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Jun 20, 09 at 2:12pmLight Druid

Continuing from the 5th installment of the thread here.
quote Auron Blade
I just picked up "Running With The Demon"by Terry Brooks, also reading "Forever Odd" by Dean Koontz.
quote AvengedAnger
Reading the Power of One... Just finished The Book Thief. Absolutely amazing.
And go!

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Aug 17, 14 at 11:27am

Started Steelheart

Good stuff as usual, from Mr. Sanderson!

Aug 15, 14 at 5:16pm
Mouldy Cheese

Started Tigana, after much deliberation.

Guy Gavriel Kay's writing style just throws you so far in the deep's like four chapters until I had even the vaguest of ideas about what was going on. Now that it's become a little clearer it's gotten better, but I did struggle at first.

Aug 14, 14 at 7:01am

Almost finished 'The Talisman' by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Initially thought that I'd like it and it started off well. It just hasn't gripped me at all and it's been a chore to read. Only another 150 pages to go and I'll be done with it.

Aug 12, 14 at 2:46am
Mouldy Cheese

I read Guy Gavriel Kay's "The Lions of Al Rassan" which was pretty interesting. It was one of those books that, at the time of reading, I wasn't overly thrilled by but after I finished it a lot of things kept coming back to me about it. Never given Tigana a try, although it's loaded on my kindle. Maybe I'll read it next!

I just finished Poison Study (I seriously have no idea how this is ranked so highly on was a 3/5 at the best).
Overall meh. Light, fluffy, definitely no bleeding out of every orifice and liquefying insides like with The Hot Zone (which still haunts me). I think I really needed the cliche'd, magic-romance thing as a bit of a palate cleanser. There are sequels, but I don't think I'd care to read them. The story and world were alright, but weren't anything I hadn't read before, and the characters had that annoying "so perfect even their flaws are still positives" quality about them. Also the writing was a bit amateur. Way too much use of obvious description rather than implied. It was all "She said sarcastically", "he said angrily", "she said sadly".

My next 6 books on the "to read" list:
Wheel of Time #2
Maze Runner
Theft of Swords
The Gap Cycle #1
Aushwitz: A Doctor's Account

Look at me- I'm showing reading variety! A whole...three of those aren't even fantasy!
I think I might save Maze Runner for an interlude between other books. YA is good like that! Aushwitz is probably a little heavier than how I'm feeling right now ;_;

Also on my list as hidden option #7 is the Count of Monte Christo, which I've seen the movie of but never read. A lot of people seem to be of the opinion that the book is better than the movie, so that seems promising. I just don't have the book yet so...can't start it :/

Aug 01, 14 at 11:20am

Now reading The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss with plans to immediately go into the sequel after. What I read after that though is anyone's guess. I'm tempted to read a standalone before going into Wheel of Time (which I want to start, it'll no way be me reading all 13 books one after the other!). Tigana looks to be a good bet by Guy Gavriel Kay which I have on good authority (Sanderson) is a stellar standalone novel.

Aug 01, 14 at 9:33am

Just finished Gone Girl. Fantastic novel. Great atmosphere and sense of dread. Excellent writing. Can't wait to see what Fincher does with it. He's an expert at films like this.

About to start some John Gardner Bond novels. Never really got into his as a kid, figured I'd read through them now again for some lighter reading after all that McCarthy this past month. Vodka martinis as opposed to existential themes please and thanks.

Jul 31, 14 at 11:18pm

quote Mouldy Cheese
quote Dragoon
Should probably update y'all. Finished Warbreaker about two weeks ago and have since been reading Words of Radiance. About 65% of the way through it now, and as usual with Sanderson, loving every minute of it.
*Anxiously awaits the "wtf/omg" moment*

Haha, I finished it yesterday and IcarusAbides got the brunt of my "wtf"-age. I'm glad you both made me read Warbreaker beforehand though it certainly added to all the questions I had at the end, as if there weren't enough of those already =P

Jul 31, 14 at 4:23pm
Mouldy Cheese

quote Dragoon
Should probably update y'all. Finished Warbreaker about two weeks ago and have since been reading Words of Radiance. About 65% of the way through it now, and as usual with Sanderson, loving every minute of it.
*Anxiously awaits the "wtf/omg" moment*

I know what you mean about a break. Binge reading any one genre is a great way to get sick of it. You'll probably need a break after WoR, if you're anything like me xD Took me a freakin' week to stop thinking about it and jump into something new.

I am currently reading Poison Study, which is super average. I mean, it's not terrible, but it's a bit too light and fluffy and the author tends to "info dump" like a madperson. Which is all well and good when it ties into the story but here it has more of the effect of being randomly placed and really blatantly foreshadows later events. For example, in one section it was like "He was like a cat, no...not a cat. He was more like a snow cat. These deadly beasts were discovered shortly after [event]. [long description of appearance of snow cat] [discussion about how deadly they are and how nobody has ever killed one]"
So yeah...kinda obvious that at some point the main character is going to go kill a freakin' snow cat. It's a bit too much in your face obviousness.

Jul 30, 14 at 9:07am

Should probably update y'all. Finished Warbreaker about two weeks ago and have since been reading Words of Radiance. About 65% of the way through it now, and as usual with Sanderson, loving every minute of it.

Liklihood is going on to Kingkiller Chronicles after this but I recently purchased Dune so maybe a break from Epic Fantasy is required... and enter Epic Sci-fi. =o

Jul 27, 14 at 7:15pm

quote Mouldy Cheese
I picked up The Hot Zone the other day to read on the plane; thought I'd make a change from fantasy to thriller for a little while. I mistakenly thought that this book was fictional. About half way through it, I found out it's all true which makes it all the more terrifying. Stephen King said it's the scariest book he's ever read and I'd have to agree. What makes it worse is that I google about Ebola and there's currently the worst outbreak ever taking place. oh gosh. oh gosh. oh gosh.

I recommend it. It's interesting and I think the more people who are aware of what to do/what not to do if there's an outbreak the better. It seems a little bit like some of the events have been a tad sensationalised with the writing. And there's a lot of miscellaneous back story of which some sections are completely irrelevant. For example, at one point it tells of a near miss but goes into the woman's background, where she got married, what her children are like, the pets they keep at home...kinda unneeded. I started skipping those sections about half way through.

Scariest book I've ever read for sure. Insanely good. High school history teacher lent me it and it freaked me out.

Just finished No Country for Old Men and am now reading through The Road. Reading through the few McCarthy books I haven't gotten to yet. Nothing will best Blood Meridian though.

Just finished The Road now onto Gone Girl. Pretty fantastic so far. Expertly written without a doubt.

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