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Feb 5, 09 at 10:05pmMousie Munch

I'm thinking of starting a roleplay, if anyone backs me up on the idea i'll start it properly.

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Feb 6, 12 at 3:55am

Here's my character~!

Name: Felicity
Birthday:Fall 27
Personality: She's an anti-social witch who's front door is disguised as a tree and she lives underground. She cares deeply for her pet racoon CoonTail, and she lives off nature. The townsfolk don't know about her, or are just plain terrified of her. She acts cold and arrogant, when in reality, she is lonely and just wants to find a man who, instead of running off when she yells at them, but argues and yells back.
Bio: Felicity was a wanderer who just couldn't seem to find a place to stay permenatly. That is, until she found a wizard looking for a new prodigy. She is of witch blood, and her powers came natural after her master took her in and helped her release her power. She is immortal until she completes her task... Which is to fall in love.
Family: None
Occupation: Witch
Love interest: Blue
Other: Her front door is disguised as a tree, but when she chants her entrance spell, the door shows and when it's opened, it reveals a staircase which leads to her underground house.

Dec 7, 11 at 12:15am

I would like to claim Blue please! Ah... Let me have a minute to make my avatar please

Apr 12, 09 at 1:18pm
Mousie Munch

Yeah, I did. She's trapped in stone until all the magical notes are found.
Just obeying the storyline of the game.

Apr 12, 09 at 1:15pm
Alex luver

((didn't mousie_munch already make a post about the harvest goddess being trapped in stone?))

Apr 9, 09 at 11:13pm

Spring 2nd, Year 1

Samantha looked around her at all the beautiful crystals.
"It's so beautiful, is this real?" She looked at more of the crystals, her eyes shining from the amazement.Just as she turned around, a figure appeared in front of her. It was a woman. She had Purple hair and a blue green dress. Samantha stared in awe."Who..are you?"
The woman stared at her, her eyes shining with true beauty.
" I am the Harvest Goddess.I control most of the things that go on in the village and I keep the peace around here. What makes all the beautiful flowers and the animals, is me. I am the protector of this area." She smiled at Samantha.
Samantha stared at her in awe. "Do you want me to leave here?" She was still in shock about the Harvest Goddess's beauty.She looked like something from a fairytale.
The Harvest Goddess stared at her. "You do not have to leave.This is a beautiful sanctuary, and I want many others to come see it."

Apr 8, 09 at 9:25pm
Mousie Munch

Spring 2 year 1

Serena woke up groggily. Flopped out of bed, dragged her clothes on, then went to work. Oh great. The cafe wasn't open. Serena needed something to do, so she admired the Moonlight Cafe sign for a few seconds, stared at her map and the lack of places to go to. She settled for the library again. Entering the library, she chatted with Maria, who had a book on fishing open. Eventually, they finished the conversation, and Serena retreated to a dark corner to read.

Apr 8, 09 at 9:11pm

Spring 2nd, Year 1

Samantha got up out of bed and yawned as she looked out the window.It was only five in the morning.She stretched her arms and went toget changed.

She walked out of her house and walked towards the forest.It was time to see what this area was like in the daytime.


Samantha approached the forest and walked into the main area. There were many trees and types of vegetation. She saw a white flower sitting under a tree.
"That's beautiful!" Samantha said as she went and picked up the flower. It smelled fantastic and she closed her eyes. This was such a beautiful area. Just as she opened her eyes, a little rabbit hopped in front of her. "Aw, aren't you just the cutest wittle thing?" Samantha giggled and pet the rabbit. It had soft and fluffy fur. Samantha walked away from the rabbit and continued across the bridge.In the distance she could see a cave. She walked into the unknown location and looked at her surroundings.
"It's so..beautiful.." Samantha looked at the crystals surrounding her and the clear water.It was all so beautiful, she just stopped and stared at it.

Apr 8, 09 at 8:47pm
Mousie Munch

OOC: Okay, just posting this.

Spring 1 year 1

Serena exited and bumped into a figure. She looked up. It was Jamie.
"Told you she was a myth."
"Actually, she isn't. The sprites have agreed to let me help revive her." Serena answerd. Jamie barged past her, muttering words like 'stupid' and a few swear words. Confused, Serena headed back to the inn, where she just flopped down on the bed and dozed off.

Apr 8, 09 at 8:34pm

((Meg, is it okay if we go to the 2nd day now?We've been on the 1st for awhile now))

Apr 8, 09 at 8:21pm
Mousie Munch

Spring 1 year 1

Serena stumbled through the dark forest, clutching the book to her chest, twigs tangling themselves in her hair. She approached the spring, cautious. It was just the same.
"She came back?"
"I don't understand humans really. Always coming and going."
"Wh..h..who are you?" asked Serena, already guesssing from the book. The harvest sprites.
"We'll tell you if you can guess her name." said one of te sprites in red, gesturing towards the statue.
"The Harvest Goddess." Serena whispered in reply. The sprites told her that they were, indeed, the harvest sprites. They told the whole tale, about the H.G turning to stone, how to help revive her, all that. Serena nodded.
"I'll help." she said quietly.
"You! A human!"
"Think about it, it may not be that bad an idea." the whole spring burst into deabtes and arguments. Eventually, they decideed that Serena could help. She smiled and left.

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