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Apr 20, 09 at 3:08pmJulius T DVP FILMS

Idea for season 2...Just after the funeral of Light, A shinigami comes to the coffin, Light hasnt been buried yet, Mostly everyone has left the area. This shinigami is different, he pulls out a book on and on it is says on it "life note" The Shinigami writes Lights name in in it. Light is brought back to life and realizes he is in a coffin. Light gets out of the coffin unnoticed. Light retreats to secret hideout he set up while on his Death Note spree.

While Light is in his hide out. The Shinigami comes to him and tells Light about the Life note and that Light has been instrumental in sending Souls to their realm, and that Shinigami rule over the souls of those killed by the Death note and those shinigamis that sacrifice themselves for their human friends. This Shinigami tells light they do not like the Shingamis that hold Death notes and they desire to hold Death Notes and Light notes but needs humans to continue to bring souls to them to rule and make them more powerful in their realm and seek to eliminate the Shinigamis over the Death Notes.

The Shimigami tells Light that RYUK wrote Lights note in his death note and tells Light he must get a Death note and get RYUK to kill himself. This Shimigami despises RYUK and at one time these two clans of shinigamis have hated each since the beginning and that the shinigamis over the death notes hide the fact of what happens to them or human when killed by the death note.

The shinigami tricks another shinigami is giving his death note to Light who who slightly changed his face through plastic surgery. As people begin to die N comes back into the picture and Light takes revenge against his old police unit while toying with them.

THe adventure begins from there....

Tell me what do u think of that?

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Nov 22, 14 at 4:34pm
prishane is kira

Yes go for it......but instead change the guys name frm uzuma to somthing that will change the whole story like dark or shadow or even death ya death will be would mean that light and death are friends

Nov 22, 14 at 3:28pm
prishane is kira

Hey man.......that is excellant and you wouldn't believe it I thought of him getting plastic surgery and start 2 hav to amazing ..........PRODUCERS AND CREATORS think about this proposal it will make an amazing season 2

Nov 02, 14 at 9:06pm

Light said that he hid his real death note so that could come into play in a sequel. Light had to have some thought incase his plan failed

Nov 02, 14 at 9:04pm

If you think about it the death note still exists. It can still be used again. Also light said his death note was hidden. There could be someone who knows where. Light is so freaking smart I think he would have set up something Incase it didn't work. This could make an interesting sequel

Sep 08, 14 at 4:14pm

What if....'Yeah, A shinigami don't just become a shinigami just like the other guy said and that they're judge according to the bad things they've done and There has never been a human that have killed with the Death note as much as Light has did, I mean Light has killed like about a million people and by exceeding or breaking that record he has broken the rule of the Death note of neither going to heaven nor hell and now he stays as half shinigami and half human. He stays as half shinigami because he has killed with the Death Note to a stage that he has being recycled as a shinigami himself gaining his own Death note.'.......... Like the time Ryuk wrote his name in his death note and he saw 'L', Light happens to open his eye and this time he sees differently, he couldn't find anybody through the empty warehouses, so with blood on his shirt, he went to the street and saw a Ranger there but surprisingly, Light could see the stranger's name which confirms to him that he has the shinigami eyes.
The Ranger named Uzuma took him to his shed and treated his gun-wounds.
A few hours to that time, he woke up and found a television News broadcasting that KIRA has been killed. He then recall the night back that he was shot by Matsuda and he was later killed by Ryuk and again that he saw 'L'.
He became startled and confused due to the fact that he didn't simply know why he's still alive.
He dosed back off and slept again and after a few hours he rise and tried to get up and move to the city but the Uzuma comes at him and then told him to rest that he was badly wounded........................... STILL IN PROGRESS.
I'♏ A HUGE FAN OF DEATH NOTE AND I JUST COULDNT BEAR TO LET IT GO OFF LIKE THAT. If you think I should go for this. Please message me!. And I'♏ not saying at the end of this Light Yagami shouldn't die but I want to make up a story that he will die simply by loving someone. Just like the shinigami dies. I hope you get that.

Aug 02, 14 at 12:02pm
Carl N Jones II

Maybe... Light becomes a shinigami himself. No one said that shinigami had to look messed up, maybe they became the way they for a reason or as a result of what they've done in their pasts. Mu could be where people go before becoming ashinigami based on the king of death's trial. Kira enlightens the other gods of death and uses Ryuk before an ultimate sentence and finds a loophole in the guide of death to be brought back as a whole new person. Ryuk returns to Light when he's 17 and Light touches the book bringing back all of his memories and continues his work under a whole new name thus not being a part of death again, creating a whole new investigation from scratch after all names except N have been written in the new death note. Maybe a different shinigami. Perhaps Light is still light but without the symbol for moon its for fire.

Just throwing that out there. Would be interesting.

Jun 10, 14 at 8:50pm


Jun 10, 14 at 6:23pm

What about an idea spin off called "Death Note: Reincarnation" which follows tweo death note owners, a 16 year old named Reggie and the second death note owner is his teacher. Reggie kills two store robbers out of curiosity and then hides the notebook in his attic with the successor of L "Grey". Grey is looking into the case with old retired detective Matsuda to uncover the death notes whereabouts thus making the case "Return of Kira". With Grey and Matsuda occupied with that. Two more Death notes appear, the third one is picked up by a news anchorman and the other picked up by officer. The four death note owners come together to become a group and start killing off anyone who gets in their way of their goal of saving the innocent from crime. Reggie gives ownership up to a fish market employee to make the investigation trail go cold Grey locate Reggie at a diner with his date and takes him to his tower base to handcuff him to Matsuda. As Reggie forgot everything, Grey still does not trust him. Tell me what you think of my idea. up for others opinions.

Jun 02, 14 at 8:06am

I know this is probably years old:3 I just wanna say it was lights fault he hit found out as Kira. Although yes, Near would of found out anyway through looking at the death note but Light could get away, the real problem was that he overlooked Near's smartness and in a moment of Triumph 'Well Near, looks like I win!' ...

May 11, 14 at 4:41pm

This sounds amazing. They should should total do that. You my freind are very wise.

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