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Jul 24, 09 at 12:06amPheonyx

Hello, and welcome the TWEWY Mafia game thread! “What is Mafia?” you may ask. To put it simply, a mafia game pits an uninformed majority – in this case, the Players – against an informed minority – the Reapers – with each side trying to eliminate the others, and the last team standing wins1. Reapers know who their teammates are and may communicate with them outside of the thread; Players only know their own identity and cannot communicate with other members about the game outside of this thread2.

This Mafia is, of course, themed after The World Ends With You – each participant will be assigned a character from the game; combined with your alignment, this makes up your “Role.” Most characters will also be assigned an ability that allows them to take a special action under certain circumstances.

1 – There may also be Individuals, who are on neither team and have their own special win conditions, which can vary from ones that require them to fulfill a certain condition before they can be killed, kill everyone else, .or others. There may also be Non-Aligned Players, whose ability allows them to choose a side later on, but are not initially allied with anyone and have no win condition – if they die or the game ends before they have chosen a side, then they are automatically among the losers.

2 – Some Players have communicating with a specific other Player outside of the thread as a character ability.

Game Progression

The game is divided into two alternating phases:

In the Day Phases, members vote in-thread on who they would like to lynch; if a majority of the participants can agree on one person, then that person is Erased. If no agreement can be reached, then whichever member has to most votes against them at the end of the 48-hour time limit is Erased. If there are multiple members with the same number of votes, then the lynchee will be determined randomly.

During the Night Phases, members with active abilities PM the GM with who and/or how they want to use their ability. Night actions may be changed or canceled at any time during the 24-hour time limit.

The game will end after the seventh Night Phase.


When voting, please do so in bold, and separate from the body of your post, like so:

Vote: Pheonyx

When changing a vote, you use the same format, but with “Change Vote” instead of just “Vote.” If you have cast a vote and wish take it back entirely instead of just changing it to someone else, use:

Change Vote: No Vote

If you wish for nobody to be lynched during a Day Phase, then you also have the option of casting a vote for “No Lynch.”

If there is a majority vote during a day phase, then that day phase will end early and the person with the majority of votes will be lynched.

Night Actions

When sending in your night action PM, please use a format similar to voting – for those of you with active abilities, this means using the bolded word from your role description. Some examples:

Investigate: Pheonyx

Kill: Pheonyx

Protect: Pheonyx

This is to help the GM keep straight who is doing what without having to memorize everyone’s ability or consult a list (more than is necessary, anyway).

If you have no intent to act during a night phase, please send a PM saying "No action". This will speed up the night phase so the GM doesn't have to wait for everyone's PM. You do not have to worry about this if you do not have a night phase ability.


At any time you see fit, you may make a claim to which character you are and what your alignment is; this generally done as a manner of defending oneself, though the effectiveness will vary. An example:

Neku Sakuraba: Player Aligned Emo Teen

Losing The Game

There are three ways in which the Players can be declared defeated:

1. At the start of a phase, the amount of Reapers is equal to or greater than the amount of non-Reapers

2. If at least one Reaper is alive at the end of the seventh Night Phase

3. If the remaining number of Reapers exceeds the total remaining non-Reaper kill opportunities; i.e., it becomes impossible to kill all the Reapers within the remaining time. Only the GM will know for sure if this has occurred.


A Modkill is when the GM has to step in and Erase a member due to them violating one this game’s four rules:

1. Do not talk about the game outside of the thread with people you aren’t allowed to talk to it about.

2. Do not edit or delete your posts. Just like in real life, once you’ve said something, you’ve said it – no take-backsies. If you need to say something else or clarify a certain point, you are allowed to double post.

3. Do not quote anything from another member or the GM’s Private Messages to you in-thread without their permission, with the exception of your character name and alignment.

4. Do not disclose ANY information about the game (your power, the results of your night actions, the identity of your teammate(s), etc.) after your death has been confirmed in a write-up.

Beyond these restrictions, anything goes (all forum rules still apply).

Additionally, you will be Modkilled if you are absent from the proceedings (either in-thread or from night actions) for four consecutive phases – that’s six days IRL. Being active in the proceedings does not include one post every five days simply saying you are busy. If you’re going to be away for a while, say so ahead of time in-thread to avoid receiving a Modkill. Alternatively, you may simply send PM to the GM to notify them that you are still paying attention, but aren't acting/speaking for strategic reasons.

If you intentionally get yourself Modkilled to prove to the other Players the alignment of your teammate(s), then your teammate(s) will be Modkilled as well (only you will receive a Warning). You are still allowed to prove your teammates alignment be getting yourself killed legally, such as by intentionally getting yourself Lynched, or requesting that someone Kill you during a Night Phase.

If you are Modkilled, then whatever action or vote you would've taken that phase will be invalidated. After your first Modkill you will be issued a Warning; receiving a second warning will result in you being suspended from participating in the game again for one round.

If you want to sign up after a game has started, you may sign up to be a replacement. Replacements will be called upon if a player is absent from proceedings. If you know you will be gone or too busy, please ask to GM to replace you.

Further Questions

If you’ve any questions about game progression in general, ask in-thread so that someone may assist you as soon as possible. Questions specifically about your role or ability works should be PM’d directly to the GM. Suggestions concerning things to be done in future rounds may be PM’d to the GM or posted in-thread, whichever you prefer.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Aug 9, 09 at 9:23pm

Gee, I wonder what role SL would like to pick (heavy sarcasm)

HHhmmm...I think now and again a multifranchise game would be good -can easily be explained as a multi-planar event from different UGs (I mean I guess the world of Bleach is a UG itself, no?)/RGs.

You see it in mangas/animes all the time, no?

Aug 9, 09 at 8:10pm

Alright, let me assign characters, PM SLord if he still wants to sign up (It'd be nice if we got 15 participants again) and I'll start this thing. Also, new thread here, because we're getting close to the 30 page limit.

Aug 9, 09 at 7:18pm

Its hardly multi franchise if everything you suggest is from the same series.
Hell, same game even I think.

quote Marooned Chic
Well, if by perchance we bypass the on-topic rule, I'll pick Nico Robin. :3
Should be ok right?
Its only a quick one off gimmick round, as long as a TWEWY character is still in I dont see the problem.

Aug 9, 09 at 5:23pm

quote ReaperOscuro
I like the resurrection and cavalry one, although I think the latter lacks any kind of edge to make it interesting enough.

The fomicry I dont like because hes just a -whats that 50/50 Kill/Protector role called again? I hate that one. Nothing personal, I just hates that role

I was just using the knowledge I have of Tales of the abyss for the abilities,but I changed cavalry a little bit. Fomicry was for creating replicas in the game,and it sometimes killed the original,or even have bad effects on the original.

Aug 9, 09 at 5:17pm

I like the resurrection and cavalry one, although I think the latter lacks any kind of edge to make it interesting enough.

The fomicry I dont like because hes just a -whats that 50/50 Kill/Protector role called again? I hate that one. Nothing personal, I just hates that role

Aug 9, 09 at 5:15pm

I have more Tales roles .

quote role
Luke Fon Fabre:Abyss aligned duke's son
quote role
Guy Cecil:Abyss aligned woman fearing swordsman

Your ability is womanproof,due to your fear of women,a woman's ability can't effect you. Cannot be roleblocked.
quote role
Anise Tatlin:Abyss aligned puppet master

You may kill a person of your choice during the night phase,but if that target is Abyss aligned,you lose your ability.
quote role
Jade Curtiss:Abyss aligned Malkuthian colonel

Your ability is fomicry,which allows you to protect a single person during the night phase by making a replica of them,but there's a 50/50 chance of it killing them.
quote role
Tear grants:Abyss aligned mysterious healer

Your ability is resurrection,when used during the night phase,you can revive a person that has been killed (not lynched,killed),but they can't use thier night ability.
quote role
Natalia L.K. Landvaldear:Abyss aligned Kimlascan princess

Your ability is cavalry,preventing you from being roleblocked or silenced.

Aug 9, 09 at 4:26pm

quote Phoenyx
because you are technically alive by the end but the GM never actually wins. I get a special cookie for getting the ying and yang right?
quote Phoenyx
Yes. (to doing GM auditions)
Oscuro aint ever going to be GM at this rate....oh well, I better get assurance from Rabla that I AM going to be the GM after that though, I would respectfully like to say I waited bloody long enough!!

@ Hi Ka Ri: that role is not too bad imo, and needs only a little tweaking. What comes to mind is maknig it so that Misa Misa has every name in the game, but NOT their faces -due to her bad memory (in reference to her forgetting L's face).

She can however, target at random: targeting the wrong target causes nothing. Hence she is basically a Killer with LOTS of knowledge. HOWEVER to balance this out, each time she targets at random creates an incremental chance that in her clutziness, she will reveal who she is. Like...10-20% per random targeting.

Day-phase shouldnt really be of concern, because unless done well, saying that theres this and that and such will clearly say she is Misa Misa -and as such, she should be made either as paired with her Shinigami (as protector etc.) or with Kira, and put as an independent team out to kill everyone. Yea I like

@ warrior 9 = the detective imo seems wee bit too unbalanced. Take out the arrest ability: that sounds like gamebreaking. Since hes basically an investigator ++, weaken his core investigative ability, something like he can either get one of the three results, or nothing at all, so a 1/4 chance of something useful. Take out asking about the alignment in the Interrogate ability (because otherwise you only need to say "are you a Reaper?" for a definite PM either telling you yes, or not saying due to a lie ), and its balanced.

Ohhh Nico Robin, thats cool!!! Which one though, pre-Luffy Pirates, or with them? HHHmmmmmmm....

You are Nico Robin:Self Aligned Devil of Ohara

or I guess...

You are Nico Robin:Luffy Pirates Aligned Kick-ass Archeologist

Bbuuut you can make the roles, wouldnt want to ruin your plans for you

Aug 9, 09 at 1:13pm
Marooned Chic

    @Pheonix - Because we're in the TWEWY forum.
    Well, if by perchance we bypass the on-topic rule, I'll pick Nico Robin. :3

Aug 9, 09 at 1:07pm
shadow warrior 9

You are Conan Edogawa: Junior Detective Aligned Drugged Child

Your ability is Detective.
-You can Investigate a member to gain either their role, alignment or ability.
-You can Interrogate them during a night phase in which you ask them a question about their character(who they targetted, alignment, role, ability. etc) If they tell the truth you gain the information you asked. If they lie their ability will fail if they target you until you interrogate them again and they tell the truth.(The target cannot refuse the Interrogation and must awnser)You will receive a PM if you are successful.
You can Inspect a member who previously targeted you and gain information on their ability.
-Finally you can Arrest a member if they targetted you and failed, once Arrested their alignemnt,role, and ability is revealed to you and their ability is locked for two night phases. If you are roleblocked or silenced(or any other similiar ability is used "Bus Drive") you will lose a random part of your ability.
It takes the Investigator role and amplifies it to professional levels. I added Conan because he is the best detective ever, Case Closed. (pun intended and serves as a point declared)

Also because I absolutely love her and she is more god than Haruhi

Yeah that one needs some work. It's basically a reset button for whatever team she is on so they get a second chance. I'm pretty sure that won't get incorporated without a body shop work effort.

Aug 9, 09 at 9:24am

Since I might as well flesh out the Kira thing I wrote up, here's Misa.

quote HiKaRi
You are Misa Amane: Kira Aligned Gothic Lolita

*insert bio here*

Since you have the Shinigami Eyes, you know everyone's real name. To that extent, you will be given a list of all the characters in the game (and maybe their alignments?). You are not told which player corresponds to which character, though. Each night, you may write a character's name in your Death Note. Same principles as Light's note, although it would probably have to be tweaked for balance.

If Light were to die, you become a vengeful lover and your goal is to kill everyone on the side that caused Light's death. If Light died due to a night kill, everyone with the alignment of the killer must die for you to win. If Light died due to a lynch where only one team voted, that team must die. If multiple teams voted, all members of those teams must die. Standard stuff.
More or less a serial killer on steroids with a twist. Probably unbalanced, but lulzy.

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