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Jun 22, 09 at 3:19amKommando

Ok some of y'all have seen this kind of thread before, maybe in the GTA4 forum, maybe in the SR2 furom, maybe somewhere I haven't seen it.
This is an observation list thread based around the game [PROTOTYPE], observations can be about the protagonist, Blackwatch, civilians, infected, anything that takes place or is made known within the game.

I'll start:

1. flying, running up buildings, jumping 25 feet in the air and running faster than every car on the road is perfectly normal, but the second someone's hand becomes a claw, chaos fills the streets and lead fills your rear.

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Apr 13, 13 at 4:31am

12. You can throw cars and other stuff and the military wont notice you till you kill one of them

Jun 4, 12 at 2:20pm
poke smot

119: Using an air dash immediately after a full power jump accelerates your UPWARD momentum. Wait a half second and air dash again and get another upwards boost! You can jump over buildings you couldn't even reach the top of with a regular jump.

Dec 27, 10 at 8:08am

117: Running 100km's an hour past soldiers doesn't make anyone suspicious yet punching a soldier alerts them.

118: The concrete on the ground and walls magically "heals" itself while your not looking.

Aug 17, 10 at 9:58pm

112. Apparently no one under the age of 29 Lives In Manhattan.

113. If You Punch A Lamp-Poast Hard Enough It Will Not Bend, It Will Simply Snap In Half.

114. Picking Up Part Of The Broken Lamp-Poast And Running Around The SideWalks Of NewYork Ramming Into People Is A Very Entertaining Pass Time.

115. If Your Sprint Fast Enough Doing This, No Matter Ho Many Citizens You Nock Over, Injure Or Kill. No Military Will Even Notice You.

116. A Soffa Works Just As Well

Jul 25, 10 at 11:42am

111. According to the population of New York city, Alex Mercer looks exactly the same in armour as he does without.

Dec 30, 09 at 8:30am

110.Nobody but Mercer seems to take advantage of all the obstacle courses in Manhattan. I mean, there's got to be at least ONE treisseur.

Dec 8, 09 at 4:10pm
Megas MkII

107. When two tanks driven by the marines are in the same place, they absolutely never shoot at one another, under any circumstance. There could be a Leader Hunter pounding the crap out of one, but neither one would dare chance hurting the other. When Mercer is in one however, they seem to know even if they don't have an alert, and therefore shoot only at the direction he is in at the time, even if he is in the way or there are no targets within miles of his tank.

108. Friendly fire among the marines is only known if a marine is near an infected target, and only if it's rockets, grenades, or tanks or choppers firing in their direction. When they're not hunting Mercer though, they seem to have a penchant for firing in his general direction... All of them. If Mercer is taking on a single regular infected with no powers, not even vision powers, they shoot only in his direction. Even when he's disguised as a base commander they shoot at him, and only him. Every single infected in New York could be behind every soldier coming down the street at them, one infected that Mercer is trying to kill, and they give that insignificant one priority over the masses of Hunters, Leader Hunters, orange ones, and Copperheads behind them.

109. There are BLACKLIGHT carriers in the military, yet they don't set off the detectors they have at every base. Further, all vehicles are detected by the Infected vision power, therefore meaning that they're coated with something that triggers the vision being able to hilight it, but it still won't set off the ultra sensitive detectors that know precisely where Mercer is, yet they don't seem to have a problem with their vehicles and their infected soldiers.

(I make note of these because it is total BS in my opinion. I think that they should have thought that crap out a little... What the *Beep* am I saying... Little? Hah! A lot more thoroughly before implementing it. If I can see that their tanks are covered with infected blood, spores, whatever the *Beep* it is, then their systems should be going off every time a chopper goes by, one of their own men goes by, or heaven forbid that some random infected is in the area attacking them. I've seen it before. A Hunter jumps into the base, but the detectors won't go off and they don't sound any alarms at all, and they don't even call out the APCs they call out when they spot Mercer. In fact, think about this one for a bit: In one mission you have to sabotage the machines that happen to be in a heavily infected area. Right there is a gigantic problem... or perhaps it isn't. The scanners, said to detect all infected, only detects Mercer. Seems to me that they specifically want to find him, but they don't give a flying *Beep* about any other infected. Anyway, that's just my two cents on this and why I post it. Just felt like venting some annoyances at the makers of the game.)

Nov 10, 09 at 1:58pm

101) If you land a helicopter on the roof of a building, get down to the ground and then get back on the roof, the heli won't be there...

102) Running up walls, gliding in the air and surviving 50-foot falls won't cause an alert. But clinging to a wall will.

103) If you're not in their vision, civilians won't care about a flung air-conditioner unit in their path or even the body of a Hunter.

104) Walking towards a car and pushing it onto the pavement won't cause a ruckus among the civilians.

105) If you grab a car and throw it fast enough in front of the military, you won't cause an alert.

106) You can't normally carry a heli, you have to destroy it first.

And I somewhat remember that in the early parts of the game, walking in front of military in your Alex disguise will slowly increase their suspicion...

Aug 26, 09 at 10:36pm

99) when you jump in the water and transform, no one knows that none of their men had jumped into the water in the first place!

100!!) the hunters always seem to go for the same guy and never for the ones that are tryin to kill them

Aug 26, 09 at 5:44pm

98) you can stand directly in front of a police officer and they will still say 'Ive lost him'.

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