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Apr 20, 09 at 4:30amPsyko

Ok, where to start. Well, Every time you play the song of time to go back to the first day and you talk to people, they don't remember you or what you did. That makes sense because you went back in time before you did anything. However, the Happy Mask Shop guy and the Owl are exceptions.
The owl says things like "We meet again fairy boy" or something like that. Implying that he does remember. The same goes for the Happy Mask Salesman. There's something very strange about those two. Why can they remember when nobody else does? what's so special about them?

The more peculiar of the two to me is the Happy Mask Salesman. At the very end of the game, he just disappears into thin air. Then there's the time when he was explaining how he got the mask in the first place. It was supposedly well guarded. So what makes him think he, a salesman, can do better. There's so much more to that guy, but what? Who is he? So many questions and so little answers.

I know none of these questions have been answered yet(MM sequel please:D) but i want to here some of your theories. What do you think of this whole shenanigans?

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Jun 2, 09 at 6:41pm
Duncan Idaho

that came partially from the intro and the manga, in the intro there is a point in that it seems a flame burning everything then if we watch the epilogue of the manga we see a beast, in fact the place where the armor was transformed onto majora's its termina it was a land that was destroyed, we can associate that both things are related to the name termina.

Jun 2, 09 at 5:01am

Okay, but number 3? Termina being destroyed? what?

Jun 2, 09 at 4:37am
Duncan Idaho

i wasnt theorizing i have facts that are in the game, im just too lazy to seek adn post pictures, but if you go all the way up to stone tower temple, watch it as normal then reverse it, in both ways they do look as twinmold

Jun 2, 09 at 4:29am

Yeah, I just didn't understand your post, so I assumed you were theorizing on stuff... it just struck me as weird.

Jun 2, 09 at 4:04am
Duncan Idaho

i said the article had leaks, i never said that i dint liked it XD >: ) :/

Jun 2, 09 at 3:56am

Do you have any evidence for those theories? :\

I know there's the manga, but there's debate about whether or not it's cannon, and it doesn't account for the theories you posted. Even if it is cannon, it doesn't exactly go against the article.

Jun 2, 09 at 3:14am
Duncan Idaho

quote SamusX10
lol, it was you? Awesome.

Majora's Mask was actually my first game ever, so I love it to bits.
i read the article and it sprinkling water all over the place, by omitting the creation of majora's it original powers, and what actually happened:

1st majora's was created of the armor of a monster when the MM manga was published miyamoto or one of the zelda team added a note that they epilogue was in fact the the intro that could not have been placed on MM for lack of time.

2nd the form of the majora's mask of the stone tower temple are a lot different than that the appearance is more similar to twinmold, i do agree that in theory it could be that the lair of twinmold was in fact the shrine of majora's.

3rd termina was Re-created by the 3 goddess after link ancestor destroyed the beast who had 2 particular skills one belonging to nayru, the 1st was the skill to bring death whenever he wishes, by expelling a wave, 2nd the power to control time, for a matter of fact link ancestor referred termina as: "the land where time stopped".

for the rest i still have to explore deeper the arguments overall sounded convincing but it has a lot of leaks.

Jun 2, 09 at 3:09am

Huh? oh no, I didn't write it. I just posted a link to it for everybody to read that's all. TBH, I'm like the fourth person to do so.

Jun 2, 09 at 1:44am

lol, it was you? Awesome.

Majora's Mask was actually my first game ever, so I love it to bits.

Jun 2, 09 at 12:45am

Wtf!?! How have you not read that yet Duncan Idaho? I posted it kind of recently and it's still on the first page of the forums. It's genius btw.

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