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Aug 04, 09 at 1:58amRiotType


Welcome to Neoseeker's Sample Graphics, where you are free to post any digital artwork for criticism. Please take the time to read the following rules. Rules revised and shortened.

    Rules of Sample Graphics
  • Sexual Content; Content showing nudity or mature acts of sexual behavior are not permitted.

  • Theft; Neoseeker will not tolerate anyone stealing other artist's work and claiming it as their own. Violaters of this will be permanently banned on sight.

  • Giving Criticism; Be CONSTRUCTIVE with your criticism. If you don't like something, say why. Give suggestions on how to fix it, and ways they can improve their work in the future. If you posting some of your work its only polite to critique on people before you. Try and actually help them rather then just explaining what they did so you can get criticism on yours.

  • Recieving Criticism; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people are going to like your work, and some aren't. Know this. Please use appropriate behavior if someone gives you bad feedback on your work. Contrary to what you may think, they are only trying to help. Also, please take what they say into consideration when continuing on with your graphics. Theres no point in posting here if you won't even try to adjust to what people say.

  • Large Images; Images that are over the demensions of 500x500 and/or above the filesize of 150 kB, you MUST supply them with a link. There will be no penalty or ban given if you fail to do so but it just helps if you link such images as they tend to stretch the page making the thread look generally ugly.

  • Flash Animation; Link all Flash creations.

  • Fan Art/Hand Drawings; This is Graphics and Animation. Do not post work that you have not digitally edited yourself. This includes fan art and hand drawings. You may only post them if you have done something digital to them.


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    Jan 08, 15 at 11:48pm

    I like it better already. I think you should go back to the black font though, and then use the outerglow. Maybe even make the glow larger and not as much as an outline. Again, not entirely sure how familiar you are with photoshop, so I'm going to help you out with the steps.
    • right click and then go to blending options
    • click onto outerglow (and check-mark it)
    • Under elements, put the spacing to maybe... 5%
    • Under elements, put the spacing to maybe... 35 px
    It should somewhat look like what Nathan was talking about. Of course, you can play around with those percentages and pixels to you liking.

    Jan 08, 15 at 2:38am
    Al The Killer


    Second draft. This is a lot better! Thanks Remedy and nathan.

    edit: oos, forgot a a capitol, but that doesn't change much.

    Jan 08, 15 at 12:52am
    Al The Killer

    Thanks Remedy. Yeah, I wasn't sure what to do for capitols. I'm also in a bit of a bind adding more lakes to the map. I can't seem to figure out how to do that. I'm looking at more fonts right now.

    Edit: Thanks, nathan. I'll get right on that.

    Jan 08, 15 at 12:41am

    agree with pretty much most of what remedy has said.

    definitely think a nice font could be utilised. maybe something like constantine or dark ages?

    i reckon there should be a consistency throughout the fonts, as i see you have done with the sizes. maybe try and add an outer glow to the text (like shown below) to make the text stand out a bit more.

    Jan 08, 15 at 12:02am

    I think for your first draft, al the killer, this is great and really impressive. Seems to me you're right in between the old classical looks of a map and a modern detailed one. Anyhow, here's some things you could try:
    • Add the compass sign or meters one. Not necessary but it's complimentary.
    • Change the font. nathan has a really good sense of judgement on typography. He could help, just a matter of reaching out to him. Young might be a better choice.
    • The stars that indicate the capital could change. I know you just slapped on the shape tool into there but there's better options. You can create your own or just search the web for some good stars or pin points for capitals.
    • The texture of the mountains could improve just a bit. This is me nit-picking though, great job making that. You could always just grab a texture image on the web and throw it in there to add more details. If you need some more help with that, let me know and I'll guide you with some steps. Not entirely sure how familiar you are with photoshop.
    And that's about it. It's rather impressive compared to a vast majority of maps through the web. Keep it up!

    Jan 07, 15 at 3:47pm
    Al The Killer


    Hi. New to this forum, but was wondering if I could get some help on my map? It's for a D&D campaign I'm designing. I'm using CS5 and this is my first draft. I'd like to ad more lakes and make the font better, but I'm not sure what to do or add. All critique is welcome. I'ma noob at photoshop, and this is my first preject. Go easy on me.

    Jan 06, 15 at 9:04pm

    not much to say about it. it's a clean, simple design, but it's plain and not particularly interesting. can't really say how you would improve on that except maybe to play with some textures on the background or the design. but probably not both.

    Jan 06, 15 at 9:39am

    SO I was working on this piece for the Wallpaper contest thingy and came up with this. I have absolutely no idea what to do next, *bleep* my non-inventiveness. Ideas people?

      again, trust me, I'll see this. please don't notify me.

      DiluteEDIT: Seeing as you hadn't replied to it since a while, I thought I'd notify.

      I won't reply any faster if you do that. it's not a priority.

    I know, just thought you might not have seen it is all.

    Jan 06, 15 at 8:45am

    I'm not using a portable version, Tommy Vercetti Reinstalling it atm.

    Jan 06, 15 at 8:41am
    Tommy Vercetti

    If you torrented your photoshop copy dont use a portable version. Use the full version. The portable versions started crapping on me and they'd lag like a mofo.

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