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Aug 22, 09 at 6:58pmEch0ez

New research by the Centers for Disease Control has found that gamers are depressed, socially-stunted fatties who aren't actually playing games at all but are instead caught up in "imitation play-like activities."

The study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Emory University and Andrews University examined 500 adults aged 19-90, looking at health risks, media use and demographic factors. Respondents classified themselves as either "players" or "non-players," and also provided "self-assessments of depression, personality, health status, physical and mental health, body mass index (BMI), and poor quality of life." An examination of their weekly media usage, including internet, television and, among the 45.1 percent who reported playing them, videogames, was then conducted.

Shockingly, the study found "measurable correlations between videogame playing and health risks." Female gamers reported greater depression and lower health status than female non-players, while males reported higher body mass index and internet usage than male non-gamers. Both men and women also reported a greater reliance on the internet for "social support" than non-gamers.

"Health-risk factors, specifically, a higher BMI and a greater number of poor mental-health days differentiated adult video-game players from non-players," said Dr. James B. Weaver III of the CDC in Atlanta. "Video-game players also reported lower extroversion, consistent with research on adolescents that linked video game playing to a sedentary lifestyle and overweight status, and to mental-health concerns."

Dr. Brian Primrack of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine added his own opinion that videogames are sufficiently different from "original forms of play" that they're better defined as "play-like activities."

"The differences between today's 'play-like activities' and original forms of play may illuminate some of the observed health-related correlates discovered," he said. "How do we simultaneously help the public steer away from imitation play-like activities, harness the potentially positive aspects of video games, and keep in perspective the overall place of video games in our society?"

"There are massive, powerful industries promoting many play-like activities. And industry giants that can afford to will successfully tout the potential benefits of health-related products they develop," he continued. "But who will be left to remind us that for children and adults alike, hide-and-seek and freeze tag are still probably what we need most?"
I would point out the flaws in this, but I really can't be bothered. Discuss this absolutely amazing and evidently 100% accurate revelation, while I continue to make sentences dripped in sarcasm.
On the otherhand at least we've finally got some people thinking about a positive solution as opposed to branding video games the root of all evil.

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Aug 30, 09 at 4:04pm

Science?my ass.
Nearly everyone in the planet has played a game so in theory theyd be calling everyone on the planet a fat depressed loner, well well the millitary wont be pleased with that Most people at my school play game and there all moderate , happy and sociable people. Im obbsesed with games yet Im moderate, uterly crazy happy enthusiastic sociable person and im sure most people here are 2 . Some off the so called scientist probably play games so wtf are they talking about. I only has one word for this so called science : FAIL

Aug 25, 09 at 9:30am

quote Blind Sniper
But I'm underweight and moderate.
Nope, you are cleary fat and depressed. This amazing survey clearly proves this. But don't worry, with the new Wii Fit + you'll be able to slim down in no time!

Seriously though they do a survey on 500 adults, and then try to say it's conclusive? And this is coming from the Center of Disease Control of all places? I'd expect crap from this from Fox or Jack Thompson.

Aug 25, 09 at 1:12am
Robert Ninja

It ain't science, these guys didn't use the scientific method, their results are based on a conversation they all probably had over dinner after doing a crappy survey.

Aug 25, 09 at 12:38am

- I am a gamer.
- I am not fat.
- I am not depressed.

Science proved wrong.

Aug 25, 09 at 12:20am

back in the day i was 6'2 245 a jock who liked to read and play games, i know funny combo. I wasnt antisocial or depressed and i played religuosly when i wasnt at fb practice or school

im currently doing none of my previous endeavors but still play games religously and in no way am i depressed or antisocial.

doing a study of a few 100 ppl is rather small considering theres over 6 billion ppl on earth

Aug 24, 09 at 9:00pm

I am skinny, social and usually happy yet I play games. This claim does not have any scientific merit; it's only a stereotype.

Aug 24, 09 at 7:23pm
Blind Sniper

But I'm underweight and moderate.

Aug 24, 09 at 7:13pm
Magnaillusion CM

Oh my God oh my god! this is worse than that old review on Pokémon

I know a guy that is obsessed with Halo, he constantly plays it in a compulsive manner, yet he is WAAAAAY more athletic than I can dream to be, goes to the gym, has a massive body, he has a girlfriend, a boyfriend AND tons of people waiting in the line for him. Well, there is this other guy who is obsessed with shooting games, especially CoD, and he's also in possession of a god-like physique. The catch? The first one is an asshole, the second one is... Well, like, my best friend, so, he becomes automatically creepy and awkward by association (Maybe that's one of the reasons he doesn't talk to me anymore; could be that I acted assholy in a certain class, though).

Look, as long as people have ridiculous amount of money to bribe the critics and to filter the report through the several people it might pass through to have it published, people will be trying to stop the video game industry. Why? Because it seems that ignoring completely the shows and games they rant, just showing what they see as bad AS they want it to be seen, in hopes everyone is trapped in their I Have no Mouth and I must Scream and just accept the "facts" they ridiculously present as "real" without any complaint whatsoever is so better than to actually play or watch the show or game to be ranted, look if it is as vicious and cruel as they think, take away their stupid subjectivity (that, by the way, has no place on informative news) and for once present REAL facts. . Sadly, most common people will subdue to AM's "superiority" and just accept as true what they say. For *bleep*'s sake go watch Silent Hill and tell me if the cult wasn't as brainwashed by Christabella as most common people by the stupid reporters and incompetent news programs.

Mag's Opinion: God damned, really? Sand ninjas? Nerutu? Using Youtube clips as evidence? Did they even know the show existed before they improvised their reportage?

Mag's Edit: Oh by the way don't get me wrong, it is still a terrible event and it is really lamentable that a kid actually died for it; however, that was the video I had in hand to show reporter's ineptitude at the time, so bear with it (please).

Aug 24, 09 at 12:22pm
Robert Ninja

quote Shadow Pheonix
That article is completely wrong as im a a gamer who is the Slim, happy & social. Pttf Where do scientist get this stuff from?
From not using the scientific method.

Aug 24, 09 at 9:36am

Well as long as I'm not a fat and depressed loser, I'm allllllright.

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