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Aug 4, 09 at 10:20pmEricF

Lately, I have found an interest in writing user reviews for games/movies I have played/seen. It certainly kills the boredom, especially when listening to some music and it's a lot more enjoyable than I would have thought. I haven't got that many reviews as it stands, but I'll try and get more done as time passes by.

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As you may have noticed, I haven't got that many reviews so far. But I'll try and get some work done in the near future and start racking up on user reviews, as they are pretty fun to do. If you ever have the time, feel free to comment on my reviews, or say whether it was helpful or not.

Oh and of course, enjoy your read if you get to it.

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Dec 9, 12 at 11:08am

quote Solid Snake 4Life
Aside from our appreciation for the games villians we pretty much seem to be in agreement on this one. Great review!
Cheers man! I thought Wade was a credible arsehole in the game; as too was Dexter.

Dec 9, 12 at 7:42am
Solid Snake 4Life

Aside from our appreciation for the games villians we pretty much seem to be in agreement on this one. Great review!

Dec 5, 12 at 7:42am

quote Praetorian_Lord
Most levels offer this many alternatives as this, which is refreshing,
Oh lord, that's bad. My friend actually pointed out that there was something wrong with that sentence when I had it as "Most levels offer as many alternatives as this, which is refreshing", and for some stupid reason I replaced the as with this, which makes no sense haha. Thanks for pointing it out for me!

As for my second paragraph; my weakest point with reviews, I feel, is discussing the plot. I never know when I'm telling too much or too little of it. Even in my Portal 2 one, as Watain pointed out, I ran on and on about it. However I haven't actually spoiled anything in my review fortunately enough. What I talk about is basically the first two levels of the game, and even with that much being discussed, there's a lot I haven't told people about that they'll appreciate. ;D

Anyway, I really appreciate you checking the review out. I do think it's one of my better pieces too. I tried to make it as objective as possible, and I think I did decently enough!

Dec 4, 12 at 7:31pm

Really enjoyed this EricF, think it's your strongest review for quite a while.

I thought your strongest paragraph was your description of the various ways a level can pan out using the Chinatown example. I haven't played any of the Hitman franchise the whole way through but if there's really that many different ways to kill the same guy it sounds pretty mind-blowing. I especially appreciated your description of the causality-like elements (guard disguise => set off car alarm => comes to investigate => car bomb).

Personally I thought your second paragraph was the weakest, I think it's just too in-depth for the description of a game's storyline. You later say that the plot isn't that great, in which case I'd be inclined not to discuss it in too much detail. I don't know how far into the plot your description extends, but it at least felt like you were giving away substantial plot elements whether this was true or not. I'd probably either be a lot more generic in your description or stop it at an earlier point in the game.

A couple of other things I picked up:

Most levels offer this many alternatives as this, which is refreshing,
Also think your second picture is missing; either that or you've forgotten to delete a caption.

Great job on the whole.

Dec 1, 12 at 3:08am

Hitman:Absolution review.

I'm really satisfied with this one, so I'd really appreciate if people checked it out.

Nov 13, 12 at 6:02pm

Thanks for taking the time to read and criticise my latest piece Watain. I think I might just add a spoiler for the Portal 1 plot now that you mention it (silly idea of me not to in the first place). Anyway, I'll take what you said into consideration on my next piece. Cheers!

Nov 12, 12 at 9:42pm

if there are any big problems I had with your Portal 2 review, it was that you droned on and on about the story when all it really amounts to is

we return to the Enrichment Center as our beloved Chell awaking from yet another stasis bed, in a room disguised beautifully as a cheap motel bedroom. After the illusion deteriorates, we are introduced to Wheatley (Stephen Merchant), a personality core who - similar to GLaDOS in game 1 - explains your current situation and removes you from your room and provides portals for you to gain access to higher ledges/unreachable areas before you find your beautiful portal gun once again. If you haven't played the original, the controls are introduced to you just like they are in the first, and they really are very basic, so even the most uncoordinated beings could catch on. Yourself and Wheatley (who will have you laughing out loud at almost everything he says, without fail) plan an escape from the facility. On this journey, you bump into the remains of the GLaDOS you deactivated, and silly Wheatley manages to reactivate her core (DUN DUN DUN! x2), who separates you from your friendly but idiotic Wheatley and plans on rebuilding the facility. So alas, your job is to go through her deadly, even more life-threatening new chambers. The rest is for you to discover and throughout the game, the only other character you'll come across is Cave Johnson, who has set up a number of experiments for you and is introduced through pre-recorded messages.
not to mention, while I believe that everybody should've played through Portal 1 at least once, spoiler material (particularly the big plot twist) is a huge no-no in reviews unless it's such a stroke of genius or so butt*bleep*ingly retarded that it has to mentioned - even then, that's the only thing a review should be vague about so that people will be like "wow I wonder what the plot twist will be!!!". perhaps a brief summary of Portal 1 would've worked better, just to ease us into the sequel's story better... not a full on retelling of Portal 1's story.

sorry for harping on that so much, but it's the second thing people read, meaning that their second impression isn't going to be quite as good as it should be. especially since the rest of the review was pretty good actually.

Nov 11, 12 at 3:21pm

Portal 2 review

Oct 14, 12 at 8:59am

My latest review just got me maximum level gold in CRS for reviews.

Dead Island review

Oct 5, 12 at 4:53pm

Thanks Wilhelm Ryan, just seen your comment now.

Mass Effect review! First review in a while. Excellent game, with a few annoying glitches and stuff I'm sure they improved on as the series progressed.

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