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Aug 04, 09 at 1:58amRiotType


Welcome to Neoseeker's Sample Graphics, where you are free to post any digital artwork for criticism. Please take the time to read the following rules. Rules revised and shortened.

    Rules of Sample Graphics
  • Sexual Content; Content showing nudity or mature acts of sexual behavior are not permitted.

  • Theft; Neoseeker will not tolerate anyone stealing other artist's work and claiming it as their own. Violaters of this will be permanently banned on sight.

  • Giving Criticism; Be CONSTRUCTIVE with your criticism. If you don't like something, say why. Give suggestions on how to fix it, and ways they can improve their work in the future. If you posting some of your work its only polite to critique on people before you. Try and actually help them rather then just explaining what they did so you can get criticism on yours.

  • Recieving Criticism; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people are going to like your work, and some aren't. Know this. Please use appropriate behavior if someone gives you bad feedback on your work. Contrary to what you may think, they are only trying to help. Also, please take what they say into consideration when continuing on with your graphics. Theres no point in posting here if you won't even try to adjust to what people say.

  • Large Images; Images that are over the demensions of 500x500 and/or above the filesize of 150 kB, you MUST supply them with a link. There will be no penalty or ban given if you fail to do so but it just helps if you link such images as they tend to stretch the page making the thread look generally ugly.

  • Flash Animation; Link all Flash creations.

  • Fan Art/Hand Drawings; This is Graphics and Animation. Do not post work that you have not digitally edited yourself. This includes fan art and hand drawings. You may only post them if you have done something digital to them.


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    Dec 25, 14 at 7:21pm

    Kaharius, I actually mean the black lines among the splatters, coming out behind the subject's elbow, hand, knee, etc. they look terribly out of place. I see that they're actually part of the splatter brushing, but they just don't look right. now that I'm seeing this on a computer again, some of the splatter brushing looks very jagged, as well; too sharp, most of them above his head.

    the lines shooting down under the text are fine, but I can't help feeling they're just not that exciting. maybe give them a gradient or some gleams of light, give them some dimension?

    Dec 25, 14 at 7:11pm

    Iscariot Thanks, man. I actually did smudge the hair, but by the looks of it, it wasn't enough.

    I don't get what you mean by the straight lines though. Are you talking about the ones originating from the chevron?

    As for the black bar down below, yeah, I did try without it, but it looked a bit empty. I'll try toning it down though.

    I'll give it another go, with your comments in mind, see what I can come up with.

    Dec 25, 14 at 6:49pm

    Kaharius, the cutting looks good to me. if you have a chance to practice with the pen tool and smudging the hair after, you migh get better results, but that's not necessary if you're okay with where it's at.
    the splatter brushing is a nice touch, but there are a lot of straight lines among them that just don't look good. I would eliminate those completely and work on getting some more concentrated splatters in there.

    the black bar at the bottom is heavy. don't know if you've tried without it yet?
    the logo at both ends of the gold chevron are a bit much. I'd say remove the bottom one and see about the placement of the one at the top. maybe larger, rotated a bit to make it more dynamic. perhaps you could do that with the stock, as well.

    personally, I'm not a sports fan and sports-oriented graphics are lost on me, but the theme aside, the aesthetics and layout are still a little bothersome.

    Dec 24, 14 at 10:00pm

    Some comments for the above would help. Anyone?

    Dec 23, 14 at 11:49pm

    Lyonnais How's that logo going?

    Anyway, I wanted to start back on my wallpapers, I don't know if you remember them. So, since the Indian Super League just got over (any of you guys heard of that?), I thought I'd made some based on that. And I started with the Golden Boot Winner, Elano. One thing I realized, it's harder making wallpapers that are closer to a square (say 1280x1024), than it is for making more rectangular ones (like 1280x800), for example.

    Here's one I started with. I have mixed feelings about this. I cut out the stock myself, and yes, I know it's a bit choppy, but I tried to eliminate the choppiness as much as I could. Thoughts?

    Dec 22, 14 at 9:31pm

    playing around with the tablet, traced over the picture of kim jong un from the joker's room. got a little lazy after the head, but I'm pretty pleased.

    Amy, I'm getting the hang of this control thing.

    Dec 22, 14 at 6:58am

    I'm new at this, so I may be wrong completely, in which case, don't get mad, but here's what I think.

    My favourite one would have to be the third one out of those three, purely because it's so simple, yet so effective.

    That ribbon just isn't working for me, as it just winds about behind the entire logo. It just distracts me from the epic text you've put in the actual logo. Maybe you could try working it around the bottom?

    I know a fair bit about swords and that sword from the first logo, doesn't look much like a real sword to me, for a couple of reasons.

    One, the blade to hilt ratio. If you're sword is going to be that wide, then the hilt should be a fair bit longer. What you're trying to recreate here is a gladius or a spatha (which are basically Roman-style swords). Have a look-see here, and you'll see that the hilt is a tad longer.

    Two, the style of that hilt itself. First, the pommel, which is that round thing below the grip (above the grip in your image), should be a lot bigger for a gladius. Second, if you take a look at the link above, you'll see that most of the swords have a bit of a gap between the edge of the cross guard and the edge of the blade. The ones that do start closer to the edge of the cross guard actually tend to curve a bit towards the center, away from the edge of the cross guard. Also, the hilt a is a bit too curved for my liking, you could always try a flatter hilt like this or this, in which case, you'll have to reduce the width of the blade itself which would make it look more like a two-hander or a long sword.

    Three, the colour of the sword. I know there are black swords lying about, but it just doesn't grip me. Just make it a silver coloured sword, it'd look much better. Especially if you're making the blade thinner like the images I linked just above.

    Now, I know you've put a hell lot of work into this, so I don't want to seem all cocky, but here's my idea. Could you somehow, possibly recreate that "board" as you call it, on which the text is resting, into a sort of a shield? Because if you're using a sword in your logo, I think it'd go much better behind a shield, in which case you could bring back that ribbon. If not, stick to this, but get rid of the sword. It's just not going well. Just work on that third option a little more, and it'd look great.

    Also, are you using that silver-white gradient behind in the actual logo?

    Dec 22, 14 at 3:26am

    Alright so I've been doing a project lately to make a logo for a team, and I would like some feedback really because I'm terrible and I would like to give these guys my best effort.

    So the team's name is Comminus, and they wanted a logo to represent themselves. So I obviously went down the route of using there name as pretty much the focal point for the design. Comminus is latin for basically coming together, which is one of the reason's why they chose that name because it also kinda went along with how they came together and formed there team. It's also a term for close combat. So, using that I came up with the Red Banner twisting around the logo to signify the latin meaning of the word (also cuz latin = roman = red; imo), and the sword as a symbol for combat, or competitiveness.

    Everything was done from scratch and made by me in Illustrator before I eventually moved it over to photoshop to give depth I suppose. I actually kinda wanted to make it into more of a vector, but I'm actually quite bad at all that so I'll get back to that later, lol.

    The main thing I can see that needs work is the sword (it's *bleep*in' awful), and the hilt (I had to make a new one since the old one was so short even the smallest hand in the world wouldn't have been able to grasp it).

    I'm not really sure about the board (idk what to call it, but the thing that the text is resting on). I tried to make it metal-ish since my colour scheme here seems to be red and silver.

    The best point of the whole thing so far was making the text. It's hand done by me, and I'm *bleep*ing ecstatic with how it turned out. Although maybe it just looks *bleep*ing dumb, but I love how it turned out. I think if the text wasn't there everything would pretty much be a shit show, since the entire piece was designed around the text since I kinda wanted there name to be the highlight of the whole thing.

    I would *bleep*in' love if you guys could help me out on this. I'm very *bleep*ing nervous about the whole thing, and I feel like I'm doing a bad job since I haven't done anything in forever but I don't know.

    Dec 19, 14 at 6:18am

    quote Kaharius

    So for the SOTW, this is what I came up with for the negative space theme. Does it qualify?

    it definitely qualifies; you're utilizing the concept of negative space for a clean, minimalist design.
    I personally like the color version since we just did b&w last round, and hey, orange is a bold choice.
    I want to say the edges around the main stock can be smoother, but I don't know quite what steps you used to achieve that result, so I can't say what you need to do to improve it.

    the text seems to work well. I appreciate the use of negative space within that, as well, and the angle works well since the stock seems to be in an action pose.

    Dec 18, 14 at 11:02pm

    Nothing. It's not supposed to be an illusion.

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