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Jun 17, 09 at 10:21pmKinner

Alright, those annoying kill events. . .

I guess I'll start this off with one of the most annoying events in the game.

Some are fun, some are the most annoying things you have to do in the game, AKA "Grind the Bones" I have been doing this one for about 20 minutes now, and I can not seem to get past silver (Average in the 70s; Highest 89).

For those of you who haven't played this event yet you have to use hammerfists to kill infected (Mildly infected, fat ones, and Hunters).

Bronze: 60
Silver: 80
Gold: 120
Most infected give you: 1 to 2 points
Hunters give you: 5

Anyone have some tips? Anyone know the trick to using Hammerfists? Anyone finished this god damn event?

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Aug 23, 09 at 12:49pm

especially because you accidentaly airdash all the time in the jumping events (but i found the gliding events to be suprisingly easy)

the war event with a grenade launcher easy, got gold first time

Aug 10, 09 at 5:10pm
Norad 2

I've scored a platinum medal on everything.

Well. Almost. The running event entitled Corners just ruins the whole thing. I need a time of 1:45, but the closest I can ever get is 1:53. Anyone have anything for this? It's driving me berzerk; Corners is not only utterly obnoxious to complete, it even sours my apetite for the rest of the game.

And as a little side note, I think the running events were among the worst ideas that the developers had for Prototype. The control scheme is simply not set up for a footrace.

Aug 7, 09 at 11:43pm

Bump. I'm so bad at all of the helicopter missions. Just surviving is hard enough for let alone getting enough kills. Raining Fire, Death From Above, Friendly Fire, et al.

Jul 7, 09 at 6:55am

I tried setting up tanks for Irony and Armor to get the gold medals, but I never found setting up tanks to be that useful myself; never bothered with them after that.

When I went for the platinum medals on Irony and Armor I just stayed in the same spot, and picked off tanks and soldiers as they came. Ended up getting platinum for Armor on my first attempt - Irony took two.

Jul 7, 09 at 4:15am

For the Knuckle Dragger, I set up tanks which made the event a million times easier. I didn't feel like bothering with it at all so I set up like 8 tanks and I just tackled away. Easiest Plat.

Jul 6, 09 at 11:02pm

Just finished getting all of the platinum medals in all the events, the movement events were a lot easier than I was expecting them to be.

Raid was the one that gave me the most trouble, due to unlucky tank spawns. Finally cleared it though with a time of 1:19.

Demolition was causing me a bit of grief, as I couldn't manage to top 170 points and I couldn't be bothered setting up tanks. I did end up finding a much easier way that ended up getting me nearly 250 points. As soon as you start head to your left, then left when you get to the road. Just head in a straight line 'til you reach the military base; there's hundreds of soldiers walking around just asking for it. It takes less than a minute to reach the base, there's more than enough soldiers to guarantee a platinum medal (tested several times and ended up with well over 200 points each time) and you don't have to spend time setting up tanks.

Knuckle-Dragger was hard until I figured out a strategy that worked better than spamming the elbow slam. Using Hammertoss (Left Analog + R2 + Triangle) you can launch yourself into small clusters of soldiers near tanks (just make sure you target one). You get around quickly while racking up points in the process. It's a good idea to equip the Armor Power, as that prevents any unwanted rolls, which costs valuable seconds if you mess up the execution of the Hammertoss.

Jul 5, 09 at 12:14pm
Curt Connors

You need gold in all of them to unlock platinum.

Jul 5, 09 at 12:06pm

Just a quick question, I haven't bothered with doing any of the events yet (been busy collecting all of the landmark and hint orbs as well as completing the WoI). Do you just have to complete all events with any rating to open up the platinum ratings, or do you have to finish them with a gold rating?

Jul 4, 09 at 11:42pm

quote Blind Sniper
I didn't know about the tank trick, thanks. And yeah, I have all the upgrades.

EDIT - Son of a bitch! I get 98 points (well more than enough to get gold in the event) and have only .3 seconds left to go. I figure I've got it now. At the very last possible moment some asshole fires a goddamn rocket and blows the tank up. I feel like beating my TV into dust or something. *Neoseeker needs to have a smiley featuring a person crying while projectile vomiting to express my feelings about this*

That almost happened to me on that event. I was 2 over the mark with 10 seconds to go. All I thought was "get out of here!" I high tailed it down one of the side roads.

But "Irony" and "Demolition" were the two I had the most problems with. Unfortunately I didn't think to use the thing with the tanks until after I did "Irony" and after I almost Platinumed "Demolition". So I did "Irony" all by luck. Pff, luck wasn't gonna help with "Demolition" though. That mission was pissing me off.

Jul 4, 09 at 10:06pm

Hahaha I feel your pain man. If you can't do it, just leave it alone and do something else for a while and then come back to do it when you're calm and cool. You have no clue how many times I actually tried to achieve Platinum on that event, so *bleep*ing frustrating. Now, I'm proud to announce that I have the Prototype Platinum Trophy. My first one.

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