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Apr 20, 09 at 3:08pmJulius T DVP FILMS

Idea for season 2...Just after the funeral of Light, A shinigami comes to the coffin, Light hasnt been buried yet, Mostly everyone has left the area. This shinigami is different, he pulls out a book on and on it is says on it "life note" The Shinigami writes Lights name in in it. Light is brought back to life and realizes he is in a coffin. Light gets out of the coffin unnoticed. Light retreats to secret hideout he set up while on his Death Note spree.

While Light is in his hide out. The Shinigami comes to him and tells Light about the Life note and that Light has been instrumental in sending Souls to their realm, and that Shinigami rule over the souls of those killed by the Death note and those shinigamis that sacrifice themselves for their human friends. This Shinigami tells light they do not like the Shingamis that hold Death notes and they desire to hold Death Notes and Light notes but needs humans to continue to bring souls to them to rule and make them more powerful in their realm and seek to eliminate the Shinigamis over the Death Notes.

The Shimigami tells Light that RYUK wrote Lights note in his death note and tells Light he must get a Death note and get RYUK to kill himself. This Shimigami despises RYUK and at one time these two clans of shinigamis have hated each since the beginning and that the shinigamis over the death notes hide the fact of what happens to them or human when killed by the death note.

The shinigami tricks another shinigami is giving his death note to Light who who slightly changed his face through plastic surgery. As people begin to die N comes back into the picture and Light takes revenge against his old police unit while toying with them.

THe adventure begins from there....

Tell me what do u think of that?

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Sep 23, 15 at 11:40pm

If you read the texts in some of the mid screen shots of the episodes you see the rules of the death note and then some. In one of the texts it said "all humans will ( with out exseption) eventually die." Then later you see it say "when a human or shinigami dies they go to nothingness" I also read the books and in the book it said that the user of the death note wil spend eternity suffering the same fate as his/her victims so if there were a second season then you could start with Light suffering then bring him back to life

Sep 19, 15 at 11:45am

In the last episode.. i had hoped that the tables would turn again after light confessed himself..
Light told near that he was a genius but lacks what L had.. then out of nowhere, near is dead.. cameras turn to Misa writing Nears name from above the ceilings.. and then kill everyone except light n that 4th kira.. then, the age of light starts........

Jun 27, 15 at 10:58am

I like the idea, but I don't understand why Light would need to kill RYUK, if part of the deal that Light made with RYUK was that RYUK would have to write Light's name in the Death Note one day...

Jun 26, 15 at 9:42am
abrar shinigami

i thought that light is back with life note he somehow manage to convene L to support him in taking revenge for the exchange of L life & now light starts playing with L's mind and both there mid together results in awesome disaster

May 27, 15 at 11:55am

Ok light wakes up and reuke(sorry dont know how to speel his name ) and says light your finnaly awake and light says but how?i died? Where am i tell me ? Remamber when i gave you the death note i said those who use it never go to heven or hell they go here...the shinigami realm.than light falls over with a heart attack and wakes up again reuke?what happend? This is where you will be you will die once for each and everyone person you killed!!!1,234,621,332.WHAT???reuke says.thats how manny i killed that should be plenty of time light falls over again with a heart attack.reuke says light the onlyone that kills multipul times is the shinigami king and you will die as manny as you killed. Lets go have a talk with this shini gami king of yours if i even have to kill him.

Apr 29, 15 at 2:24am
14 year old death no

Alright now that I have looked into what could happen to get to the king. Instead of light going to him the king takes interest in light and travels to the human world himself to help him with it. So in other words he as witnessed everything light has done and everything he as gone through evaluation his moves and testing him to see if he really should be a shinnigami. Now because I think it would put a nice twist on things we could bring in backup or beyond birthday as L which would not only confuse light but it would also catch his interest as a shinigami because this normal human was born with the shinigami eyes.

Mar 17, 15 at 2:03am
14 year old death no

So I just discovered a flaw in my idea. How in the hell would light be able to get to the king? I'm serious if you have an idea I would lot to hear it.

Mar 01, 15 at 1:06pm

I'm all for that idea. Sounds awesome!

Feb 26, 15 at 1:44am
14 year old death no

I'm only 14 so don't judge my idea too hard . But what I was thinking was what if Light had somehow talked to the shinigami king and found it there was a way to not go to mu but in order to do so he a to go through an extremely painful ritual and become a shinigami himself. This ritual could have involved something like sacrifice the one that loves you the most and then like all rituals pour drain some of your own blood. But like I said this is just an idea.

Feb 11, 15 at 9:19pm

Why not just continue with new characters???

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