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Aug 04, 09 at 1:58amRiotType


Welcome to Neoseeker's Sample Graphics, where you are free to post any digital artwork for criticism. Please take the time to read the following rules. Rules revised and shortened.

    Rules of Sample Graphics
  • Sexual Content; Content showing nudity or mature acts of sexual behavior are not permitted.

  • Theft; Neoseeker will not tolerate anyone stealing other artist's work and claiming it as their own. Violaters of this will be permanently banned on sight.

  • Giving Criticism; Be CONSTRUCTIVE with your criticism. If you don't like something, say why. Give suggestions on how to fix it, and ways they can improve their work in the future. If you posting some of your work its only polite to critique on people before you. Try and actually help them rather then just explaining what they did so you can get criticism on yours.

  • Recieving Criticism; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people are going to like your work, and some aren't. Know this. Please use appropriate behavior if someone gives you bad feedback on your work. Contrary to what you may think, they are only trying to help. Also, please take what they say into consideration when continuing on with your graphics. Theres no point in posting here if you won't even try to adjust to what people say.

  • Large Images; Images that are over the demensions of 500x500 and/or above the filesize of 150 kB, you MUST supply them with a link. There will be no penalty or ban given if you fail to do so but it just helps if you link such images as they tend to stretch the page making the thread look generally ugly.

  • Flash Animation; Link all Flash creations.

  • Fan Art/Hand Drawings; This is Graphics and Animation. Do not post work that you have not digitally edited yourself. This includes fan art and hand drawings. You may only post them if you have done something digital to them.


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    Oct 18, 13 at 1:46pm

    You always were talented with graphics. Nice details you have going on, Tom. This is for school too? Looks like you've been enjoying school then .

    Edit: Kaharius & kuje, completely forgot about this. If you don't want to bother creating a Digiport or simply aren't ready for it, this is thread you could use to your advantage. Basically, you can post your work and and ask for some comments and advice. Enjoy and sorry!

    Oct 18, 13 at 1:02pm

    Didn't get to enter either of my shit to the SotW after breaking my hand but it's on the mend now so here are some items from my progress through my last year at Uni so far.

    Sorry they're a bit big tehe



    Oct 14, 13 at 5:41pm

    Going to give this another go and see if it starts moving again. Not to mention, get some feedback.

    quote Remedy
    - H e r c u l e s -

    Small version:

    Original version:

    Stocks used: Skulls/Barbarian/Snake/Background

    Had fun with this one. I was actually trying to create a dragon, but, I just went with this one instead. I'm proud with the outcome and will most likely leave it at this. Didn't take too long to do either. If anyone wants to check out the .psd file, please let me know. I'll share it as long as it's for learning purposes. No strangers, though .

    Sep 03, 13 at 4:08pm

    Didn't think there was a limitation involved with printing. Still, that's a huge perk to the job. Photomanips are always fun to do. Now the graphics process in illustrator... sounds like hell.

    Spoiler: Rankings
    Highlight this box with your cursor to read the spoiler text.

    If anyone is willing to do it, I need a member of the month piece. About the size of the one above.

    Thought this might worth a bump, just to encourage some more presentation of previous/current work.

    The circles aren't C4Ds, just in case I get some feedback on that. Was created entirely from creating vector shapes and playing around with the settings.

    This message was merged with other messages by Remedy (moderator)

    Sep 03, 13 at 10:26am

    Thanks for the feedback Remedy!

    Unfortunately the top one has already gone to print, ideally I would have liked a bit longer to play around with the lighting on the waves but we had a deadline to meet.

    The third one is done, and to be honest I see what you mean as just sticking it on a page like that it is very out of context. In the printed supplement it is at the top of the left hand page of a two-page spread with a gradient feather on the black bit at the bottom leading into the headline and standfirst, followed by the copy itself.

    I would have liked to have done more with it, but as we work with writers that seem to be somewhat incapable of sticking to the word limits for our templates we often simply have to work with what little space we have, as sometimes the writers can be a bit precious, especially in this instance as it was sponsored copy that was basically an editorial advert.

    I guess I am pretty lucky to get to do stuff like this, but these are just cherry-picked examples of some of the more interesting projects. I'm also a sub editor so a lot of my time is spent editing copy, while the majority of my other work is just layout and doing really boring things like creating graphs in illustrator. I can't complain though, it's a nice mix really and they're a good company to work for and as I'm part of a small team there's quite a lot if scope to do stuff beyond what would normally be involved in my sort of job.

    Sep 03, 13 at 10:07am

    Bore? These are impressive, Sphinx.

    I love the be cat ready piece. The rain effects is amazing and gives it that look from the "300" movie posters. Colors are also so eye pleasing. The only complaint I have is the waves, as you mentioned, just doesn't fit in. I would personally, try the attempt again with other waves than that one and play around with the selective tool option.

    The Global Energy ad is great too. The typography is spot on and the concept is pretty clear. Simple and clean.

    Not sure if you're completely finished with the third one. Seems to be missing some effects and possibly some text in there. I could tell it's a crown, but not really flames. Maybe a bit of smoke? Not too sure to be honest.

    Nice work, Sphinx. Seems like you manage to take the dream job I always wanted !

    Sep 03, 13 at 6:20am

    I thought I'd stick up a few of the things I've done recently at work as things are fairly quiet in the office at the moment.

    This one was a cover image for a white paper for one of our sponsors. The paper was about the loss adjusting process that insurance companies carry out after natural catastrophes, and the title was 'Be CAT ready' (cat being a common industry abbreviation for catastrophe).

    I used a stock images from Dreamstime for the tornado, cracked road and wave. The lightning was from a pack of brushes I downloaded. Most of the work was just playing with levels, lighting effects and the curves settings to match the tones of the image. There was also a fair bit of masking to try and get the wave to work, but I'm still not 100% happy with that part of the image. It looks seriously overexposed in this version I saved for web as I had to crank the levels quite a bit for print as it's being printed on stock with a matte coating that can dull the colours quite a bit.

    This one was a cover for a supplement insert that was printed with our big quarterly issue. As you can probably gather from the cover lines, the subject of the supplement was energy and power, particularly liquefied natural gas.

    This is the stock I used. I was given pretty much free reign on this, but as LNG images aren't the easiest to come by, even on the paid stock libraries, I deliberately kept it quite simple and just played with gradients, lighting effects and masks to create the spotlight effect.

    And lastly, another image for the energy supplement, again playing on the LNG theme. The article was about how LNG is set to become the new 'king' in the global energy market, which is why I used the gas flames as a crown. This came out quite overexposed in the version I saved for web, but the print version is a bit more muted and natural looking.

    There's a few others as well but I won't bore you with too many insurance-related images! Just thought I'd give a little glimpse into the exciting sort of projects I get to work on in the financial publishing industry.

    Sep 01, 13 at 6:56am

    Still a work in progress.

    Some lighting practice.

    Aug 28, 13 at 4:11pm

    Really pissed and frustrated. I really wanted to have the bubble effect with lava on it, but, I can't just get it right. So I had to steer away from it, hopefully, someone can help me with this in some sort of way or at least direct me to an image that is similar. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

    Aug 24, 13 at 12:35pm

    Thanks a ton, Tengu. I had about the same feedback from another gfx site I'm currently participating in. I could use the sponge tool for master chief, since I did a ton of dodge tooling and burn tooling; shouldn't be a problem. The left stock with arbi was kind of tricky to do, so I appreciate you highlighting the sword . I did do it intentionally, though, I guess it didn't turn out how I imagine it to be. I wanted it to seem that he was being covered with the smoke. I'll get to it later today. Again, thanks Tom.

    Thank God you're working with your characters again. I love your drawings and colorings, just really fascinating. No clue how you manage to animate the images into the videos, but, I'm definitely looking forward to it. Keep me posted.

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