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May 8, 09 at 9:58pmYoshi Man

What do you do? Im in a slump now and im really planning on quiting brawl. It's starting to hit me how many hour's i've wasted on this game. Sure, i play for fun. But winning was a big part to me. For the past month i've lost so many game's that im just getting sick of the game itself. I've taken breaks from it and it's still not helping at all. I don't even find it that fun anymore. Can some people help me get my confidence back into playing this game, or reasons why i should even bother trying to continue.

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May 9, 09 at 7:16am

Play Rust and Verjl in a FFA. That's how I got back into Brawl this month.

Now I have found my confidence in this game. Then again my Lucario record for last month was 33-12. And right now it's 10-6. >_>

May 9, 09 at 7:05am

How many of these threads have we had already? Three? Look, no matter how you may look at your own interests and abilities, it's still just a game. Unless participating in such a hobby earns you a considerable amount of impressive income for performing well, then yes, it would probably be a big deal if you were in a confidence slump. But I doubt this is the case, so just take it easy and have fun.

May 9, 09 at 6:14am

quote WiseLugia
But I digress. To be good at anything you need some degree of dedication and talent.
Truth. Victory isn't something given to you.

May 9, 09 at 4:52am

I would quit playing the game for a little while and take a break if I were you. Then once you start playing again, do a lot of practicing.

May 9, 09 at 4:26am

for yugioh it also takes a nice pile of cash to get your hands on the good cards. company takes paper, puts a pretty (or not) picture on it, adds some numbers and a few words, sells it for, like $3 a pack and kids spend their allowances on it. It's like contraband, but legal. Ever see what happens when a parent takes their kids' cards away? .... yeah.

and there's a lot of good animes that get horribly butchered when it's sent to america. best way to tell is to look for a "4kids" logo. if its "4kids" it's GOTTA be butchered! "Dic" was also horrible about it too.

But yeah, to get good at a game, you gotta play it, identify your mistakes and figure out ways to improve, just like in everything else.

May 9, 09 at 4:09am
Elliot Gale

ygo 5D's (NOT the 4kids dub ew) is good show. =<

But I digress. To be good at anything you need some degree of dedication and talent.

May 9, 09 at 4:07am

yugioh... the OTHER soul devouring 'kids' game with a craptastic tv show that kids go nuts over to go with it.

yugioh is more like "i got the most broken cards, so therefore, i win!" "I put my super broken rabbit samurai looking card into defensive mode. your monster card dies. you cannot hope to summon a monster while these cards are in play!

My pokemon strategies were always gimmicky, but entertaining. I just wish Advance Wars: DoR had a better online mode.

May 9, 09 at 3:55am
Elliot Gale

Pokémon. The only game where you get crap for playing well. lol

Actually no, that applies to Yu-gi-oh! too.

Either way, it's really dumb.

May 9, 09 at 3:45am

not all games are for everyone. personally I find that I suck horribly at first person shooters, am mediocre at best when playing real time strategy. You just gotta find what you're good at.

Also, if you go up against people who do nothing but play the same game with the same character, all day every day, you won't beat them. You can't kill what doesn't have a life. Your best bet would be to find people who play the game casually and play against them.

The problem with some people is, they find themselves in an uncomfortable medium, like I was when I was playing pokemon d/p. I was able to thrash almost every casual player, but when it came to the hardcore players, I generally couldn't win, mostly because I formulated by own strategies instead of looking up the most broken ways to win.

May 9, 09 at 2:47am

quote Archiie_Barrett
nah, brawl itself is an excuse. Being good or bad at the game doesnt mean crap, if you want to win then find people who play the same as you this way the matches are fun and intense. I noticed in brawl the best people can still be whooped by a noob because its just the way you battle. Its as crazy as the economy. Besides we are all gonna die one day. Don't spit in the wind.

I would love to see you beat masta.....

CM mains mario and luigi.

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