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Apr 10, 09 at 3:24ammusic_freak

seymour flux is stupid.
how on earth do you kill it?
most of my people are over 2000hp but (aurons over 4000hp)
and i do use protect,shell but then seymour flux will just use that magic thing which disables my protects then he usues that attack where he uses his 2 great swords then its the end for me...
this has happened to me over and over again whenever ive tried to kill him.
this is just no fair...

please help as i am trying to finish this game in a few more weeks...

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Sep 10, 14 at 5:47pm
Toan Nguyen

well, Seymour Natus and Flux have a same weakness. They can easily kill us and, of course, easily get killed. I was stuck at Flux so I charge all of my aeon. Go to battle, I just use 2 only, Irit and Valefor's overdrive and Auron attack. And he died really fast. And the same went with Natus. I remember I just used Auron attacked few times and tried my best to healing ( almost focus on healing) and natus died.

Sep 2, 14 at 3:44pm

I beat him in one blow... I grand summoned yojimbo then paid him 30k and he was dead with 1 attack

Mar 24, 14 at 6:59am

Charge all Yuna's aeons overdrives up to full, open up with Lulu's bio spell (it does decent damage every turn Seymour has) Tidus' hastega spell and use all the aeons' overdrives. Seymour will likely banish them once they have used them but what the hell... Seymour is likely to be dead by the time you use the last aeon on him anyway This is a cheap strategy but works well.

May 6, 13 at 7:20pm
FFX Player

I leveled on the high road before facing him the in bevelle and when i got to him i taught riku ultima then used a black magic sphere to teach it to yuna since she has higher magic damage then lulu

Aug 15, 11 at 3:13pm

You can also cast haste on Seymour. That way when he uses lance of atrophy, he'll act faster than Mortichris (whatever it's caller). Then one of your character will definitely have a turn in between to use Holy Water. Or you can customize someone's defense equipment with Auto-Med (using 20 remedies) to automatically recover from zombie. And having rikku in your initial team can help cause she will most likely act first, meaning you can change her out for someone else like Lulu and use bio as the first turn. (also if Seymour is haste and under bio, he takes two turn worth of damage, 3 if he just used Cross Cleave)

Aug 24, 09 at 12:57am

hastega and bio... forgot about those! very very helpful indeed! especially bio!, that's if you don't wipe him out with all those pent up overdrives!! (which you should)

Aug 22, 09 at 4:49am

having all your characters/aeons with charged overdrives is all you need.

and haste on at least auron if you didn't have hastega by then (like me).

Aug 21, 09 at 3:17pm

quote Koj
make sure lulu has bio. It's KEY to defeating Seymour.
Bio is needed? In that case, explain why it's easy to do in NSG where you don't have Bio.

Aug 21, 09 at 3:15pm

make sure lulu has bio. It's KEY to defeating Seymour.

Aug 21, 09 at 12:16pm

overdrive EVERY character and aeon,, cast hastega and bio... unleash all those pent up overdrives, from there just a bunch of attacks, healing, and luck... he's not that bad ....

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