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Apr 20, 09 at 3:08pmJulius T DVP FILMS

Idea for season 2...Just after the funeral of Light, A shinigami comes to the coffin, Light hasnt been buried yet, Mostly everyone has left the area. This shinigami is different, he pulls out a book on and on it is says on it "life note" The Shinigami writes Lights name in in it. Light is brought back to life and realizes he is in a coffin. Light gets out of the coffin unnoticed. Light retreats to secret hideout he set up while on his Death Note spree.

While Light is in his hide out. The Shinigami comes to him and tells Light about the Life note and that Light has been instrumental in sending Souls to their realm, and that Shinigami rule over the souls of those killed by the Death note and those shinigamis that sacrifice themselves for their human friends. This Shinigami tells light they do not like the Shingamis that hold Death notes and they desire to hold Death Notes and Light notes but needs humans to continue to bring souls to them to rule and make them more powerful in their realm and seek to eliminate the Shinigamis over the Death Notes.

The Shimigami tells Light that RYUK wrote Lights note in his death note and tells Light he must get a Death note and get RYUK to kill himself. This Shimigami despises RYUK and at one time these two clans of shinigamis have hated each since the beginning and that the shinigamis over the death notes hide the fact of what happens to them or human when killed by the death note.

The shinigami tricks another shinigami is giving his death note to Light who who slightly changed his face through plastic surgery. As people begin to die N comes back into the picture and Light takes revenge against his old police unit while toying with them.

THe adventure begins from there....

Tell me what do u think of that?

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Mar 31, 14 at 3:46pm
Pim P O Raptor

IF there were to be a second series then I imagine it would start like this: Ryuk(or another shinigami), seeing how fun and interesting the human world is, drops his/her DN into the human world except this time it isn't picked up by anyone who followed Kirras ideals. Instead it is picked up by a theif/mugger/serial killer who uses it for his/her personal gain eg killing the rich then looting their houses. Naturally the police force chase him and it goes from there.

Mar 28, 14 at 1:12pm
Nathaniel Elliotty

Death Note:

N or Near had attended the funeral for Light Yagami after the killings had stopped Kira was most obviously gone. The thought that N was behind this end of Kira was most obvious him because of his actions he became a most wanted criminal and even with this knowledge he hid in the shadows of the funeral. The tv blared with the information of what happened and who was the true Kira Light Yagami's funeral was high priority at which point. The problem that N knew was that he carried the book Ryuk was there to remind him that meanwhile he wanted to understand the story himself. Holding the book away from anyone who would use it was the only way to keep a clear head. The main problem was that after the day that Light was killed he soon learned the terrible mistake he made. It was true he and all the others in that building would have died that day but to be in constant fear was worse. Ryuk kept telling him to use the death note but he refused. After mellow died all he could tell himself was he was alone and someone would get the death note sooner or later he couldn't hide it forever furthermore he was the owner.

to be continued

like it so far email *like*

Jan 24, 14 at 10:47am

If the gods of death are called shi-ni-gami the gods of life should be called sei-ni-gami Wouldn't it make sense?
But that's not gonna happen

Jan 21, 14 at 11:20am

I think this is an excellent idea, you should send this to manga. Many things have returned after a long time. Look at the Addams family! Series ends in 1960's, restarts in the 1990's!

Oh and to the guy who said misa committed suicide, that never happened. It's a myth.

Oh and to the guy who said near would kill light straight away, if you bothered reading you would realize that Julius T DVP FILMS (the guy who made this poll) mentioned that light would hide.

Anyway, after light kills the bad guys he finds misa (who is about to kill herself) get married to her and they live happily ever after

Dec 20, 13 at 4:11pm

I always thought about what Ryuk said about how those people that have used death notes neither go to heaven nor hell. Well what happens? Do they become a ghost? I always thought of making a fanfiction about Light coming back as a SHINIGAMI. I mean since it isn't explained what happens when they die and neither is it explained about where shinigamis come from. I mean Ryuk did say that he would make a good shinigami. So what if he was thinking to himself "He WILL be a good shinigami I mean...". Who thinks this would be a good idea?

Dec 15, 13 at 3:38pm

I actually have my own idea for a life note spin off thing.
It's about 10-20 years after Light's death and a god of life accidently drops it's life note (similar to ryuk dropping his death note) but this life note is different to how others are viewing it. This life note doesn't bring people back to life, it creates life. What I mean is that you could create your own character (as long as the character has some limits and stuff, so no super powers or other mary-sue junk) and write down other stuff like how long they live and their life story, and you can choose whether you want the character to be birthed from someone (plus you can choose who the mother is) or have them just be created out of thin air.

Once the life note is dropped, it is found by none other than an aspiring writer who loves to put every little detail in their characters and wishes they would just come to life. When they find it, they do the obvious, write down their characters in the life note and watch with glee as their characters come to life. They soon start thinking about how they could become a new god (similar to Light, obviously) and not only continue creating their characters, but even use their creative mind to come up with ways to get revenge (like getting that teenage girl who didn't give them respect pregnant, and having the baby die shortly after birth, creating a character that ends up murdering a childhood bully, etc.)

But the government soon finds out about people suddenly appearing without any records about them, and the government gets suspicious, causing N to come back to try solving the case. Aaand that's all I got so far. XD

What do you guys think?

Dec 06, 13 at 2:56pm

Iti s kinda late (so damn late), but I wasn't looking anything about second season of Death Note, but I've watched DN during last week, and I felt that this could not be the end. The idea of life book sounds amazing, just think about it, I would make it more epic and let this "life" shinigami (it is so wrong, it means life death god -.-) ressurects Light in the day of his funreal. N and Police would surely come and see his funreal, and try imagining how shocked they would be seeing him come back from death, it would also make fun bigger, because Light-kun would have to kill anyone that knows him as Kira.
But the idea about the life note is epmty for me. Death Nore alows Shinigamis to prolong their life spawns by killing people, but what about life note ? Maybe it would allow controlling ressurected human actions in short time after he got ressurected ? It would allow Light -kun to use it and he could even bring back L to help him out (or make him his slave), also Misa could come back in life, Chief Yagami could be alive again. Life note brings so many possibilities.

Oct 27, 13 at 3:27am
Dreadlock Holiday

Death Note is epic, I still remember seeing it for the first time on SBS. I had no idea what was going on at first and had to order it on DVD to watch it from the start. They need to make another season.

Oct 20, 13 at 10:43am

CAstz i just watched that parody and it was GREAT lol
*the piano music starts playing at the beginning* "SHUT UP" xD

Oct 01, 13 at 10:58am

smosh has alreay done this :3 pretty much made smosh death note episode a ending filler for me, so yeah

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