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Jul 23, 09 at 10:44pmbob8294

Disclaimer:Not too sure if this is the correct forum for this, I figure it's either here or the "Personal Electronics" forum, but since it's about headphones I decided to put it here.

Got myself a pair of Black FMJ's from Futureshop a couple days after Boxing Day. Used them until Mid-May when I noticed that the balance in the headphones had a bias towards the right side. Consequently, I sent them into Skullcandy for replacement, and within 2 weeks of sending them in, I got a flurry of emails stating that the order was confirmed and that I could be expecting a email from FedEx for a tracking number in the following weeks.

It's now 2 months from the date I sent my headphones in, and I still don't have them in my posession. I've made 2 calls to customer support and sent 3(unanswered) emails.
The first customer service agent said that the reason that I didn't get my headphones was because the distro center was out of the color of headphones that I wanted, and that it would be faster if I changed to a different color. So I had my color changed to red from black. Now on Monday I talked to another person, and he said that he would email the distro center to find out what's going on and let me know within 2 days. It's now thursday, and I'm still left in the dark.

Anyone else have problems with Skullcandy warranty before? I'm starting to wonder if I should file a BBB complaint against them, warranty replacement shouldn't take more than what they allot for it (6-8 weeks).

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Sep 29, 12 at 9:39am
Lee Huber

I bought my wife an limited edition Paul Frank set of headphones that just needed a new plug due to a short and they sent her a 60 credit. The headphone cost over 100 dollars..150 I think and they didn't even offer to send them back instead of repairing them. All I can think of is someone there at the office who wanted the rare pair of headphones and kept them for themselves. I could be wrong but where did her headphones go? Why can we not get them back? I'll never buy another set from them.

Mar 26, 12 at 7:04pm

I just sent in my skullcandy titans for a warranty. I sent them on monday, and on tuesday i called them to find out what to do next. They said that they received the headphones (i payed for the cheapest shipping, which takes at least 4 days to get to Utah)and they immeadiately sent me a coupon code for 5695 (i bought the headphones for $21 off amazon). Overall, i am pretty satisfied and from the looks of it, they have cleaned up their act.

Mar 12, 12 at 7:26pm

Just an update. I'm on my 4th pair of FMJ headphones now. I had sent another pair where the right headphone just stopped working back to Skullcandy in early January. I got curious what the heck happened to my warranty claim as I had never heard back from Skullcandy ever since they told me to affix a barcode to the package prior to sending it to them. So I fired them a e-mail asking them what had happened to my warranty. Turns out that they never got my headphones, seems that Canada Post "lost" them somewhere along the line from Calgary to Salt Lake City. Normally I pay for tracking, but since I had sent headphones back to Skullcandy with Canada Post before and had paid for the tracking, I figured there's no reason that the thing wouldn't show up, of course the one time I decide to cheap out on shipping they manage to lose my parcel. Anyways, I let Skullcandy know what happened and that I still had all my shipping papers, the CSR was actually really nice and told me to scan all my documents, and send them to one of his colleagues and it would get processed.

It's about a week since that happened and I just got my warranty voucher to replace my FMJ's. Based on this experience compared to the past, it seems like the customer service at Skullcandy has been tweaked and improved, my only grief is that the RMA process and related information is rediculously hard to find on their website. However, I'm still pretty wary, I've heard a few more horror stories so it seems like it's very hit and miss still.

Mar 5, 12 at 11:35am

Man we purchased a set of headphones for my son and now one of the ear pieces has a busted speaker. Well I got online and the store where we puchased them is now closed down all over the united states. So now they are saying that I need to send them in to the manufacturer for a 50% off coupon. But hey I fugure I paid &250.00 bucks for thses things and they only want to give me back a coupon $125.00 off.

Dec 18, 11 at 4:37pm

I've had a horrible experience with SkullCandy RMA process which is still not resolved. It's been over 2 months since my first return. I received an email stating I have 4,999 points ($1 per 100 points) and $62.49 credit -- bad math. When I log on, no points. So I email back a few times, no answers. Then I check the account again, and the points system says it's down. Low and behold, my second pair of SkullCandy's becomes defective so I send those in, and in a few weeks I get another RMA email with 6,999 point (no $$ math this time) and that they have created an account for me using my gmail for a user id and they gave me a temporary password. Well, I already have an account in the SkullCandy store with that gmail user id. Again, I logon and no point. So I try to login with the temp password they gave me. Can you guess? "Invalid Password". Classic! I have been waiting almost 3 months on 1st RMA, and several weeks on the second. What a horrible experience, with zero confidence on this ever getting resolved.

Jan 18, 11 at 6:31pm

Must just be your experience. I had a pair of low riders for about 3 years and recently they had broken. I filled a request online and sent them for 4.99 with priority mail. Two days later, i called in and they instantly credited my account with $46.95 (i bought them for $25 on sale). I then found a different pair and purchased them with my credit. Two days later, they were at my doorstep. So for me, it was 4 days and 4.99 and a brand new pair of better headphones! Skullcandy was great for me! I'd recommend.

Nov 15, 10 at 7:49pm

Skullcandy has got to have the worst customer service in North America. Got my FMJs in FEB 2010, left speaker stopped working by May 2010. Got my RMA# from skullcandy, spent $22.00 sending them to Utah (I live in Canada). Heard nothing for a month, then received an email stating that they had been shipped, and should arrive in four weeks. After four weeks I sent Skullcandy an email asking for a tracking number to try to locate the headphones in transit. A month after that, I received an email saying UPS had lost the package, so a credit for the headphones would be placed on my account, plus shipping charges. As soon as the credit was placed on my account, my login and password no longer worked. COINCIDENCE??? I think not. At this point, I have contacted the BBB in Utah to see if I can get some resolution in this matter. I would NEVER recommend Skullcandy products again. They're just after your money, and that's it. If your looking for support from Skullcandy, you may as well buy a lottery ticket...your odds of coming out ahead are much better

Jan 19, 10 at 3:40am

I bought a pair of noise-isolation earbud headphones (so I don't have to turn my iPod up so loud) and they seem to do the trick. Not bad for 35$AUS. I wouldn't use any of their other headphones for when I was doing any professional or studio level work though.

All I can recommend is that you start to get aggressive with them. Set aside an afternoon, jot down a few notes so that you know what your on about, get your paperwork together, and give Skullcandy a call (I've done this with phone companies before). If you don't like what you're hearing at first, ask to speak to upper management. Ask them for a timeframe as to when you will receive your product. Failing that, I would lodge a formal complaint with the relevant consumer affairs body in your area. It sounds like you are entitled to a warranty, and all this company has done is stuff you around.

Jan 18, 10 at 6:28pm

As for the double agents, those are probably the shittiest headphones SkullCandy makes, and I would not judge the entire company by that particular model. Also, you can tell almost instantly which products arent worth the money by going to a store and looking at them. Not only are the Agents shitty, they even look cheap.

Jan 18, 10 at 6:21pm

I dont know about the warranty pains, because I've never had a problem with my headphones breaking (its been almost 2 years now for the earbuds and 8 months for the Crashers), but neither my SkullCrashers headphones nor my Skullcandy earbuds have never let me down. Both sets of headphones have clear sound and good bass quality, and I've never had any problem with them breaking, even when i wear them skateboarding or snowboarding. Personally, I've never had comfort issues either, which is quite remarkable for the earbuds because I have small ears and all my past earbuds either hurt or fell out moments after putting them in.
I reccomend both sets of headphones, especially if you listen to techno, hardstyle, metal, or rock, which is what i use mine for.
Oh, I also would reccomend them to snowboarders, seeing as they dont short out when they get submerged in snow, which has been a problem for me in the past.
Also if anyone has tried the new G.I. series I would like some feedback on those, seeing as I'm thinking of buying them for my boyfriend for valentines day.

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