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Aug 04, 09 at 1:58amRiotType


Welcome to Neoseeker's Sample Graphics, where you are free to post any digital artwork for criticism. Please take the time to read the following rules. Rules revised and shortened.

    Rules of Sample Graphics
  • Sexual Content; Content showing nudity or mature acts of sexual behavior are not permitted.

  • Theft; Neoseeker will not tolerate anyone stealing other artist's work and claiming it as their own. Violaters of this will be permanently banned on sight.

  • Giving Criticism; Be CONSTRUCTIVE with your criticism. If you don't like something, say why. Give suggestions on how to fix it, and ways they can improve their work in the future. If you posting some of your work its only polite to critique on people before you. Try and actually help them rather then just explaining what they did so you can get criticism on yours.

  • Recieving Criticism; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people are going to like your work, and some aren't. Know this. Please use appropriate behavior if someone gives you bad feedback on your work. Contrary to what you may think, they are only trying to help. Also, please take what they say into consideration when continuing on with your graphics. Theres no point in posting here if you won't even try to adjust to what people say.

  • Large Images; Images that are over the demensions of 500x500 and/or above the filesize of 150 kB, you MUST supply them with a link. There will be no penalty or ban given if you fail to do so but it just helps if you link such images as they tend to stretch the page making the thread look generally ugly.

  • Flash Animation; Link all Flash creations.

  • Fan Art/Hand Drawings; This is Graphics and Animation. Do not post work that you have not digitally edited yourself. This includes fan art and hand drawings. You may only post them if you have done something digital to them.


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    Nov 30, 15 at 12:35am

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The main problem is that Youtube will not let me use the full size. It will massively crop the banner on mobile. This was a nightmare trying to do, and the end result was that.

    As for the backgrounds, I was on a schedule, I was rushing and ai needed something. If I ever get more time, maybe I'll make it a bit better.

    Nov 30, 15 at 12:27am

    Adding on to what Isc said, I guess you could go for using a kind of gradient or a catchy wallpaper as a background. Right now it's a solid color and it isn't as appealing to the eye. I could say the same for the box in which the text is embedded. Maybe use a different font which compliments the kind of videos you make for your channel, or the kind of theme you're going for?

    For the desktop YouTube, you can easily use the space that the black boxes are covering up. I say that because I have a YouTube too, for which I made a banner myself. For mobile mode the latter part would just not display, so it won't be too much of a big deal.

    Nov 29, 15 at 6:57pm

    DeathlyGeneral, the controller and remote are nicely cut out, and the flaming eye avatar is decent enough.
    problem is that the banner just doesn't have much going on. the background is one solid color. the typeface is very plain, which is something that could easily change to make it more exciting.
    can't say I'm particularly fond of the purple box it's sitting in, either.

    I don't know what youtube's size requirements/restrictions are, but the black boxes on either side of your banner could easily just continue whatever you have in your background, couldn't it? I'm sure I've seen youtube channels where the banner went across the full length of the page, and mobile simply cropped it down.

    Nov 29, 15 at 1:41pm

    I did this a month or so ago. It's artwork for my Youtube channel. You could also subscribe, if that helped. Name's in the picture.

    I hand photoshopped them both myself. The eye was created using a paintbrush, the flames were google images. Background was done by me as well.

    As for the banner, the TV screen, Xbox controller and TV remote were all google images, though they were digitally edited a little by me. The lettering and background was mine.

    It was an absolute nightmare. I had to position things carefully so everything would show up, then I had to make it as big as possible as to fit on a mobile device, but too big and it wouldn't be accepted by Youtube.

    What do you guys think?

    Nov 29, 15 at 1:23pm

    Not exactly a proper artistic assessment or anything but no problem

    Nov 29, 15 at 1:08pm

    quote Bruce
    Yeah! That looks great
    Thank you Bruce, it means a lot.

    Nov 29, 15 at 1:06pm

    Yeah! That looks great

    Nov 29, 15 at 12:29pm

    quote Iscariot
    that is loads better. text is much improved this way, too, though it could bear to be a little bigger, I think.
    yeah the eru part blended in a bit after lighting the background up more so I added a more vibrant glow effect to it.

    updated sir:

    thanks so much, it looks really good. im so proud of myself

    Nov 29, 15 at 12:20pm

    that is loads better. text is much improved this way, too, though it could bear to be a little bigger, I think.

    Nov 29, 15 at 12:19pm

    lol the silhouette was a part of the wallpaper I used. it's some guy coming out of a house. I burned the background a lot to, again, put more focus on the girl and make the lighting effects behind her come up more.

    does this look like an improvement Iscariot?

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