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Apr 18, 09 at 6:45amtimeshine

I was just thinking that a delcatty and genagar(or any ghost tpye) Would be the ultimate double battle team. Delcatty's abillity normalize turns all attacks into normal attacks and gengar is immune to normal attacks. Just have delcatty constantly heal itself and have gengar do all the damage. Then the only way your stopped is if delcatty dies or they have a ghost type too. I have never tried this so I dont know if it works.

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Feb 9, 14 at 6:06am
the pigman

A sceptile with solarbeam, earthquake, hidden power ice and dragonclaw (or swords dance) plus a drought ninetales with flame thrower, hidden power water, hipnosis, and dream eater would be pretty killer if you think about it. Sceptiles stab solarbeam mixed with his high special attack, insane speed and drought would pretty much destroy any thing that stands in the way!

Jan 30, 14 at 6:57pm

You can use a delcatty with gengar, then have the gengar use skill swap with the delcatty, then with the opponent. the opponent now has normalize, meaning it cannot hurt gengar.

May 20, 13 at 1:03am

quote Mr_Wuffles
If you want the ultimate double team you need an Alakazam, Spiritomb and Shedinja (unless its a strictly 2v2 match).

Alakazam uses skill swap on Shedinja. Shedinja comes back and Spiritomb comes out. Alakazam uses skill swap on Spiritomb. If you managed to survive this your Spiritomb now has wonderguard and is almost invincable.
I'm not a member here, but I had to see if anyone else was thinking around the same line. Turned out Shedinja is unnafected by Skill Swap, so I was glad I hadn't made the team yet; but I continued to think it over and these are what I came up with. I've obviously put a lot of thought into this, so I don't believe I'll be proven wrong.

1. A Pokemon such as Gardevoir with the ability Trace, the attack Skill Swap, and your opponent has a Shedinja. Of course there'd be a 50% chance you'd end up with the wrong Pokemon's ability. You may have to constantly switch out Gardevoir to get the intended ability, so a Normal/Rock/Steel type in your open slots would be necessary to block Gardevoir's weaknesses. Of course, Gardevoir/Shedinja may die before your able to make the swap to Sableye/Spiritomb. This strategy isn't worth the trouble unless you plan to battle someone who's team is reliant on Shedinja.

2. Gastro Acid or Soak which are far better options than the 1st.

So, I must point out that Sableye/Spiritomb must have Substitute to evade attacks like Roar, Faint Attack/Night Shade to defeat evasive/steel type opponents, as well as Curse, and Rest. Toxic and Will-o-wisp are optional, but they won't get through Fire/Steal types, and status ailments/weather conditions if you decide to use both without Rest. This strategy has it's weaknesses, but not everyone has taken measures to go against it. When up against those who have, come up with your own counter-counter measures to the best of your ability.

Mar 10, 13 at 12:09am

One double team tactic that always beats me is using 1 breloom and 1 rapidash. They must be really fast. So breloom will hold a toxic orb as rapidash will hold a flame orb. Since you need to have breloom with the ability poison heal, the toxic orb will poison it and it will heal as with rapidash, you need it to have flash fire so with the flame orb, it will raise it's fire type moves. Now breloom will use spore which will put the opponents pokemon to sleep. Breloom will use substitute or swords dance then mach punch in between or use spore if the pokemon wakes up. Now for rapidash, rapidash will use fire type moves and bounce incase.

Aug 24, 12 at 8:54pm
Shawn Yasumara

Sunny Day + Trick Room + Sunflora = You gonna get got. I used a Doubles team like that a while back and it worked wonerfully.

Aug 24, 12 at 2:23pm

Groudin and moltres that knows solarbeam. Groudons ability intensifies sunlight so you dont have to charge solarbeam. I haven't lost yet. Make sure groudon knows solarbeam too.

Aug 21, 12 at 6:07pm

An awesome team is Gyarados and Rhyperior because Rhyperior's ability is lightningrod, and can also use earthquake without harming Gyarados. (This also works for Rhydon and Rhyhorn).

May 19, 12 at 10:51pm

Regigigas and cofagrigus. Use mummy to get rid of slow start and regigigas sweeps with crush grip. Also cofagrigus can have 400 something defense so attack power is no issue as Lon as you have a non normal or fighting move

Mar 7, 12 at 7:54pm

SOOOOO, teh bestest combo is ninjask (ev's for attack) coz hes fast, a couple swords
Dances couldnt hurt, have him and other pokemon know protect, eqch taking turns, powering up for a giga impact, or night slash, or x scissor, or sumthing. Beast

May 3, 11 at 11:02pm
We Happen to Like Ch

I have a nice little sandstorm team that is ideal for double battle (So far, it works):
Open with Tyranitar and Gligar, Gligar to use acrobatics on fighting types, and Tyranitar to kill everything else and summon up the sandstorm.
If these die, use whatever the evolved form of Lileep is with it's dream world ability to absorb water and that evolved fossil tortoise. Have it use surf and Lileep own anything else with it's uped spec attack.
Then, my signature Garchomp and Scizor, just for effect and to cover any weaknesses the others didn't cover.
That's the plan, at least.

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