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Mar 1, 09 at 4:12amPower of Slash

From Left to Right: Shock, I forget his name, Moogle, DanGR(yawning), Reflex, The One Janitor, Will_, Kalm, Kismet2

The Morning...

yep. Sadly I didn't get any breakfast this morning, and woke up amazingly cranky since people LITERALLY SPAMMED MY PHONE. I torture myself with the most annoying ringtone ever, and getting only 7 hours of sleep(my normal routine demands at least 10 hours of sleep. at most 16. I've done it). I find my cousin playing Halo 3. Which was annoying, simply because I was going to practice SHDA and SHBQD(BQD = Bomb -> Quick Draw), so I go to take an hour long shower. I come out and realize that my lucky rasta belt has been broken for a month... so I slap on a rasta band and hope it has the same effect(bugged the hell out of my wrist but it was fine) Suddenly it's like... 15 minutes until tourney time, so I rush grabbing all my crap, and head down to the mall for the tourney.

Upon Arrival...

I instantly recognize Milln, Play2, Cody, and KoKingpin from the last tournament. It took me a while, but I found DanGR and couldn't help but wonder where the rest of Alabama(and Kismet) were. I take this moment to try and get my recording device setup which... I forgot the cables for it, so this would be a while before it was fufilled. I met up with the rest of my homies(Keith, Caleb, and Matt), sat down and tried to solve my doubles dilemma. At this moment KoKingpin approaches me "Hey, do you have a doubles partner?" and like that, I am paired up with this random guy named Kevin. Before the tourney I requested this AlurNova guy be my partner, but he couldn't come. I decided to get some practice in with him vs. Midnight and Nintendoboyyy. They dominated us to be quite frank, I mean we won like twice, but they were sandbagging so it didn't count. Doubles Brackets were going to be up soon, and we finally met up with the Alabamans. Will_ showed up, fist pounds ensued, Reflex showed up, we lol'd. Oh and as a sidenote, folks... Reflex is the most entertaining person to watch/listen to brawl. That and he has a beast hoodie. Looked much different than I thought, DanGR got gangstah this time, I found out Kismet was black, Will_ had this amazing Ness Hat on, so did that other guy who's name I forgot, I kinda thought The One Janitor was black anyways.

Doubles Brackets!

Y'know.... even though those brackets made me sad, I enjoyed Doubles with this random guy named Kevin, that I had NO experience with whatsoever. I had fun with Kevin, and I definately made sure I didn't let him down in any form or way. So! onto the matches!

1st Round! : Bye.

yep. we got a bye first round, so instead we watched Milln and Play2 play some asian kids. They pwned them to put it simply

2nd Round, Winners Bracket: vs. Milln + Play2

These matches were entertaining to say the least. Milln always makes me lol with these... Hadoukens and Shoryukens(Lucario puns). This match went pretty even, and I was a freaking Stock Tank. First match went smoothly, Play2 had died and taken Milln's last stock, Then Kevin died and I had died as well killing the share stock. I attempt pulling this awesome 2v1, but Milln ends up killing me off.

Second Match, me and Kevin don't know what to counterpick, so I counterpick MillnShip(Pirate Ship). This match was freakin awesome, my TL was on the ball, put pressure on Milln and Play2, with killing Uairs and all that business. Eventually Play2 dies off and it's me and Kevin vs. Milln. Milln stalls us off with this defensive Lucario, and quite frankly he ALMOST pulled it off, but I got a lucky Usmash and moved on.

Third Match, Frigate Orpheon as chosen by Play2 and Milln. 1st stock, 27%, I SD D:. But it's ok, because I totally hold onto my second stock FOR THE ENTIRE MATCH. Everybody ends up dieing off to their last stock except me. Milln and Play2 did the 2v1 grab formation thing, and Kevin share stocked to break it up, though sadly I lost my last life soon afterwards, and Kevin couldn't take on Milln and Play2 by himself, sending us to the losers bracket.

3rd Round, Losers Bracket: vs. Nintendoboyyy and Midnight

My luck with brackets was extremely horrid, since it not only cut me OFF from facing any of the Alabama people, but I play the TN smashers I've already played before and essentially, lose. Yes We lose this match just like I lost last time except it wasn't as bad and I'll tell you why.

First Match, we're on Smashville after yet again, Midnight bans Final Destination. That guy just <3's me. Because immeadiately afterwards I was going to CP FD if we lost this one, but whatevah. So we're on smashville, and I must say I really stood my ground vs. Midnight's Snake, though I made a huge mistake in not paying attention to my Teammate since Cody's MK was ripping through him. This would prove costly, since he dies off and I'm left alone to 2v1 them. Now let's rewind for a second to when we played them in friendlies before the brackets started. There was a moment where I 2v1'd their Ness and Lucas and choked extremely while Will_ shouted, "Be a Man Slash!". I was back in this moment, and in my head I couldn't help but have the song "Now your a man! a man! man! man! man!" while I'm 2v1'ing. I DO REALLY GOOD, I think. then again 2 v 1 is awkward, so it could've been lucky. I kill off Midnight, and get Nintendoboyyy to his last stock, but He ends up winning.

Second Match, once again we CP Pirate Ship... somebody banned FD ; ;. This match was a total blur to me, I'm unaware of everything that went on, I just know for a fact that I 2v1'd those guys again, and Nintendoboyyy ended up killing me off on his last stock. If I remember more I'll edit this part, but the most important fact was that I didn't choke. I walked away not disappointed that YET AGAIN I DIDNT GET PAST FIRST ROUND IN DOUBLES, but merely excited because I felt my TL was ready for singles. Oh btw, Midnight still has this amazingly strong handshake.

Intermission Friendlies

Let me start this section off by saying that I was incredibly agitated with the fact I was losing SOOO MANY OF THESE MATCHES, and I never really got it together until the later part of the day. so let's move on to describing these matches eh?

Money Match vs. Phloat: y'know... people improve.

ok, the only thing I knew about this guy was that he was a GaW player that beat my friend Caleb pretty badly. Though for some reason I REALLY WANTED to money match this guy, but he challenged me which was weird I wasn't expecting that .

First Match, Smashville. My dear god, this match was horrible as freaking... like... bejesus. His GaW 2-stocks my TL quite easily. I mean it was even at first, but my seconds stock was just CRAP, and third stock wasn't much better.

Second Match, I counterpick Final Destination and he goes Snake for this. Now then, this whole time I was thinking my god, I know he's pissed at the random Usmashes that hit out of nowhere, but... I win this stalemate that goes on for quite a while. quite a Defensive match this was.

Third Match, he goes MK + Rainbow Cruise. Something he'll become known for through the rest of the tournament XD. I change to D3, simply because I dislike Rainbow Cruise, and I needed a tankish thing. Besides, sadly D3 is the closest thing to a backup I have. There might've been a slight chance of my winning this if I hadn't SD'd second stock, but Phloat's a good enough player to win regardless, so he wins my dollar.

Friendlies vs. my Homies(Caleb, Matt)

These made me sad... D:. Usually I 2-stock both, but this time both got a win on me, and I barely squeezed in wins in all our matches. My god you don't know how worried I was about my skill at this point.

Friendlies vs. Kismet2

Immeadiately after those shocking friendlies, I see a black fellow approach me asking if anybody's playing friendlies on this TV. I respond no and check his nametag. TO MY SURPRISE KISMET IS BLACK. I calmly exclaim "OSHI- It's Kismet! wanna play some friendlies?", and like the cool guy he is, he agreed. Folks... Kismet is a beast. Everything a textbook Falco should be + more. I must say it was EXTREMELY hard getting on stage vs. him, either he'd edgeguard me with Bair like... perfectly, or he'd mindgame me onto the stage, and proceed to kill me. y'know personally I didn't think I did anything like... impression-worthy in these games, but there's more to that later.

Friendlies vs. Nintendoboyy

These were baaaaad. Cody knows how to spike, very well, too well, this causes like... a 3-stock. A 3-stock, not 3-stockings. but ONE 3-stock, the ONLY 3-stock I'd suffer all day. So, he mows through me quite easily, says his GG's and we move on.

FOOD MATCH: vs. Milln

This was it. I was going to claim my victory burrito!!! I was gonna celebrate! then the first match happened. I don't care what character you are, who you are, or any of that information, quite frankly killing a Lucario at ridiculously high percent is hard. Extremely hard. DIFFICULT. So we play our first match on FD, aaaand.... he wins. At that moment he PERFECTLY describes the type of subway sandwich he will be getting as soon as he wins our set. My god, this man had EVERY single detail ready "not too many tomatoes, Mayonaise, Lots of mayo, Honey Mustard Sauce, 6-inch Veggie Delite on Italian Herb and Cheese bread, etc.". So uh... I CP smashville, and my second stock was horrible. Though I made up for it in my third stock by getting him on his last stock, but he ends up winning this, and then OMG suddenly this mall has a subway. Honestly when the hell did we get a subway in a mall?

So at this point single brackets are about to start, and i'm just playing some friendlies with some people, including this one OTHER TL who plays sorta like me with a few key differences(y'know suddenly I have a bomb game when I arrive at the tourney. before now, I never used bombs so much.) at some point I had to text Midnight telling him Singles started, and then I look at my bracket... it was quite bad.

Singles Brackets...

I was all like HYPE HYPE HYPE, then I was all like BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH, then I was ok maybe I can mow through losers brackets if I lose. You see it was setup like this. First round I face Phloat. If I win I am bound to face Reflex which is hype hype hype. The fact I have to beat Phloat who CP's RC + MK is blargh blargh blargh. And the fact that if I lose I'm up against some guy named Frank, made me think hmm... I might have a chance in losers bracket.

First Round, Winners Bracket: vs. Phloat

These matches were really good, and I highly regret not getting them recorded D:, at this point I'm stalling for time and looking for Will_ to consult him on what I should do for the match. Specifically on how to deal with MK + RC. His advice was really helpful actually, and I appreciate it alot. First match, we go on.... uh... Smashville! yeah. and I beat his GaW first round. Very close match, at this point I'm feeling good about myself. Second match, He CP's Rainbow Cruise and goes MK. I suicide first stock. very early. In this match I got him to his last stock, and to my utter frustration, I SD the last stock because the freaking mat wouldn't let me get down from it <D:<. Third match might quite possibly be the highlight of my day, First stock we're even. Second Stock, I did horribly, Third stock I am mounting A COMEBACK. IT WAS ALMOST SUCCESSFUL, but then a spacing error led to a crushing Fair in my face, and I just collapse on the chair next to me. That. match. was heartbreaking. And so I look in the losers bracket and sure enough, I'm up against. Frank.

Second Round, Losers Bracket: vs. Frank

Now then, I say this because it needs to be said. Honestly. It NEEDS TO BE SAID. If you see a guy named Frank, DO. NOT. TAKE. THEM. LIGHTLY. My lord it was the most unexpected thing ever! I look at this guy and I'm like... hmm.... I compare him to the Flow guy I faced at the last tourney, BUT ITS NOT LIKE THAT MAN. FRANK IS PRO. I head into the first match, and he's using Peach. I'm like... wtf.... this guy's using peach? whatevah, except it wasn't whatevah, it was an ass whooping. I was getting hyped to go through the losers bracket, and here comes Frank with this amazingly like... co-ordinated peach, I mean this man JERKED with the movements his peach was making. Fair, this guy moved his GC controller in a pimp hand formation, and I'm not even joking. He proceeds to 2-stock me for 2 matches straight, though in the second match i just gave up. This guy left me in an incredibly bewildered state. I mean just like that. my Singles bracket shot was done.

Image Identification: Frank(Guy with the du rag, vest, and shirt), Phloat(guy in brown hoodie), Caleb(guy standing next to Phloat), Play2(guy standing next to caleb), then there's that guy I played some TL dittos with. His TL isn't bad.


For the whole hour following that match I was depressed. Man, immeadiately after I had thoughts of dropping like everything. I parked a seat at random places, and listened to Modest Mouse throughout this whole period of time. I couldn't help but think I was the worst player there, maybe if I dropped Toon Link... picked up Meta Knight... yeah, that's how I'll do it! Then I see like EVERYBODY except me advancing. My friends Keith and Caleb made it past the 2nd round before losing to DanGR and Shock respectively. I spent a short amount of time being the tech guy, and setting up recordings of people on both devices. It was at this point that I had found out Milln had beaten Will_, which is kinda where everything started slowing down, and friendlies were allowed at the tourney. Will_ found himself a comfy 4x4 square to lay diagonally in, for he had wanted to take a nap. I spend a few hours walking around, getting refills at the subway, and recording matches. Later on during that time I find Moogle playing friendlies with Phloat and his friend Shadow, and I was wondering if I'd be able to get some friendlies in with Moogle. But before that there were these friendlies.

Friendlies vs. Shock

To say the very least I was still incredibly sour about my singles bracket run. So instead of being light-hearted and enjoying myself, I made it apparent I was dead serious and distraught with a mean look, and went Random button. Somehow, and I stress this somehow, I was able to beat his Kirby... with Link. Not Toon Link, but Link. Regular bad recovery, link. After that I got Sonic, who I have NEVER used before, I don't quite even know how to spin dash, but I still put up a fight. Regardless of how much I don't know the character. Then after that is Pikachu, which... I must say, I will never be able to use pikachu. ever. I get 2-stocked lol. almost 3-stocked, ALMOST.

Friendlies vs. Moogle

These friendlies made me a happy guy again. I was able to hold my own against Moogles Fox in various 1v1's. There were a few lol moments we had, which led to me finally talking to my opponents instead of sitting there with this serious look on my face while listening to Muse and trying the best I can. Once that happened I did pretty well, infact there was one moment where I had chosen Pit, and this was an all or nothing glide, and sure enough I stage spiked him, if that didn't happen I would've lost due to SD. Then he chose GaW and started with the wreckage. His GaW played much differently than Phloats since Phloat abused Bair for proper spacing, when Moogle really put the pressure on me making it hard to react until I actually got footing and relieved myself of this pressure. Moogle might pick GaW up, since in his discussion with Kismet while we were brawling they talked about how Fox had horrid matchups and how Moogle should start using GaW. It was Kismet or The One Janitor, idk. It was not long that the grand finals between Reflex and Will_ were going on, so me and Moogle put a hold on the games to spectate. I must say Moogle's a really cool guy.

You guys will get to find out what exactly went on with Will_ during those games, but my god beforehand when he was walking down the isle Will_ was the most intense mofo I've ever seen in my life. He looked... Ready to like own somebody, with his lucky hat on, intense stare, intense walk, everything about him was intense. During the games to me Will_ seemed quite distraught, he made mistakes I haven't really ever seen him make vs. anybody before.

Friendlies vs. Kalm

I think Kismet was watching these matches. But at this point, I challenged Reflex to a MM, but he had just beaten Milln in a food match so he went to go get some Sbarro's. Instead I get this Kalm guy coming in to play some friendlies. It's my TL vs. his DK. I did... shockingly well in these matches, best matches I had all night. Unfortunately Reflex didn't get to catch my TL, instead he saw my failure of a Pit vs.... I forget what character he was using but it was fine. Reflex had JUST come back, and then... we had to pack up. D: I was sad... it was my chance to gauge myself vs. Reflex... and we had to pack up the wii's and such. It was fine, he promised me some friendlies next month if I'm there.

Afterwards everybody starts chilling out in the arcade, so I drift off to get some Subway for dinner. Somehow Will migrates all of Alabama outside with us to take the group pic seen above. I also got to take a pic of Will in his lucky hat right below.

From Left to Right: KoKingpin, Milln, Will_(Lucky Hat), Play2

and so we're having discussions, and what totally made my night. Kismet asked me "do you have any secondaries?", I answered "well no not really, I mean it's just a whole jumble of characters", so then he comments on my Toon Link with key info that really just hit me in the face like man... I should've been doing that he's totally right and he ends with "other than that, your Toon Link is good."... y'know coming from Kismet that really meant. alot. I was happy. And so now, I'm actually a part of the TN smash community, KO gave me his number to notify me of when smashfests were gonna be held at his house, and what's going on with my stuff that's disappearing at the tourney. We all say our peace out's as the AL smashers go to Ihop, and I wait for my dad.

No pendulum on the way back, I freaking have Justin Timberlake.

Singles Results

Reflex 1st
Will_ 2nd
Kismet 3rd
Milln 4th

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Mar 4, 09 at 1:45am
Power of Slash

Ok, so the guy with the vids made a montage vid.

it's up on the second post.

There's some pretty cool clips in there. somewhat.

Mar 3, 09 at 3:44am
Power of Slash

oh right, almost forgot I made this. meh I'll post again when vids get uploaded.

it should be noted that my first round consisted of the folk who placed 1st, 5th, and 7th.

This makes me not sad.

Mar 3, 09 at 3:30am

Nice read
Great job Slash and Masta
I can't wait for the vids to get uploaded

Mar 2, 09 at 9:19pm

God, that sounds so much fun1 Why doesn't Finland have any kinds of tournaments?? me sad

Mar 2, 09 at 8:53pm

quote stabbedbyahippie
SF, Lee is the best Lucario.

I hear Masta didn't do so well vs Reflex.
I didn't do well the whole tournament, lol. I lost to milln like third round and had to work my way up through another gauntlet only this time I was physically sick and ugly.

And yes, Reflex was PT for the whole set. I managed to SD at least once each match. I felt disoriented but there's no use dwelling on it.

Getting caught in a blizzard on the way home was more interesting. :]

Mar 1, 09 at 7:09pm
Power of Slash

I only really caught like the last match.

You'll get more on Will_'s point of view whenever he posts.

Mar 1, 09 at 7:02pm

Needs more Wario rep.

Guessing Will used MK the entire Grand Final?

Mar 1, 09 at 7:00pm
Power of Slash

Once, when he food matched Milln that made me miss my chance to play friendlies vs. his PT ._.

that's all I saw of his Wario

Mar 1, 09 at 6:58pm

quote Power of Slash

instead he used PT throughout the whole tournament.
No Wario play? ;_;

Mar 1, 09 at 6:57pm
Power of Slash


instead he used PT throughout the whole tournament.

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