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Jun 02, 09 at 12:50amzelda_man83

i dont know how to beat evrae i dont have anything and i don't know what character to use or fira watera blizzera and thundera so would someone please help me

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Jan 04, 14 at 12:59am

The first time I played it was easy but now it is harder

Sep 16, 12 at 2:04am

Just don't ever run away from any randomly generated fights throughout the game, even if you can't be arsed with a long grind. You should be sufficiently levelled to comfortable take on challenges, while not being so overlevelled. Don't do much grinding, just do that if you're finding any fights too difficult.

Sep 14, 12 at 11:48pm

quote nuke77
i defeted him with flare and holy(holy ? freind sphere)
Flare and Holy at that stage of the game? Overlevel much?

And here I was thinking I was overleveled for much of my most recent play through (though it was more towards the end of the storyline because I did too many sidequests... ended up beating Braska's Final Aeon without using any overdrives)

Sep 05, 12 at 9:30am

i defeted him with flare and holy(holy ? freind sphere)

Aug 31, 12 at 9:23pm

Is it just me or do I find Evrae to be a relatively easy boss compared to some people? Here's my strategy for the fight:

It would be a good idea to come into this battle with at least Wakka's overdrive gauge filled up and the attack reels won. Preferably you want more overdrives filled. At the start of the fight pull back immediately and just attack with Wakka and Lulu (Kimahri can also do damage with Lancet). Cid's missiles will help you a lot. This part of the battle isn't too hard; if you want to heal up the best method is to have Rikku use Al Bhed Potions since you have an abundance from the previous area. Not a requirement, but try to make sure every character gets at least one turn in, even if it's just using an item or defending, so that everyone can get AP from the fight. If Evrae uses Swooping Scythe but hasn't cast Haste yet, just pull back again and continue the process. Once Evrae casts haste... Use all the overdrives! Especially Attack Reels, and make sure you get that slots sequence right. And use as many high-damage attacks as you can to finish him off before he can do the same to your party...

A useful tactic for this and a few other bosses would be to steal the Lunar Curtains from the Larva in the Thunder Plains (and multiple other enemies in the game) and mix 2 of them together for Super Mighty G (Light Curtain+Lunar Curtain also works), which is highly useful for much of the game. I guess you could also cast Slow on it, but as soon as you do it'll just cast Haste again on it's next turn, if slow even works.

Overall, it's not an easy battle, but it's not as hard as some people make it out to be either if you know what you're doing.

Aug 22, 12 at 11:40am

i still can't defeat him

Jul 13, 12 at 1:47am

i found this guy kinda easy, all you do is give the order to move the ship out of range when he readies poison breath and use the shitload of Al Bhed potions you got in the desert

Jun 09, 12 at 8:55pm

This depends on how many times you've actually played through the game. For me, my latest play through was really easy. I had my guys so strong that just their overdrives killed him. The main thing you want to do is train. Use your time on the airship wisely, train each character to a certain point, and when the battle starts, do whatever you need to.

Jun 09, 12 at 1:01pm

I had trouble for alittle while with Evrae. I would get it down to about 10,000 HP and it would start using its swooping scyth or whatever its called and then id have to keep trying to heal and eventually its haste would overcome me. I was trying to stay away from evrae.I then thought about how auron can do over 1,000 damage with one blow (and im not overtrained..i didnt use the sphere grid til sinspawn gui and for awhile didnt even know i could revive the dead with yuna or with pheonix down and i have leveled up recently but im definitly not overtrained) so i figured if auron can do that damage maybe i could hold out and finish evrae off. So when i got evrae down under 12,000HP i made sure my party was fully healed or very close. I had Cid move close to evrae and had auron kimahri and tidus out. honestly auron is the only essential one here since he would be doing the heavy hitting. with this strategy i am accepting getting hit with poisen breath. after poisen breath i bring in rikku and have her use al bhed potion to regain HP and cure the poisen and then i go back to pounding attacks with auron and also have tidus and kimahri help. Sometimes it is essential to bring wakka or lulu in but this is if someone has low HP and rikkus turn has passed. as long as you keep healing and have auron pound evrae it shouldnt take long. Both times ive tried this strategy its worked and the second time almost all of my characters had nearly full HP when i defeated evrae and cid only used the guided missles once since i was mostly near evrae. Unfortunately while ive beaten evrae twice ive lost to the gaurds in bevelle both times right after so i will once again have to beat evrae. so at the moment i cant get by the gaurds but the strategy to beat evrae seems to work very well.

Nov 20, 11 at 1:03pm

Al Bed Potions, cheer, focus, aim, reflex, use missles as often as
possible, use al bed potions as soon as he uses his breath attack, counter his haste with slow, keep ur party hasted, & remember to use
none elemental attacks on him (such as dark).

As for the gameplay, always have rikku in the group ready to use al bed potions, use those passives (cheer focus aim reflex), make use of
cids missle attacks, Counter his haste ASAP, never cast elemental spells (he reduces dmg by 1/2).

keep yourselves FAST and him SLOW is key.

Hope this info was helpfull zelda_man83

Any other questions feel free to ask about

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