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Oct 25, 02 at 4:38amChoud

Creat your own Navi Here!

[how you do it]

Element: (wood,fire,water,lightning)
Special abilities:

OK! heres mine!

Owner: Me
Navi Name: Trister
Element: (N/A)
Weapon: Arm Cannon, Saber sword
Attacks: Tristar Blast, Saber Slash
Special abilities: Charged shot Turns into 5 Star Blast, Charged Saber turns into a super saber beam
Description: Normal size, he is pure black, and he is the King of the Shadows.

is that good?

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Feb 1, 11 at 3:37am

owner:yur mom
name:yur mom
element:yur mom
special abilities:raPe
descriptiom:yur mom

Nov 28, 10 at 9:24pm

weapons:cigarette fingers and dubbie head
attacks:poison smoke, confusion weed, and dubbie smash
ability:he can make whole field have magical flowers and sparkles, and can heal himself with marijuanna and speed up with meth.
looks: like a giant weed packet with a cigar head and cigarette fingers.

Sep 23, 10 at 3:38am
bieon wong sun thye

[link name=][/link]

Jul 19, 03 at 9:34am

owner:world #1 netbattler
name:fearfeader exe.
element: dark
attacks:razor wings, death grip.
special abilities:gains 10 hp every time opponent moves backwards
description: a mystical navi with a basslike black head and cloak with a gray and black zig zag striped body and silver blade wings

losses 0

yes i have thought of this alot

Jul 19, 03 at 6:41am
Blues V7

Owner: Ryushi Blaze Chametts (aka, me) V7 (not realy v7, it just an extension.)
Element:he can get style change
Attacks:blaster, and sword
Special abilities:slashes a gap in the opponent then blasts a charged shot in the wound.
Descriptions:helmet like a backwards hat (Modified so it doesnt realy look like a backwards hat) scarf, sunglasses, semi long hair.

Jul 19, 03 at 4:26am

ok im game i can do this so here it goes

Owner: dotcom
Element: fire lightning
Attacks: (silentcreeper) firebolts rains from the sky and damages everything on the grid (desperadocannon) all spreader chips are amped by 10

i have more but i cant really think of a name for the attacks

Jul 18, 03 at 11:53pm

element:changes when a different element attack is used
attack:energy saber
special attack:element saber:charges energy into saber and unleashes a wave of energy. the element is random and whatever element is used, the element of the navi becomes the same as the attack
description: A secret organization, SilverFang, started several experiments on netnavis. They were trying to make the ultimate navi in terms of offense and speed. Soyana worked for this organization, but found out that the netnavis being created, would become tools of war. Not wanting this to happen to his latest creation, Navi007, he uploaded him to a PET and escaped. Although he has no defense, Navi007's offense and speed factors are almost unbeatable. Without armor, Navi007 must rely on his great speed and offense to stay alive.

Jul 18, 03 at 11:41pm

Owner: Sasuke
Name: Ace.Exe
Element: none
Attacks: Omega Buster
Armor: Double Reflectors(those things serenade has on his back)
Descriptions: A navi created as a brother to the UnderKing Serenade. The only difference to his creation is that he has almost no mercy and keeps on attacking at a rapid pace. The only time he stops is when a powerful chip is used.
He has the helmet of Shadow Style and has a cape that looks like Bass except it only covers the back part of him. Without the cape he looks just like sernade with the shadow helmet and black clothes.

Jul 18, 03 at 11:39pm

Owner: Noshin Rameniko
Name: Meltdown.EXE
Attacks: Buster Shot Best Element against Opponent,Add Virus- Bugs Opponent, or Adds a Virus to his side of field.
Special abilities:His attacks always do twice as much damage to opponent. He also can activate Invis or Shadow at will.
Descriptions: After Noshin deleted his 18th Navi, he borrowed the data for Megaman.EXE from Lan, the copyed the data to a blank navi, and added the Meltdown Virus during the installation. The navi soon eruped with power, and lost controll. Soon after, he relised his potintal, and let Noshin regain control. He looks like Megaman in BugStyle. He is Black, the lines are Red, his Eyes are green. -'From my upcomming fanfic - Ultimate Crisis'

Jul 18, 03 at 11:33pm

Interesting Navi, my friend.

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