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Jun 23, 09 at 9:59pmsmrman

I think the best move is earthquake. My rhyperior knows it and my gliscor and I always take out my opponents with it.

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Dec 29, 15 at 7:07am

quote sight_14
lol im going to go by types

NORMAL, - Double Edge
BUG, - Fury cutter :L cant think atm
DARK, Crunch
FIGHTING, Giga Impact
FIRE, Blaze kick
FLYING, Brave Bird
GHOST, Shadow Ball
GRASS, Frenzy plant
ICE, Ice Beam
POISON, Sludge Bomb
PSYCHIC, Mist ball
ROCK, Ancient Power
STEEL, Steel wing
WATER - Hydro Cannon
dRAGON - Dragon Claw
??? - Curse lol

Dec 22, 15 at 9:13am

Metronome can do all of that so yeah

Jun 27, 15 at 11:43am

Best move in the game is Thunder wave. 100% chance of hitting and let's you hits first every time. And makes it easier to hit the enemy also

Feb 15, 15 at 4:31pm
Alex M.

it is v create but only victini can learn it. it has 180 base power (30 more than hyper beam) and does no recoil other than lowering your def and sp. def. it can wipe out almost any opponent (especially with its 270 base power with same type attack bonus).

Dec 31, 14 at 10:54am
food fight anyone?

i think fly.

Dec 16, 14 at 1:19am

Shadow ball with gengar is deadly. So shadow ball

Sep 19, 14 at 5:37am

it is a combination of block and perish song .
opponent dead in three turns .
except with the ability soundproof.

Jul 27, 14 at 9:40am
cj mgkb

I think its hyper beam

Jun 27, 14 at 10:21am
the pokemon basher

the anime tells me that hyper beam is the most over powered move ever , however the move explosion is good however it k.o's your pokemon but with a base power of 230 its much more powerful than hyper beam which only has a power of 150 which is not as good worst of all it has a recharge time of one turn , which is really not good how ever the special moves that only the legendary pokemon hold are very powerful however I would say the moves that are assigned to most starters are good by these moves I mean hydro pump , over heat and leaf storm however my favour goes to overheat as leaf storm is only super effective to two types ground and water and only does 110 base power and hydro pump only has 110 base power and only has an 80% chance of hitting however over heat hase a base power of 130 and has a chance of burn and has a 90% chance of hitting which isn't the best but better than hydro pump. i hope this has helped!

Jun 03, 14 at 4:05am

quote Griffsports
quote sight_14
lol im going to go by types

NORMAL, - Double Edge: i think metronome
BUG, - Fury cutter :L cant think: i like u-turn
DARK, Crunch: dark pulse
ELECTRIC Zap Canonn: thunder fang
FIGHTING, Giga Impact: not fighting but ok i like close combat
FIRE, Blaze kick: flamethrower
FLYING, Brave Bird: i like that two but ariel ace has helped me more so arieal ace
GHOST, Shadow Ball: two words omnious wind or shadow claw but that ones cool too
GRASS, Frenzy plant: razor lef!
GROUND, EQ: fissure
ICE, Ice Beam: ice fang
POISON, Sludge Bomb: poison jab
ROCK, Ancient Power : stone edge
STEEL, Steel wing: flash cannon
WATER - Hydro Cannon: surf
dRAGON - Dragon Claw: two words DRACO METEOR
??? - Curse lol yea thats the only one

u forgot roar of time for dragon type

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