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Sep 5, 09 at 6:17pm

im skglbrt and ive played tekken 3, tekken 4, and tekken dark ressurection. i cant wait 4 tekken 6 so i can get a copy!!!

Aug 8, 09 at 1:05am

I'm DemonSpirit (DemonSpirit666 elsewhere...such as I have played:
  • Tekken
  • Tekken 2
  • Tekken 3
  • Tekken Tag Tournament
  • Tekken 4 (unfortunately- Don't get me started if you don't want a wall of text about what's wrong with it lol)
  • Nina: Death By Degrees (If it counts, and completed it a few times, despite the controls lol)
  • Tekken 5
  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurection
I believe I have been playing the Tekken series since they 1st came out in England around 1995, if you're after the full story sorry, you're talking about a 14 year (or so) story so I'll just do it in brief:
  • Started playing "Tekken" around 1995 (played it at someones house 1st)
Went into hospital where they had Tekken in about 1996 where I liked trying to work out the moves and how to beat people (it wasn't just "ha, hadouken" any more) and just before I left, a patient brought Tekken 2 in which I thought was brilliant.
  • shortly after leaving, Tekken 3 came out, by this point I had found out Tekken was quite popular and I taught (and beat) quite a few local people. Its only downfall IMO was no Kazuya but still split between this and TTT for the best fighting game to date.
  • Tekken Tag Tournament came out, I had to wait a little while to get this because of the price of the PS2 but just continued with Tekken 3 until I could afford it (somewhere around 2001 at a guess)...a little disappointed a first, because of the few niggles I had with it (e.g inferior music IMO and same music on most endings) BUT the game play MORE than made up for its flaws. Around Tekken 3 and TTT time I nearly entered tournaments...but never did (I bloomin' should have if I do say so myself lol), possibly due to the fact I woke up one afternoon (after apparently being put to bed by my mum because she found me sat up and playing Tekken 3 in my sleep, then dreaming about Tekken) with purple/black lips and thought..."hmm, best cut down a bit" lol.
Note: I have still yet to play "Tekken Advance".
  • Tekken 4...less said the better (very disappointed for numerous reasons right down to the basic short lol). This game slowly but surely helped kill my enthusiasm for Tekken (as no-one really wanted to play TTT at the time, plus TTT is tougher for a PS2 to load, and by this point my PS2 wouldn't load TTT)
  • Nina: Death By Degrees
Hmm, tough to get to grips with the controls at 1st, but once I did...well I've now completed it a few times now and have unlocked some (if not all) of the infinite ammo weapons (makes it a LOT easier). Just in the process of completing it with Anna. Not amazing, but gets better with practice/once you get used to the controls IMO.
  • Tekken 5
In short a good step in the right direction (yeah, I hung on in there, JUST), but they still have some problems to iron out left over from Tekken 4 (I sill get limbs going through bodies on the occasion while causing no damage).
  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurection
Software-wise, this is better than Tekken 5 IMO (although the Tekken 5 info still applies) my only real niggle with this is they changed the brilliant music track "Antares" from Tekken 5. The MAJOUR problem with Dark Resorection though isn't the game at all, it's the external design on the PSP- no L2 or R2 buttons and when you go to do more complex moves...well, you just can't without putting yourself through agony plus with a Tekken the screen should definitely be separate from the buttons as you move your hands into position and the screen moves so, yeah, you can do SLIGHTLY complex just can't see them lol. Never the less though, I'm still "Tekken Lord" rank on a few characters.

As you can probably tell from the above, I've been playing (on and off) for the past 14 years lol, and while Tekken 4 REALLY threw a spanner in the works, I do still play Tekken from time to time (and will always welcome a local game of Tekken 2, 3 and/or TTT even if I am out of practice lol).

As for Tekken 6...hmm, dunno, if/when I get a PS3, yeah, I'll get it (it's on my list anyway), but on the PSP...I dunno, we'll see...I think so though!

Aug 5, 09 at 5:43pm

  • I'm GrEyCrEsT, Well I'm definitely getting a PSP version and PS3 version

May 18, 09 at 5:19am

Im NarugaTigrex, Ive played Tekken 3, Tekken Advance and Dark Resurrection. Once this comes out on the psp Id love to get this, The console versions were really good and this handheld version looks promising!

May 7, 09 at 8:12pm

Come here to introduce yourself to the Tekken 6 Forum. Post things such as you Neoname, which Tekken games you have played, how long you have been playing, and when/if you plan on getting Tekken 6.

I'm Eridor. I've played most of the older Tekken games, but I haven't really gotten into some of the newer ones. I've been playing the Tekken games since... whew, I can't even remember when I played the first one. I haven't decided if to get Tekken 6 or not, we'll have to wait and see.

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