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Apr 12, 09 at 8:23pmMousie Munch

Okay, so I just unlocked Wolf. I've found out that all Star Fox character have the same move set.
What's the difference? Which one is the best?

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May 18, 14 at 11:05am

Wolf definitely, playtime's over Starfox!

May 17, 14 at 3:30pm

Fox is best of the 3. Far more superior air game which trumps anything wolf and falco do different on the ground. Fox is virtually invincible when used correctly and I've never lost to falco or wolf online no matter who plays them. Inconsistent speed with their blasters make them ineffective in the distance. Fox can force an approach and force opponents to defend. His Up smash move is far more effective amd useful with things such as breaking smash balls and getting out of tight situations than falco and wolf. And ps fox will get stronger in ssb 2 so we will see where the fox gets worse each game argument goes when it comes out. Hest light which is his only downside but thing is hes so fast it doesn't matter. Falco is slow and heavy and wolf has a horrible recovery game.

May 1, 12 at 3:40am

In my opinion i think "Fox" is the best..

Apr 14, 09 at 10:37pm

quote WiseLugia
Falco is the best of the three. Fox and Wolf have just steadily been getting worse as time goes on and people learn...

In a nutshell, he can handle himself at practically any distance and has too many stupid tricks up his sleeve. However, he's got his share of hard match-ups, mainly Meta Knight, Snake, Marth, and Pikachu.

thread shoulda been closed after first post said falco, there's not even a comparison/debate about it

falco's chain spike alone wrecks the match up, he has other things but this alone just makes it rediculous

quote SonicFire
Well hello thar Pikachu. :3
what is it now like 100-0 lmao

Apr 14, 09 at 10:21pm

quote Ultimate Shadow
Fox. You need speeeeed tho.
Still best IMO, not queerlist.


Well hello thar Pikachu. :3

quote Zumma

SHDL isn't really all that good tbh. It messes with people's stuff but eh, jumping and shield-grabbing works.

Yesh Falco is best. Chianspike+Lazer+an nearly ungimpable recovery=annoying character, but good, unfortunately. :[

Apr 14, 09 at 10:03pm



Apr 14, 09 at 9:59pm
Ultimate Shadow

Fox. You need speeeeed tho.
Still best IMO, not queerlist.


Apr 14, 09 at 7:48pm

quote LinKing12
quote Zumma
quote LinKing12
His up B is useful as a surprise attack.
How is having a year of start-up lag a surprise attack?

And now you stated that he is your favorite. This thread is about the best char. Falco.
People have surprised me many times in mid-game with a sudden pause (lag), then the attack. Not to say I am some great Brawl player, but it is an effective attack.

And rather than stating who is the best, give reasons.
To me, seeing Wolf do that pose while a lag moment tells two things:

1. Shield or spotdodge and get ready to punish.

2. Shoot him in teh face with a lazor or an arrow before he moves.

Apr 14, 09 at 7:39pm
Elliot Gale

We wouldn't mind explaining things if it only happened once. Alas, the topic comes up way too goddamn much and people should really learn to look around first before asking questions.

Apr 14, 09 at 7:36pm

You can't just say falco's better. Why is he better? I know he's better because of a sick air game. But wolf's ground game is better IMO.

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