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Jun 27, 09 at 2:57pmstealthg

Hey guys,

Like the title says, I just want to know if my equipment is enough against the 2* urgent mission khezu.

My equipment is the following:
Ravager Blade or Defender
Velociprey Helm Lv.2
Velociprey Mail Lv.2
Velociprey Braces Lv.2
Velociprey Tasset Lv.2
Velociprey Greaves Lv.2

is this sufficient in taking down the khezu? because I'm having a hard time...

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Jul 7, 12 at 11:23pm

Plz stop reviving old threads.

Also that the eager cleaver is crap advice has already been noted by other ppl.

Jul 7, 12 at 7:22pm

quote Redpug987
try using something thats near iron katana like eager cleaver i beat red khezu with it
You can't craft eager cleaver yet. because the materials is farmed from khezu

Jul 23, 09 at 4:00pm

The first time i fought a khezu i used the Giaprey armor set with a black katana. He went down really fast. I just ket using two triangle attacks and a triangle+circle attack on one of his legs. He kept using his electric shield because I stayed so close to him... When in rage mode i just kept evading his electric leap and landed a few hits afterwards... If you concentrate all the attacks in one leg he will fall quickly, use the spirit bar attacks when he is in the ground... took me about 10 min...

Jul 21, 09 at 10:59am

hammer! hammer hammer hammer hammer hammer! KO that crazy khezu! It deserves it!

Hammer is actually quite an easy weapon 2 use- superpound after he spits his electric balls of death and u will soon have a dead khezu.

Oh, and also hammering is FUN!!!

And with bow, you shouldnt stay on a ledge somewhere. It is so BORING!

Just run circles round him firing your last charge. If he roars, well, gud luck with surviving.

Jul 21, 09 at 10:46am

Use a vesproid gunner set.since kezu is slow you can easily dodge it try to make the lady bug heavy gun. i think your equipment is enaf to kill kezu
-THeres a certain place that a kezu cant reach ise that as your advantage

Jul 21, 09 at 1:43am

a thunder weapon like eager cleaver, will take much longer to kill khezu because its resistant to thunder ( its a friggin thunder wyvern for christ's sakes) =/

Jul 21, 09 at 1:38am

try using something thats near iron katana like eager cleaver i beat red khezu with it

Jun 28, 09 at 3:54am

congrats, also there is the hit and run stratgey i use on plessys since they are so big

Jun 28, 09 at 3:44am

Hey guys, I'm the same guy as the thread starter

just wanted to say I finally beat that sunovabich! ended it with an EPIC max charge attack to the face with my ravager blade!

Here's what i did:

Every time it charges it's ranged shock wave I set up next to it and hit it with a charge attack of my own.

When he does his tackles, I close the gap then do a one - two combo (draw slash then side slash).

When he falls over, I become the combo whirlwind (side slash and swoop slash repeater).

Some roars pushed through others didn't and when they did, he (luckily) almost always attacks my Felyne 1st or doesnt do anything at all.

But most of the time, I'm just running around, waiting for opportunities.

He went down eventually.

Thank you everyone for all your replies! I changed my style a bit to adapt to the khezu (I used to just count on combo attacks, now I charge sometimes too!)

Jun 27, 09 at 4:41pm

also becareful of the eletric shell it lets out when your close to it. when its in rage itll do a eletric leap thatll probably one shot you.

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