could almost hear the screams of her people as they are slain by the angry koopas. She trembled and felt her stomach flip. The weight of the world rested on her shoulders, and it made her feel dizzy and weak.

"Can't you stop them?!" pleaded Peach.

Kamek made a sad attempt to shake his head. I'm a crippled wreck. I wouldn't be able to stop them.

"You can speak telepathically to them, as you are with me now!"

With melancholy, he replied, If only they cared to listen...

Whimpering noises came out of the princess's throat as hot tears steadily coursed down her crimson cheeks and dripped to the floor.

As you can see, princess, it is at the utmost importance to us all that Bowser doesn't die tomorrow. If he does, then we all will suffer. You must outsmart Bowser.

"Okay, but... even if I do manage to prove his innocence, how will I know that he loves me?" She made a feeble attempt to stop thinking about what would happen to her kingdom if Bowser died, only to realise that that wasn't why she was crying... She couldn't bear the possibility that Bowser loved her and would sacrifice his own life to protect hers. That just didn't sound very Bowser-like at all. He was self-centered and conceited, not a selfless, lovestruck hero.

But Kyle was.

Don't worry about that right now. I am confident that everything will fold out in time, and you will know the answer to that. You'll see.

"Time is one thing I don't have enough of."

Just trust me on this, okay? I know what I'm talking about.

Drying her eyes, Peach said, "I'll trust your judgement, Kamek." Then she forced a smile. "Thank you."

Peach gently squeezed Kamek's shoulder before she turned to leave. Just as she was about to walk out, she turned to Kamek and asked, "Did you have anything to do with the doctor changing his mind so suddenly?"

The magikoopa snorted and replied, Of course I did. Do you really think he would've let you in here without my interference?

She couldn't help but to giggle. "I guess not. Thank you again, Kamek."

Peach needed help, and the blazing sun had already begun its descent into the sea. Time was running short.

"I must find Mario. I hope he's still at the Airport."

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Jan 25, 06 at 9:46pm
Princess Peach

"Jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk JERK!"

Peach left the jail in a huff, trying her best to wipe away the last of her tears and maintain her dignity and pride. She felt dejected, heartbroken, crushed, sad and outraged all at once, revolving around her heart in an endless whirlpool of emotions. She didn't understand why Bowser would accuse of her those rape charges – or how it leaked out to the public. And the way he treated her so harshly…

Bowser hates me… He really never loved me in the first place… she thought bitterly, I have never been so wrong… Even Daisy, Luigi and Toad were tricked into believing it…

Peach slumped down on a wooden bench that faced main cobblestone street, her hands pushing back the blonde strands in her eyes. She sighed and slowly calmed down, listening to the rhythmic waves crashing on the shore and the late afternoon sun warming her delicate skin that refused to tan. She pondered on all the events that happened since she first arrived at Isle Delfino; Kyle, Daisy and Luigi; Mario's increasingly isolation from her; Princess Laurie; Toadsworth's death, and the morbid trial.

Peach felt the sudden urge to leave the island and let the islanders deal with the problems, but she knew she was part of the problem and it was her duty to end it. Laurie wanted her dead, and Peach was still wondering about Caileen's true intentions. Caileen had more than enough chances to kill her and Bowser…

I'm sick of waiting for their next move. We must strike while they're still weak… But Daisy and Luigi are battling the law; Bowser's on death row, and I'm not sure if Mario will get involved in this… Am I the only one still able to fight?

A shiver crawled down her spine and Peach instantly felt alone and vulnerable. Laurie could easily go after her…

No! she told herself, I won't let them win! I still plan to attack them at their hideout whether I have help or not! But what can I do? Bowser needs help but he refuses it… from me, that is. I could still look for Kamek but would he accept my help? Or is Kamek already planning to rescue Bowser? But I have something else I need to do… I'll recruit Toad! Toad can find anyone! I don't know how he does it; but he's more suited to find Kamek than I am… Plus Bowser might be mad if I accompanied Kamek…

Peach stood up, her decisions finally confirmed. She would send Toad off to find Kamek while she searched for Mario. Toad was most likely at the hotel waiting for his next orders, and Peach could have a quick breather before looking for Mario. She planned to ask him something. The task was small but she wouldn't be able to complete her plan without Mario's help, and she hoped Mario would agree.

I wonder where Mario is.

The boat ride to the hotel was quiet, and the rower stated that tourists were leaving the island and many hotel rooms were vacant. Peach silently cheered since that would mean privacy and less victims involved in the conflict. Her loyal retainer waited for her at the entrance and Peach ordered him to find Kamek and help Bowser escape from jail. Toad didn't ask anyway questions (or insert a witty remark this time) and went on his way, leaving Peach in the lodging room.

Promising herself she wouldn't stay long, she picked the booth closest to the main entrance. The room had a deep red design with colorful blotches on the carpet and fancy torches that gave a glowing, yet peaceful, atmosphere. A red Pianta strolled by and placed a smoothie on her table. Peach glanced up in confusion.

"Oh, I didn't order anything," she said, "I think you got the wrong…" she trailed off when she realized she was the only guest here.

"It's on us," the waitress said gently, and left before Peach could question her.

Kindness? Or just pity? I wouldn't be surprised if my name was mentioned in all the news media… Probably portraying me as a poor harmless Princess…

Peach brushed off the reasons and decided to enjoy the drink. It would give her a quick energy boost at the least.

After this I'll see if I can find Mario… or maybe I should wait here? He'll eventually return to the hotel, right? I haven't seen him since the trail; he'd probably be hungry or exhausted soon…

Jan 12, 06 at 7:42am

An inanimate, crumpled form, shrouded and devoured by the darkness, lay upon the diamond-shaped mesh of his confined cell floor. Raspy breaths were severely constricted within the tight confinements of Bowser's robust chest and neck. In fact, the thick, heavy chains were bound so tightly around him that movement was near to impossible. He didn't wish to drain his already sapped strength to rid of himself of the unnecessary precautions taken by these islanders. He wasn't going anywhere. Bowser would lie there, and wait…

He would wait… to die.

Glazed eyes stared vacantly into space. Hot tears dripped through the gaps of his metal floor, sometimes falling several stories before shattering like broken glass. He couldn't understand why he was crying, but he wept silently, hoping that no one patrolling up and down the dark catwalks would hear the droplets slap the floor. The cops held their lanterns close, but their shotguns were held even closer. They would not hesitate to fire upon anything suspicious, and he'd rather not have to deal with them after they discovered what they were firing at.

But why did he weep? Maybe it finally dawned on him that he was going to die. Perhaps something more complicated than that. Thinking about Mario even gazing fondly at Peach made him sick to his stomach, knowing full heartedly what Mario's intentions were of her.

When the truth finally hit him, his puffy eyes cracked violently and pierced through mind and soul. It wasn't Mario he was furious with. It was Peach!

I know it's irrelevant, but I must know if she loves me. For a peace of mind, if nothing else. This 'I don't know' bullshit is tearing me apart! She either loves me or she doesn't. There's no goddamn in-between! Plus, if she does love me, why did she tell everyone I ra-

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when the main cell lights flashed on. The koopa's eyes stung terribly, enough to stun him momentarily. When he was able to recollect himself, he made an attempt to dry the floor below his face with his hot breath. The puddle evaporated immediately. When that task was done, he did what he could to adjust his obscured vision. He could discern a blue pianta officer walking alongside a more slender figure. They paused for a moment and exchanged some words. Then the cop sighed and started stomping back toward the entrance, shouting that he'd be watching everything on the surveillance camera before shutting the thick door.

Who the hell is here to see me?

Once he heard that annoying, high-pitched shriek, he knew the form was none other than Princess Peach. Bowser wanted to be angry with her, but he couldn't help but to feel overjoyed with her delicate presence. She may not know if she loves him or not, but there was no question about his devotion to the princess. When Peach had kneeled down directly in front of him, he accidentally let a small smile slip by. The girl, on the other hand, didn't seem so pleased to see him. Hysterics is the more appropriate term.

"Bowser! You look terrible!"

And he felt terrible, too. Rotting in that cell, battered to pieces, wasn't exactly his idea of a good time. When he started to reply to her, he realized that Peach was trying to restore his strength. With a hint of anger in his eyes, Bowser abruptly and forcibly ended her intervention. The sudden joint of energy nearly landed the princess off her feet. She continued, but it seemed that now Bowser was repelling her powers. She couldn't understand why, and was close to tears.

"Bowser, what are you doing?"

He didn't know himself. But despite her betrayal, he couldn't allow her to be close to him anymore. Bowser knew their relationship would have detrimental consequences, and he couldn't be so selfish to have her life threatened by him anymore. The only resolution would be to shut her out entirely. As much as the thought disgusted him, he knew she would be safe and happy with Mario.

It's time to play the fake again. Time to pretend to be a cold-blooded, heartless bastard.

"It seems that I am rejecting your help," snapped the koopa king as he haphazardly rolled his eyes at her. The rude gesture was a bit painful, so he closed his eyes tight to try to ease the flare up.

Peach was struck dumb with his sudden change of demeanor. She could see that his inflamed leg had grown massively infected, and though she may not know much about diagnosing illnesses and infections, she was well aware that if he didn't get his leg treated soon, he'd lose it entirely. His nose appeared to be broken, too. And what about all the gouges that still needed healing? He had to have known his body was fighting a losing battle. So what's up with the sudden rejection of aid that he so desperately needed?

She pleaded again to allow her to help him. Again, he declined.


He slowly, painfully shifted his weight to his backside so he didn't have to look at her. So long as he couldn't see her desperate, gentle face, he wouldn't crumble. Being an ass to her again proved to be rather toilsome, but he continued, feeding his fire with the anger he had built up against her. As long as he was angry, he wouldn't let her get to him.

"The bigger question is, princess, why are you so persistent on trying to heal me? To make sure I can still walk down the green mile tomorrow morning?"

"You're not going to be executed! You're innocent! You know you are!" Peach couldn't believe what she was hearing. She thought he loved her, but it seemed like he either recently changed his mind or he really did manipulate her into thinking he did. While taking in a deep breath, she tried to remind herself that he was angry with her and that was all it was. Bowser, on the other hand, struggled to keep himself from laughing at her for her ignorance. It would take nothing short of a miracle to get him out of this mess.

"Seriously, Peaches, you really think anyone out there thinks I'm innocent? Or cares?"

"Regardless, I worked hard for my witness part to prove your innocence." The distraught princess crossed her arms firmly and hesitantly stepped closer to the cell, peering further into his barren chambers, trying to get a better look at his face. "Imagine my surprise when I got informed the trial's already over."

"And you would have told them what, exactly?" demanded Bowser. "I didn't rape you? We actually made love? That would've gone as well as us drinking alcohol and eating pork in an Islamic mosque."

After not hearing anything for some time, Koopa turned his head to the princess, whose eyes were narrowed into an angry grimace.

Good. She's getting pissed off. Now to provoke her further…

"Who exactly are you trying to kid? This is what you ultimately wanted. You wished to the stars and prayed that I'd be out of your life forever, and that I'd rot in the deepest bowels of Hell." He drew back his mouth into a threatening snarl. His eyes pierced through her soul. "You got your wish, princess!"

Her gentle heart began to fall, no ground to catch it from its rapid descent. She was at a loss for words, at first, but she quickly regained her composure and fought back her tears. Kneeling down on her knees, with her fingers interlaced, she replied, "I didn't wish for that, Bowser…I admit, I did wish for you to leave me alone, but that was before I thought I had fallen in love with you."

Peach grew weary of Bowser's accusations, but grew wearier of his silent censure. She had prayed that her words would've soothed his anger, but his wrathful glare didn't falter in the least.

He was always too eager to assume the worst. Yes, he may have been slightly swayed by her last words, but there was still a particular matter that lingered in the front of his mind.

"Then why the rape accusations? Are you really that disgusted with me?"

Expressionless, she eased up to her feet and stared into his battered face. His eyes were obscured with the darkness of his roiling anger. The injured koopa was completely convinced that Peach had betrayed him, and though he personally couldn't blame her, he had to feed off of his anger if he truly wished to scare his lover away. He became all that was cold, void, and distant.

The princess began to shudder, as it seemed that the darkness had begun to consume her soul. Her petite fingers trembled and confusion welled inside her heart. As her lips quivered, she whispered to him softly, angelically.

"I don't know where those charges came from, Bowser, but they did not come from me."

He knew she would lie. But then why did a part of him feel so deceived? It didn't matter. He knew what he had to do…

Feed off the anger. Show her how monstrous you can truly become.

The blood churned through his thick veins, forcing them up under his scales like the scars that strew over his body. Hot sweat boiled on his burrowed brow. A violent flame burned within his eyes, and his pointed teeth snapped at her as he growled maliciously.


Wailing aloud in trepidation, the princess lunged swiftly away from the koopa, causing her to slam into the cage directly behind her. After the painful collision, Peach silently quivered against the cold bars, in enough time for three of the Pianta officers to rush in to her aid. Amongst their shouts, she lifted her flushed face up to Bowser's. The two of them could then only hear painful, deadly silence. They were attuned into each other's minds. Even time itself seemed to had almost stopped. It was unfortunate for Bowser. Watching Peach weep against that cell door and listening to her slow whimpers and tiny sobs was nearly too much for the koopa king to take. Again, he avoided her eyes' embrace, and as a last ditch effort to make her leave, he mocked her grudgingly.

You're pathetic. You say you 'might' love me, but look at you! Quivering like a whipped child. You don't love me at all! Good thing you have that bastard Mario to take care of you... Now leave me, before I decide to rid of you myself.

Able to comprehend his telepathic words, Peach achingly and wretchedly plodded away, her head hung low, tears dripping onto the catwalk. As the Piantas caught up to her, she looked back at him one last time, heartbroken and dejected.

I guess you really don't love me after all…

Once again, the large room was vacant and black. Hot tears pooled from Bowser's crimson eyes. He knew he was doing the right thing, but in his selfishness, he still longed for Peach's gentle embrace, and her sweet smile.

Before drifting to sleep, Bowser made a wish to the stars...

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Nov 26, 05 at 5:10pm

"Let Us Out Of Here!!"

"Daisy, calm down please. Yelling at them isn't going to do any help for us, or Koopa and Peach." He lightly grabbed for her hand and looked at her face with a frustrated expression.

She jerked from the cell bars of the courthouse prison, taking her hand from his, face beet red from anger. She and Luigi were witnesses to a lot of what Laurie and Calieen had done to everyone, and they could of testify, but when they heard that Bowser had pleaded guilty she went into such a rampage it wasn't until a few hours after receiving the news that Luigi could calm her down.

"This is the worst kind of Justice that I have ever heard of! This is a disgrace to all that has been signed as 'Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Rights'!!"

She began punching the wall with her battered fists, Luigi rushing to her and taking her into his embrace. As she struggled for him to let her go, he hung on tighter until she stopped and stood there, crying into his chest. Sure, he was pissed as much as she was, but beating themselves up like this wasn't the best way to help Bowser. Ever since they got arrested for attempt to free him, they were put into the cell with no medical whatsoever, no food or water, and were treated like they had done crimes that Bowser himself was committed of.

This is insane. What can we do?

Then it hit him; and idea that could get them out. it would require Daisy to get herself under control, and for him to play dumb and be more of a crybaby then he knew he already was.

"Daisy? Listen to me. Get a hold of yourself and listen. I have an idea, but you need to stop crying and dry up. It'll all be on you to get us out of here. Okay?"

She only nodded as he wiped her tears with his hand, surprised at how she seemed to handle taking orders from someone other then her father. He began to explain the their guard was a somewhat perverted guy, so she would need to try to clean herself up the best she can, then get his attention while he himself would be in a corner acting like a total wuss. She would then need to get the guards attention off of Luigi and focused absolutely on her while he sneaks close to him and knocks him out, getting the keys to the cell. They would get into more trouble, but they needed to get out of there.

*about an hour later*

*sniff* "I'm ready."

Luigi couldn't help but stare at Daisy as she presented herself. She still had on her black jumper from earlier, but cut it down to where it was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. She made herself a 2 piece from the one piece, cutting it so close to her breasts and front that if Luigi forgot about the plan, he would rush at her and make love to her right in that cell. This was a very good thing to get that damn guard's attention, but it was making him sweat a blasting river.

"Well, umm… That will definitely do the job, and umm… we should get out of here pretty soon and…"

Daisy smiled at the blubbering and red faced plumber, who was making almost a fool of himself once again. But, he made her feel so special, and this was most proving that he found her attractive, thus bringing back that happy, but also sad, memory of that night they were together.


It was the quiet, peace, and loveliness of the island that brought them to the balcony of his room. The ocean waves came to the sands of the beach with ease and tenderness, the colors mixing to create a calming color, making a mood that made everything as if it were like a dream. The sky matched this perfect scene of tranquility as the stars danced with one another, to a melody that only the tides could play, with the moon as their only source to see the love in the eyes of those couples together.

By this time Mario was out and about doing business dealing with the Shine Sprits, and would even be gone throughout the night. This was a good opportunity to even sit together and enjoy the other's company, for tomorrow was the big tournament, and Daisy knew what she had to do to help Luigi. It was something she couldn't help but think about, even at a time as wonderful as this.

With her mind deep in her thoughts, she didn't notice Luigi walk to her and embrace her in the moonlight, whispering in her ear, "I love you Daisy, and I always will, whatever happens."

Tears formed in her eyes and she clung to him, whispering her own words of love, thinking about how much those words of his might change after tomorrow. It was something she felt like she couldn't bear, and she began to sink to the floor. Luigi fell with her, and together they sat, he caressing her as she was comforted by the heartbeat from the man she loved.

After a time of quiet, with a soft sniff here and there, words were spoken that concerned him, "Would you love me, even if something was done that would bring out the best in something, but the worst as well?"

"Daisy," he lifted her chin and looked into her brown eyes, a caring smile on his face. "I will love you no matter what, even if… even if something has to be done for the sake of the other. There's nothing that could take how I feel about you away, nothing. My heart is forever yours."

"Oh Luigi."

Her fear suddenly left her as they embraced again, this time in a deep kiss. He picked her up then, still in their kiss, and carried her to his bed. It was right next to the door of the balcony, the moon's tender light was shining down through the white curtains and onto where they would sleep for the night.

Laying her down, he leaned over her and began to kiss her neck, sliding his hands to her back to begin unzipping the orange garment. While he was doing this she began on his overalls, unclasping them with delicate hands. Soon both were on the floor, along with shoes, gloves, his shirt and Daisy's bra. Luigi looked so red that she couldn't help but giggle at him, making him blush even redder. He then smiled and joined in the amusement, for she was beet red as well, so there was no point in letting her have all the fun.

Shaking slightly, he took a hand and began to fondle her breast, beginning to enjoy it as he saw her eyes light up from the sudden excitement. She moaned, to his liking, and took the other breast. He played with her for a while, and then it got serious. She took one of his hands, kissing each tip and wrapping her tongue around each one before kissing them again, "Take me Luigi… I want you."

Luigi felt like this was like a dream, but it wasn't, and he only could nod his head and began. It was difficult for them both, for both were still virgins; along with the fact Luigi was involved. Throughout the night they were in the state of romantic lovemaking, and by dawn they were asleep in each others arms, then sun rising and pouring its warm light onto them through the white curtains.

*end flashback*

Daisy shook her head and smiled, Luigi looking a little puzzled at her sudden goofy smile. She only shook her head again at his confusion, "Let's get out of here." She turned to the door of the cell, calling for the guard, who suddenly rushed over at the sight of her. This was going to be very interesting.

Nov 1, 05 at 4:32pm

Unbelievable!!! After all he had done she actually defended the creep!

Mario was shocked, that she would choose "It" over her friends. Bowser had caused nothing but trouble for the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario himself had gathered his fair share of bruises. Now she was insisting that It was innocent?!

What shocked him the most was not that she believed all this, but that she believed it all so deeply. Not a hint of doubt in her conviction.

Mario began thinking about reasoning behind this. Why would Peach so unreservedly believe this? What evidence could possibly exist? Bowser could easily have used magic to fake alibis. There was no way to be certain.

One thing in favour of her arguement was the list of suspects. Bowser had many enemies, so anyone would be glad to frame him, given the opportunity.

At the moment Mario was doing his own investigating. Innocent or not, Mario had to find out just what Bowser was up to throughout his time on the Isle. With no idea where to start Mario went to the first place they had been - the airstrip.

Oct 25, 05 at 4:51am
Princess Peach

"He's going to be executed at dawn!" Kinopio uttered, tugging on Peach's dress. Peach spent the morning grooming and preparing for the trial but her servant's outburst confirmed it was over… with the undesired outcome.

"What?" Peach questioned, stunned momentarily. "He pleaded guilty? But… He didn't do ANY of those things… Right?"

Why would he plead guilty? He didn't scatter the Shine Sprites or murdered those people or… defiled and deceived me… Or did he?

"Of course he didn't!" said Kinopio. He guessed the shocking news temporarily impeded the princess' ability to think rationally. "He just said that to avoid getting you into more trouble!"

"If he pleaded innocent I would've been an eye-witness! I would've been able to prove his innocence!" Peach stated. "I got the flight tracking from the Isle Delfino to prove Laurie landed here and that she's the one causing the trouble! The restaurant incident had plenty of people to confirm she was here! She even tried to kill me in front of all those locals and yet they think Bowser did all this! Also when Toadsworth was found… I… Bowser was with me the whole time and there was no security footage that shown him – or anyone else - entering or leaving Toadsworth's room via the door OR the window! I even investigated the hotels and there was a room under Bowser's name weeks AFTER newspapers reported strange disasters! I managed to dig up some interesting history and strange connections related to Laurie's family and – "

And he KNEW of the possible execution sentence if he was found guilty. So why - ?

She fell silent and a revolution of reason and realization went through her head. Her doubt of whether his feelings for her were true or not vanished. She recalled his announcements yesterday – revealing his identity and pleading speech that followed. The caresses, the 'I love you', the brilliant smile, his laugh, the affectionate glances from him as Kyle – and Bowser; all actions between them flooded her memory. Not one smile, touch, or laugh was a lie…

Toad gave her a strange moon-eyed expression – his left eye seemed to twitch. He was impressed with her evidence – especially since it was evidence uncovered by Peach – who was currently in a daze.

"You're an enigma, Princess. Does your intelligence advance and recede like the tide?"

"What?" The Princess was too muddled in thoughts to concentrate on his words.

"Nothing nothing," Toad repeated.

At that moment a blue pianta judge waddled in the room and smiled brightly at the Princess.

"Don't worry," she said comfortingly. "He won't harm you anymore. He'd gotten what he deserved. Just always wins."

"You call this justified?" shrieked Peach, jumping out of her chair. "Executing a person for charges he did not commit when the real criminal has gotten away with Toadsworth's murder and sabotaging your island? I don't find this fair… I… don't…"

Tears welled up from her eyes and she turned away, walking briskly to the entrance of the courtroom and for the main exit. She wasn't aware of her surroundings and barged into Mario, causing her to fall back.

"Ah, Peach!" the plumber blurted out apologetically and quickly helped her up. "Sorry! Are you all right? I just came to check on you to see how you were…"

He trailed off and wiped away her tears with a gloved hand. Peach was taken back slightly – that was a first for Mario.

"I'm not fine," she answered. "They got the wrong person… Bowser is innocent…"

She began to move but Mario caught her hand.

"Wait," he said. "Where are you going?"

"The Isle Delfino police aren't going to do anything about it," Peach replied quietly. "Laurie and Caileen are still out there causing havoc while people are satisfied with executing an innocent person. The Shine Sprites are not fully recovered and there's no one to put a stop to them… So I'll go. I won't be content until Toadsworth's killer is caught. He meant a lot to me… And you know that. It's up to you whether you want to help or not."

Before Mario opened his mouth, she jerked her hand out of his grip and continued her walk. She felt horrible brushing off a close friend, but she had other things on her mind and she would rather hear Mario's answer after he given it some thought. Either way, the two will eventually end up at the Sierena Beach Hotel.

As she passed through, some of the jury members were gossiping about the Shine Sprites and a few sentences interested Peach.

"… The rest of the police force is busy gathering all the lost Shine Sprites now…"

"…So I heard. I think they have found half of them now. It's a long process and they're worried that some Shine Sprites will be impossible to recover…"

Half of them now? I know Bowser, Mario, and others found some too… The Shine Sprites would be gathered at the Shine Gate right now – waiting for all of them to assemble and open the Shine Gate Shrine…I wonder if I can harness its force and use it against Laurie. If they're similar to my Power Stars I should have little or no problem… Of course the more recovered Shine Sprites the better. I must act quickly. But first…

"Excuse me, Sir." Peach asked a red officer patrolling the streets. "Can you direct me to the cell of Mr. Koopa?"


"I'm sorry, Miss," said a blue-shelled noki behind the reception desk of the prison. "Visitors are not allowed to see anyone on death row."

Peach nodded in a sad understanding although she wouldn't give up just yet. "But he'll be executed by dawn. Can't he be granted the privilege of a small visit?"

The noki twirled her pen, pondering. "You are aware of what he's been charged with right? Even though he's heavily guarded and badly injured, we're unsure of what he's still capable of and we can't guarantee no harm will come to you. However you seem determined to see him. I'll see if I can arrange something with the head officer."

Peach pounced on the small chance offered. "Thank you kindly! Please try your best. I'm sorry for my request."

The tiny receptionist nodded and disappeared, leaving Peach to twiddle her thumbs nervously. She couldn't help but wonder… What WOULD it be like without King Koopa and his minions? She remember wishing for Bowser to vanish and never threaten her or her Mushroom Kingdom again, but that was before she and Bowser overcame their misunderstandings and differences… They were on the same side now. If Bowser were executed, what would happen? Would her Kingdom finally have peace? Would the Mushroom Kingdom face a greater danger?

I can't let them go through with this! Bowser pleaded guilty because of me! It's my fault he's in this predicament and if word of it gets out to his people… No! It would place everyone I know and love and my entire Kingdom in jeopardy! I have to rescue Bowser!

She clasped her hands together and prayed she would be allowed to see Bowser – even for a little while. Maybe they could form a plan. Peach knew she could heal his wounds completely – her energy was fully recovered – and maybe Bowser could escape somehow if he was uninjured. As for her feelings; they remained undecided but Bowser's life came first. She would ponder on her emotions later.

Please let me see him… If not, what'll I do? What can I do? Should I concentrate on collecting more Shine Sprites? Ask Mario, Luigi, Daisy and Toad for help? Wait… What about Bowser's loyal servants! Why aren't they here? Where are they? Kamek! Kamek's on this island! But where would I find him? If I can't see Bowser I'll try to seek Kamek and see what we can do…

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Oct 22, 05 at 6:04am

Bowser's clouded crimson eyes struggled to see, but his ears hadn't deteriorated much from the outburst of fire, rock, and sulfur. He was perfectly capable of listening to Peach and Mario's conversation with his refined and impeccable hearing, despite the pandemonium taking place in the background. However, the broken koopa didn't like what he had to hear. The crushing proposal Peach announced secretly to Mario anguished Bowser and broke his crumbling heart. She said she didn't know if she still loved him, but Bowser interpreted her words as a blatant no. Unaware of the hot tears drifting down his face, Bowser glanced up towards Princess Toadstool as she dropped to her knees and –What the hell is she wearing?- seemed to be examining his numerous wounds. He could hear the cops closing in on them, one of them shouting in his radio to "extract the target and eradicate him if he resists." Like a small frightened child, Bowser's hand scoured the cement foundation for Peach's embrace, and within a moment's time she had her petite, slender fingers wrapped around one of his.

Why do I torture her like this? Is she doesn't love me, why force her to do something she loathes?

He winced and groaned in pain as he almost violently snapped his hand away from Peach's grasp. Daisy halted his hand's ascent, though, and set it down gently between him and Peach. The princess of Sarasaland scolded Bower for moving around and urged him to stay still as to not alarm the officers, and also placing his bandages in place wouldn't take so long. Peach was unsure of how to react to Bowser's sudden outburst, but had hoped that he reacted that way from a jolt of pain and not because he didn't want her touching him. He was still grimacing when she caressed his hand and weaved her fingers between his. Instantaneously, Bowser relaxed and returned the embrace, despite his adverse cogitations and sensitivities.

If she doesn't know if she loves or cares about me, why does she caress me now with such compassion? Perhaps she merely pities me? I cannot see myself very well, but I must look ridiculously helpless.

The contemplating koopa was so deeply involved with his thoughts that he didn't notice some of his strength was slowly returning to him. Cuts and gouges had begun closing up. Peach was healing him…

Regardless, there's the matter of whether or not I should still fight for her heart. Do I back off, agree to my charges, whatever those are, and allow Mario to have the one woman that's ever ignited my affection, passion, and love while I stay here, serving my sentence? Or should I tell Mario to *bleep* off and prove to Peach once and for all how much I need her, want her, love her…?

The sirens were deafening now. Pianta police had begun pouring over the debris of the prison and stomped towards Bowser, rifles in hand. Their chubby arms shook nearly violently as their weapons loomed in Bowser's general direction. Princess Daisy slowly stood up, explaining to the shaken cops what happened, but they rejected her words and insisted on taking the koopa custody. Luigi wailed ruefully with his arms trembling in the air as Peach crouched down closer to the fallen koopa, but a blue Pianta cop snatched her from behind and successfully pulled her away from him, despite her tightened grip on his hand.

"Princess Peach, are you insane?! You should not be out here!"

Struggling to be released, Peach screamed at the shouting officer, "Let me go! He didn't do anything wrong! He's innocent!" She continued to try to push away from him, but to no avail.

"And he's brainwashed you, too, apparently, so it's back to the hospital with you until you regain control of what's going on in your head." He stormed off with her to a nearby stretcher and fought her to get her strapped in, but eventually he was the one who succeeded. Peach looked over to her side in time to see Bowser about to meet a terrible fate.

"No! Bowser!!"

But before King Bowser could even respond to her pleas, an enraged officer came up from behind him with a huge boulder in his hands and smashed it over the koopa's bandaged head.

He was out cold instantaneously.

The sun crept up just above the horizon when Bowser finally awoke from his deep slumber. His head was throbbing badly, and he could still taste the dry blood in his mouth that streamed from the long gouge on his forehead. His right eye was also swollen shut from the sudden assault on his face, but his other eye had nearly healed and he could see through it almost perfectly. Bowser tried to rub his head, but to his dismay, he quickly realized that he was chained up again. The room was nearly pitch black, but a single vertical crack from where a distant door met the wall emitted enough light to adjust his one good eye to his surroundings. He was in a metal cage about the size of a small bathroom, with tiers of single cages above, below, and to either side of him as far as the eye could see. Then he realized he was not only chained up, but his neck was shackled to the cage, too. Things certainly didn't look too good for him.

White, blinding lights filled the large, nearly vacant room. A red, hairy officer stomped over from the door and stepped up a long staircase to an established catwalk. From there, he reached Bowser's cell and, after struggling with the keys, pulled the cage open.

"Gud Mornin', ugly!" bellowed the fat, smelly pianta officer. "Hahahaha! Time for yous to goes to yur trial, bub. Hope yas redeee…" Bowser wasn't particularly ready for anything, besides a cigarette, and didn't particularly care for that officer, either.


The cop growled through his half-rotted teeth and struck Bowser in the face his overly large fist. Koopa's nose cracked open under the driving force of the sudden impact. It may have been broken.

"Haha, dumbass. Talk tuh meh wit respect."

After removing the shackle from the wall, the officer made Bowser stand up, which was a grueling task all its own. Then he proceeded to drag Bowser out like a dog on a leash, down the catwalk, down the flight of stairs, and eventually, down to the courthouse. Bowser struggled to keep up, sweat trickling down his body, but thanks to Peach, he didn't fall over, to the officer's dismay. He plodded outside the building with six other officers surrounding him, armed. He tried sniffing up the fresh blood that poured from his nose, but it dripped clumsily onto the ground. Many different people, the media included, stood outside in the main square and watched Bowser trudge by. He tried to keep his head up so he could save some of his dignity, but towards the end of the grueling walk, his head became increasingly heavy. Finally, they all reached the courthouse, where several other people eagerly awaited Bowser's arrival. Many booed at him and threw nasty insults at him. Bowser did his best to ignore the ignorant crowd and was pulled to his seat, though he wasn't allowed to sit down. Everyone had to take their seats before the trial could begin.

Suppose we do work things out and decide to get back together. How would everyone react? Can't say I gave it much thought. Stuck on the moment, I guess I thought I could be Kyle forever and everyone would think I, Bowser, fell off the edge of the world and vanished forever. Even if I tried that now, my troops and Maggie would feel that I turned my back on them. And the two of us together could be disastrous. People would try to assassinate us in our sleep. Or her people would denounce her as their princess and rebel. Ugh, this is so confusing…

"What's the right thing to do?"

"That's simple enough. Plead guilty."

From out of no where, Mario dawdled past his lifelong adversary, observing Bowser's state of circumstances and fakes trying to stifle a laugh.

"What is it that I am being accused of, exactly?", demanded Bowser, who ignored Mario's immature behavior and, frankly, had more important things to worry about.

Mario snickered and said, "I'm sure we'll all find out very soon."

Bowser's eyes narrowed in on Mario, and he tried very hard to hide his frustration. Mario was only here to make fun of him, but he thought he might be able to get something out of the overly cocky plumber. "Then let me guess: You want me to plead guilty so you can have Peach to yourself again."

"Well, that's definitely a nice benefit, but there's more to it than that. Saving Peach's sanity, her crown, and keeping her from hurting herself from all this emotional stress she's had to endure from you are the primary reasons."

The koopa king wasn't at all impressed with Mario's answer. "Yeah… I'm sure they are…" And he rolled his eyes in disbelief.

"You'll find out soon enough." Mario began walking back to his seat, but decided to turn his head around for a moment and state blatantly, "Just remember, if you continue to convince yourself that Peach loves you, remind yourself of this conversation when you're on the stand, making your plea. You're a victim of your own stupidity, so I just came down here to remind you that in case you forgot."

"Go to hell…" Bowser had had enough of Mario and if he had his full strength, Mario would be gagging on a mouthful of koopa fist right now.

Then Mario screamed from his seat, "And you might want someone to look at that nose of yours! It looks pretty painful!"

The crowd chuckled and leered at Bowser, who started growling under his breath as he tried very hard to not lose his temper. Just at that moment, though, the audience fell quiet as a woman Pianta in a cascading black robe walked in proudly from the large door behind her stoop. Everyone waited eagerly for her to speak as she adjusted her glasses and looked through the papers on her stand. At last, she rose her head up and smiled.

"Good morning, everyone. We're ready, I gather, for the testimony of Mr. Koopa?"

The council, a small crowd of a dozen or so that sat secluded from the rest of the audience, stood up and, unanimously, replied, "Correct, Your Honor."

"And he's here, ready to go, I assume?"
She knew perfectly well that he stood in her courtroom, but proper protocol called for her to make the obvious even more obvious.

"Yes, he is," stated the head of the council.

"Now everyone, before he comes to the stand, let me take up an important matter with the council. I don't want an answer to this question at the moment, and the reasoning behind my query is I'd like you to begin thinking about it and figure out when you may be able to provide some guidance on the subject. We still have a case to try, and I understand the stressfulness of this particular trial, but you don't have much time to respond to such a problematic affair as it is, so I request that when the trial's over, depending on the outcome of the trial that you be in a position to respond to my inquiry. Now… assuming that Bowser either pleads guilty or is found guilty of his crimes, what form of execution would you find to be a suitable form of punishment?"

Bowser's jaw felt like it had dropped to the ground. His good eye projected out from his head as he stared intently at the judge, searching for answers in her despairing face. "W-what could I have possibly done that would deserve me death?!" He began to panic. His mind and his heart were racing and he couldn't keep up with either. They hadn't even tried him yet, and already they were discussing how to terminate him.

The arbiter glared back to, according to her perspective, the threatening, dangerous, and sinister koopa, and replied boldly, "You are not being spoken to, Bowser. You may be a king in your world, but here, I overrule you. So be still and wait until I address you."

He stared blankly at the wall before him, not sure anymore if he could swallow the burden of pleading guilty to his false crimes. He assumed he wouldn't like his sentence, but did he really have to die?

I must be having another nightmare. It's the only explanation! What the hell is going on?!

The nerdy lawyer that sat to his left whispered discreetly to his client, "Let's not upset her now. This case is very fragile, and things aren't looking too good for you."

Disgusted, Bowser snapped, "You call yourself a lawyer? You're supposed to be more confident than that."

After taking a deep breath, the middle-aged judge with her deep sung voice continued after she was sure the koopa was done complaining. "Like I was saying, I don't want an answer to this now, but I do need you all to think about it… Bowser, please come to the stand."

Whispers filled the room as the koopa king trudged across the room to the stand. His legs were growing numb, so they trembled slightly under his weight. He had to keep it together. He had to get to the bottom of this…

"King Bowser Koopa," began the grass-colored arbiter, "You are here today in the courthouse of Isle Delphino for the following charges against you: the destruction and vandalism of our once fair and beautiful island, the intentional disbursement of our beloved Shine Spites, false representation of one's self, twelve counts of murder, including the brutal murder of Mr. Toadsworth as well as several other inhabitants of Isle Delphino, and for your numerous crimes against Princess Peach Toadstool, which include the following: manipulation, deception, assault and battery, and deflowerment through the use of force. Mr. Koopa, how do you plea?"

Shrieks and gasps filled the large room, but Bowser didn't notice. His heart had ceased beating and his entire body went cold. He fell to his knees, and didn't even realize his charred leg was screaming in pain as his burnt skin cracked and began bleeding again. His body trembled violently as tears welled up in both his eyes.

Peach, do you really believe I… defiled you?!

"Do not make me repeat myself, Bowser. Are you guilty or not?"

Bowser was swimming in confusion. He didn't know where all these horrible charges were coming from, but he didn't even know where to start to clear his name. He couldn't possibly be guilty of all those things… could he?

Straining to breathe, he mumbled, "But, Your Honor, I-"

"You what?" The judge was beginning to get impatient with Bowser. She wanted the trial to be done right then and there. But there couldn't be a trial without a confession, so she tried to urge him on so she could go home. "You didn't think you'd get caught? Bowser, just so you know, Peach stands as one of our eye-witnesses. I'm sure she will be more than happy to refresh your clouded memory and let everyone here know exactly what you did. However, you would save her, the rest of us, and yourself, a lot of unneeded stress and anxiety if you would just fess up now and plead truthfully. So, how do you plea? Guilty or not guilty?"

If I plead truthfully, then I'm innocent. Or am I? Hell, I don't even know! Do I plead innocent to try to prove to Peach that everything I'm being accused of is a lie, including the defilement charges, because we both did it together, willingly, in love, and we loved each other and… no. If I plead innocent, it could jeopardize Peach's entire life. And by me keeping my identity secret, maybe I did wrong her. God, Mario, why did you have to be so right?

The king's face lowered to where tears and blood had dropped to the tiled floor. He could see his reflection in the white tile, and what he saw only managed to make him weep even fiercer. A monster. A mutilated, disgusting monster.

Who am I kidding? I am not worthy enough to the protector and the keeper of her heart. If I couldn't earn that right as myself, then it wasn't meant to be. I did something stupid, and now I must pay the price. Peach… I'm so sorry…

"Guilty," choked Bowser. The harsh, damnable word burned in his mouth as much as the tears burned his eyes, but there was no alternative answer. He had lost the most important person in his life, and it was his own fault.

"Order! Order! I demand order in my court!"

The Pianta judge was slamming her little mallet consistently on her desk, but the crowd broke out into a fierce riot and disregarded the proud judge. Some threatened to finish off Bowser themselves; others spoke badly of him or shouted curses at him. Not that Bowser cared. He was too busy staring at the floor, still struggling to absorb what just happened. He didn't even see Mario stroll up to him, a huge smile spread across his mustached face.

"Peach will be much happier with you gone. You did the right thing."

Shaking angrily, Bowser spat out that he hated him. He tried to hide the fact that he was crying, but unfortunately, it was clear to everyone, especially Mario, that he had wept a significant deal onto the tile.

"Hey, you have no one to blame but yourself. You reap what you sow, Bowser."

Just as Mario began walking off, the same red Pianta officer from before barreled in with glee flickering in his bulgy eyes. He grabbed the koopa from the back of his head and with that one arm pulled Bowser up to his feet.

"Cum on, yus! It's deth wrow fuh yu!"

"Could you possibly sound any more like an imbecile?" murmured the depressed king.

"Nuoh! … Whah's un impedell?"

As Bowser was being dragged back to solitary confinement and the judge discussed with the council how to dispose of him, Kinopio sadly walked into the waiting room in the back of the courthouse, where Peach sat nervously with a nurse, twiddling with her fingers and waiting impatiently to testify. Though when she saw her loyal servant, she quickly shot up and began to storm toward the door.

"Is it my turn already?"

"Princess… Bowser pleaded guilty." Kinopio averted his eyes for a moment, then looked up to his princess with tears in his little eyes. "He's going to be executed at dawn!"

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Oct 20, 05 at 4:21am
Princess Peach


A loud explosion echoed through the main square, awakening Peach from her slumber. She shot up, and glanced out the window almost expecting to see an attack. She heard footsteps running in the hallway as the nurses gossiped to one another.

"Didja hear that?"

"Yes, it was coming from the direction of the prison! Isn't that where they're keeping some horrible criminal?"

"Oh! What if it's an escape? This is horrible!"

"I'm sure our police force can handle it… But they've been so busy with the pollution, the missing Shine Sprites and the whatnot – But this King Koopa is supposedly behind all the troubles our island's been having."

Groggily, Peach started to pierce the conversation together, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

An explosion at the prison? Bowser! Is he in danger? What about Mario and Toad? Daisy and Luigi also went there…

Now vigilant, Peach climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom, washing her face, making herself more presentable. Her dress was torn and bloodstained, and the cuts on her skin were beginning to heal nicely. Her throat still hinted a purple color.

I can't go around looking like this… I need clean clothes…

Peach exited the room but she was stopped by one of the nurses – a jolly blue pianta.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked cheerfully, yet sternly.

"I feel fine," Peach replied. "I wish to leave the hospital early."

"This late at night? It's past midnight!"

"I know, but I'm fine. Only a few scratches and bruises. There's no need to keep me here, however…" Peach tugged at her dirty attire.

The nurse nodded. "Our hospital has a gift shop with some clothes, you might find something you like."

*15 minutes later*

Clothes? What a lie! I'd rather be wearing rags than this…

"You don't have to worry being cold at night," the nurse said. "Tropical nights are usually mild."

Yes but…

Peach frowned at the mirror, then stepped back. She was still indecisive. Should she stick with her long, flowing, covering, dress or wear…. THIS?

THIS was a two-piece pink (thank gosh!) bikini. The top was rectangular with spaghetti shoulder straps. It was a soft pink colour splashed with a large blue flower slightly off-centre with matching low-cut bikini briefs.

This is even worse,
she decided. I'll just stick with my ruined gown…

"Oh, look! A matching sarong!" the nurse called out, displaying the fabric.

Peach accepted the sarong and tied it around her waist. The sarong was light and nearly transparent, but it reached her ankles and provided coverage.

Better than nothing!

"I'll take this," she said. "Just send the bill to the Isle Delfino hotel under "Toadstool.""

After an exchange of thanks, Peach rushed out of the hospital relieved to be outside. The nurse was right; the night was pretty warm.

Now to reach the prison… I just hope no one has done anything foolish.

"Surround them! Stop them!" voices rang out, and she realized it was the Isle Delfino police. She followed and noticed the prison. A portion of it has collapsed, and rubble littered the paths. She spotted dark figures moving within the rocks and stones.

They DESTROYED the prison?
She gasped in surprise. What is going on?

"Mario! Luigi!" she yelled, accustomed to calling the plumbers first. "Toad! Bowser! Daisy!"

"Excuse me, miss," one of the officers ordered, clutching her bare shoulder. "I think it would be wise for you to back off."

"Oh…" she paused, wondering if she should disobey the law. "But, sir! My friends! I know these people!"

She shrugged him off before he could say anything and ran toward them. Luigi trembled violently, frightened by the trouble they were in, while Daisy knelt by Bowser and attended to his wounds. Toad glanced around nervously. Mario looked away grudgingly but turned around when Peach appeared. The Koopa King was on his stomach, badly injured, but his eyes lit up when she was in his view.

"Peach…" he mumbled, struggling to sit up. Daisy hushed him and ordered him to stay still.

Peach knelt down beside him, her trembling hand felt for his. Her slender fingers wrapped around a clawed digit and gave a soft squeeze.

"I…" Peach began but trailed off and looked away, unsure of what to say. Mario watched her resentfully out of the corner of his jaundiced eye.

This is so unlike Mario – all angry and cold… He's a good person, but this situation is bringing out the worst in him. Maybe I should talk to him and calm him down... I'll speak to him later. Right now I should be by Bowser's side. Arg, no I speak to him now! No wait…

"I'll return soon," she whispered then stroked the Koopa's mattered hair before standing up. Adjusting her sarong she confronted the plumber, then tilted her head away from the group indicting she wanted a private chat. Mario – although uncertain – seemed intrigued and followed her. The police were surrounding, but they seemed more interested in Bowser than the heroic plumber and the helpless victim and ignored the pair.

Peach sighed, weariness was catching up to her.

"Mario I…" she paused, trying to collect her thoughts.

Tell him how worried you are about him… That this is unlike him. Tell him right now that we should be supporting Bowser and stop the REAL villain…

"Mario… Look, this isn't like you," she said, averting her eyes from his. "You've been so cold and distant lately and, well, more aggressive than usual. Mario, please, I know you're a wonderful person and you have the best intentions for me. However Bowser isn't the enemy. He's innocent. Laurie and Caileen are behind the Shine Sprites disappearance and they were the ones that attacked me," she rubbed her throat consciously. "Please be your cheerful self again… "

He looked away, contemplating on her words.

"If you say so," he mumbled finally, still deep in thought. Peach, satisfied with the hesitate answer started to depart. Mario grabbed her hand quickly, and she turned around.

"Peach, do you still love him?" Mario asked. Her face grew hot when she heard the question, and pondered on it.

I… do I?
Peach thought. I know Kyle and I shared a wonderful bond, but it was all a lie… Right? Even if Bowser and I stayed as a couple, would the relationship feel the same?

"I don't know," Peach replied quietly; hot tears swelling under her eyes, but she wiped them away before Mario noticed. She could never lie to him and decided to be honest. "I just don't know right now…"

Mario released her and the dark mood evaporated. Still a chance… There was still a chance…

The Princess silently returned to Bowser's side, and most of the bandages from Daisy's medical kit were used up. The police were shouting but didn't close in just yet – they were still scared of Bowser despite his injuries. A clawed hand reached for her hand, and she gripped him once more. Tears rolled down Bowser's scaly cheeks.

I may still be weak but I think I can make Bowser's pain more bearable with my healing powers if not heal his wounds slightly… As for our relationship … We'll figure it out… We'll see…

Oct 19, 05 at 3:51am

OOC1: Finally!! I'm able to post! Yay!!! Hi everyone! ^^ XD

*couple hours earlier*

"Peach!" Daisy screamed out as she ran into Peach's room, scarring the life out of the weak princess and the nurse attendants. She hugged her dear friend with tears streaming down her face as Luigi came running in from the hall, out of breath and pale from the long dash from the ferry.

The attendants shushed both of them, giving glares as they exited the room. Luigi, shaking from the long run without stopping, plopped down into the only chair and closed his eyes, hoping to fall asleep while Daisy spoke to Peach. He was concerned, but knowing Bowser was finally behind bars helped ease himself to sleep.

"Peach! Are you alright?! Did that reptile do anything to you seriously?! Where is he so I can beat the living hell out of him!? I'll ring his neck until he can't move and... and… " She was absolutely furious with him, but more scarred and worried about her friend lying in the hospital bed. Tears streamed down he face as she turned away and wiped them away, knowing that she had to be strong for Peach. The reaction she got wasn't what she expected.

"I'm fine, really. Just a few cuts, some bruises, and a just really confused. Other then that I'm fi…"

"How can you say that Peach?! After all that he just did to you, after all the times he has kidnapped you and held you hostage?! After all the fear he has put all your people, Luigi, Mario, and yourself through?! After everything that that MONSTER put…"

"Don't you dare Call Him A MONSTER! He Has Never Hurt Me Or Anyone Else!!"

They both stopped and leaned away from one another, staring at items around the room. Luigi had woken up from the sudden yelling from Peach, and was at Daisy's side in an instant, deep in thought with the two princesses. She knew that Peach was right, but then, why did he never hurt her, and why did he always threaten the Mushroom Kingdom?

Peach sighed, ending the silence, and began to explain what really happened at the beach. She told them about Caileen and Laurie's plot, about past things, the Ring of Fire, and about their future plans. Most importantly was the fact that Kyle was really Bowser, and that the reason he never did hurt her or anyone important to her (seriously, as referred to Mario and Luigi) was that he respected her, and that he would never do anything to hurt her. He just wanted his people to be treated as equals to the mushroom folk.

After getting over the sudden shock from this information, Daisy and Luigi began to ask a lot of questions, especially where Bowser was at the moment. She replied that he was in the Delphino Jail, and that there would be a trial tomorrow, but she knew that he would have nobody there to defend him. She had to be there with him, or something needed to be done sooner, and this got Daisy to thinking of a plan.

"I think," she said with a gleam in her eye, "That it's about time Bowser got some attendance taken to him, and possibly a better place to stay."

"What?!!" Luigi practically jumped through the ceiling of the room, making Peach grin. "How can you even think that?! Wait, no, how you can even suggest that we do such a thing?!!" By this time he was pacing the room, mumbling to himself and smacking his head with his hands. Both of them watched him beat himself up over the idea, and Daisy simply took his hands and forced him to stop, smacking him once upside the head for good measure.

"Luigi, please. Just think about if I was in his position, and I was in jail, body tattered up and close to death. Would you do whatever it took to get me out of there and clear my name? Huh?"

"Well, yes I would do anything and everything to clear you, but this is different in so many ways. Plus, a lot of things he is being tried for he did do, or…"

Peach glanced up to find them staring at her, her face suddenly reddening.

"Peach? Did, well, did Bowser… DO anything to you? Because it was said he… um… took advantage of you." They all knew that one of the charges was that he raped her, so it was important that this was confirmed.

"What are you trying to ask me?"

"Did he hurt you, I mean… where you didn't want to be."

"No, I don't think so."

"Did you both, well, go at IT? You know, only two in the room, lights are lowered and soft music is playing. It gets hot in the room…"

"Oh….OH!! Of course not! Or, not like the rumors has stated. He was still Kyle, and we, yeah."


Daisy hugged Peach one last time before she and Luigi began to head out of the room, but at the last moment Daisy hurried back. She went straight up to Peach and whispered, "Was he any good?"


"Okay! Goodbye!"

She rushed back out and to a bewildered Luigi, to whom she smiled sweetly and took his hand. "Let's go free Peach's 'lover'!"

*hour and 15 minutes later*

If you were out as it was just turning dark, you might have the chance to see two dark figures jumping from roof to roof, being silent as mice. Both slender looking beings, acrobatic skills as they jump and land atop each roof, shifting in and out of sight like ghosts.


"Luigi!" Daisy exclaimed in a horse whisper as she jumped back to the previous roof and gazed down at her love and comrade. He pulled down the mask and smiled goofy, trying to ease the moment with being slightly silly. "Can you hurry it up please, and try not to be seen with your clumsiness."


They got to the roof of the Delphino Jail with plenty of time to spare, where it was easily accessible with the use of the upper door. Both figured he would be on the bottom floor, heavenly guarded with patrol men, though it unlikely as well because of his physical condition.

Getting past all the guards and lights, they enter a room separated off from the rest of the floor. "This must be it." Opening the door with its squeak, Daisy covers her mouth to try and pilfer a small scream while Luigi felt like throwing up. Bowser lay on the cement floor, gouges covering every inch of his body, blood still running at a small pace, with muscle and bone seen in every few places. His hair was mattered with dried blood, along with all over his body, which you could fully see with that his shell was off and leaning against the wall. The chains were fully visible as well as the gouges, wrapped almost around every inch of him: his neck, a large shackle, as well as on his arms and legs; chains wrapped tightly against his scarred skin, pushing his veins to bleed more with each breath he took. There was no reason not to be horrified by the sight, nor was there no reason not to want to run and keep running far away, trying to push the sight from your mind.

Daisy knelt down and set her bad on the cold floor as Luigi watched her remove precious supplies: gun powder, TNT made for just simple home improvements, medical supplies, and a large push trigger. They were going to bust him out, no matter what.

"Luigi, please place these on either side of the cell, but be careful not to set them too close to him. We don't want to hurt him any more then he already is."

He could only nod; still feeling nauseated by the sight, and takes them from her. As he turned around, he took a second to look Bowser over at a closer perspective. Starting with his feet, he soon realizes that he flinched and moves his toe, causing him to sweat heavily and cry out. He flares his arms back, dropping the TNT, and bumps into Daisy, who then leans over the push trigger.

You can hear a boom from the other side of town as the TNT went off, causing almost the whole side of the jail to collapse. As Luigi gets up he sees a shadow in the smoke, and cries out again, suddenly noticing it was a blasted princess, or, a pissed off princess. She sat on the ground, hair a mattered mess with smoke and soot all over her, and the angriest expression, besides Bowser's, he had ever seen.

"Lu... i... gi…," she angrily replied slowly.

"Hi dear," was all he could say, a giant tear drop forming on his brow.

At that moment Toad came running into the cell, at first looking confused from the explosion, then looking just plain surprised at the sight that was before him. Too speechless to speak, he moves deeper into the room, eyes shooting from Bowser to the aggravated princess to the whimpering plumber before him. Right after Toad was about a third in, Mario comes charging in, almost running the poor guy over as he too looks around stupefied and angry.

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