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Aug 01, 09 at 8:40pmCherryBlossomKitty

Ok, so here's the idea...we all post ideas numbered 1-1000. Like I'd say 1 and you'd say 2?
1. Start a Legacy
2. Make a movie using Movie Maker

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Aug 16, 14 at 3:21pm

Make one adult sims and just lock them in aroom with everything they need to survive and then make a ton of sims that are kids and make them live off muffins in an underground cellar

Aug 06, 14 at 12:22pm

29. Create the most beautiful girl of all time then create the most ugly, freakishly looking girl you have eve seen and make them sisters.
30. Create two houses on the same lot and two family and make them live on that lot and leave them at free will.
31. Have a sim have an awkward romantic relationship with a ghost
32. Try to kill toddlers without getting the social services to take them away
33. Do testingcheatsenabled true and make a child out side of your family age up until they die
34. Make a handsome dude and make him live with 7 women and make him romantically interested in all of them.
35. Have a child and name him/her Gay
36. Create a family with the last name Dick and make some of their first names Harry, Gay, or Dick.
37. Create an ugly sim and name him/her hugh Janus.
38. Throw a pool party and drown all of the guest.
39. Throw a pool party and delete the pool when the guest arrive.
40. Create adolf hitler and yourself and kill hitler and make yourself seem like a hero.

Aug 04, 14 at 11:20pm

Make a sim, do boolproptestingcheatsenabledtrue then pause the game, put down all the hunger hygiene energy ect. Watch them die in there own pee:colored:

Aug 04, 14 at 12:56am

Build Hogwarts

Aug 03, 14 at 1:13am

Create a basement art goblin-
Make a basement. Create a sim that looks as much like a troll or goblin as possible, and give him the artistic trait and the loner trait (to make sure they never become lonely or desolate). Move the goblin into the basement and delete the staircase. Put all the essential things for a sim in the basement (toilet, microwave, bed etc.) and make sure you put an easel in there. Day after day, simply make sure your goblin's needs are fulfilled, and that he/she paints all the time. Keep selling their paintings until they become worth millions. The rest of the sims in the house don't need to know the goblin lives there, or even get jobs- the goblin will simply paint on his own and make the family rich

Jul 27, 14 at 3:58am

(not sure which number) Make a family with a dad with the traits hates children and evil give him a wife with commitment issues(ik what it means) and two (or more) kids make a child with horrible clothes and make them the dad's "slave" then a teen who is anorexic see how they cope

And/or make a hunger games type thing

Jul 25, 14 at 2:57pm

34: Make a sex farm
Explain: U need to use Ctrl+Shift+C Then type Testingcheatsenabled t once you start your house. You need 3 women 1 guy. Make the guy and one girl dating. Buy a lot. Put 4 bedrooms. Make the guy make all of the girls pregnant. In the girls room put a fridge Toilet shower sink dishwasher crib bed (Double [Not bunk]) Make sure that you lock the doors. Everytime your guy gets a moodlet listed: Hungry (All) bladder (All) Dirty (All) make sure to hold Ctrl and click it and it will diappear (Only for guy [It works for girls but t keep the game realistic enough)

Jul 23, 14 at 1:04pm

make a really cool underwayer house.
make a maze
have a really boring house and a awesome basement.

Jul 23, 14 at 8:32am

These are all so crazy!

29. Make you and your family, then build your EXACT house and spend hours going over every item to get it EXACTLY the right colour and style. I spent a total of about ten hours on my house.
30. For the evil at heart, make a Sim torture chamber where you drown, starve, electrocute etc... random Sims from the streets using the 'add to household' cheat. (testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat bar, hold shift then click on chosen victim.) Or make them clean for eternity, never let them shower, use the loo or go to bed, make them have loads of kids, be slaves to your Sims... you don't have to kill them!

I might add some more later.

Jul 16, 14 at 2:01pm

quote Stellarflight
quote Shadow Pikmin
quote Stellarflight
9. Make the most anal sim to ever have lived...

What the?!!

And put them with a really messy sim...
I believe the correct term is a perfectionist, but meh, anal is easier and one I use.
I am very anal...

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