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Feb 1, 09 at 7:46pmPhluXx

If you look closely at the altime best antagonist, the Jack of blades we will see he has three masks. The one which he wairs, which if we look at Fable folklore tells us this is his "soul shell" which makes him immortal allowing him to swap from host body repeatably.
But when we take a close look at his chest just bellow his crimson cloak we see another two masks. One which appears to be a stiched mouth with a frauning expression, and the second with also a stiched mouth but with a smiling expression. But by what I've found on the web and the two games. There is no mention or explaination of the other two masks.
Is it possible that there also "soul shells" for the Jack of Blades? And there still housing his soul keeping him alive, with the possibility of a return in future Fable games? Remeber the Hero of Oakvale only detroyed Jacks' first mask the one vailing his face. The other two retreated back to the Void with Jack's host body, after there first battle in the chamber of fate.
Anyone have any feedback on this? Or any explaination on the other two masks?

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Jan 11, 15 at 11:50pm

I'm not sure if anyone really thought of this but what if jack became a ghost? It's vary possible that he could seeings how Scarlet Robe became a ghost as well as the woman who kills herself if you give her the note from the ghost, and the pirate husband in Oakvale (the ghost u need to get rid of to get the chicken kichen thing), and seeing how both Avo and Skorm are both false gods who knows what could have happened, they do say that before humans were in Albion that it was in chaos (not sure if it was just Albion or the whole world) because the true gods and demons were at war or something like that. Sorry I got a bit off topic, but because there are so many things with ghost in fable who's to say that jack couldn't become a ghost after his mask was thrown into the lava at the bronze gate? I know it's his soul mask but how do we know that just because the mask was destroyed his soul was too? It could have been that since the mask was destroyed that jack was dead but now a ghost with no power, and if I'm right IT could be that jack is a ghost and is with rose and if thats wrong it could vary well be the ghost of the man jack took control of, since jack is the mask not the human itself.

Jun 15, 14 at 11:26pm
William Manderson

Okay,after reading so much i learned alot from this thread at least we all agree on something Jack of Blades is a godlike being

Apr 19, 14 at 3:34pm

I think the other two mask are, one is for the 'Queen of Blades' and the other is for the 'Knight of Blades'. I think they are in the legends of the Jack of Blades. They came in through the voids and altogether they formed a group called 'The Court'. But Jack got greedy and kidnapped a man called William (Something) and brought him into the 'Void'. William escaped with a sword Jack wanted, the sword of Aeons. Jack, again captured him, but was again defeated by William (Something). I think William defeated Queen and Knight and Jack kept their masks. But I don't know. It might tell you in the book, 'Fable: The Jack of Blades' though...
That's basically it, then a few thousand years and he attacks Oakvale and your story begins.

Apr 2, 14 at 12:36pm

The two masks are irrelevant. Yes they belong to the other two members of the court but the masks are destroyed along with Jack's body after the Hero of Oakvale battles Jack in the Chamber of Fate

Mar 5, 14 at 3:06am

If u talk to the oracle in snowspire he will tell u that when maze was a child he was saved from balverines by three heros one of them being jack of blades after jack killed the balverines jack killed the other two heros

Feb 13, 14 at 9:30am

from what I heard in the game, his body was destroyed but not his soul, who took refuge in the mask and slept for years, and that the mask takes over the body thats wearing it

Dec 20, 13 at 3:21am

the two masks that jack of blades has on the trousers would be the mask that belong to knight of blades and queen of blades which made jack,queen and knight of blades the court that ruled before the old kingdom i think. so william black the greats hero and also the ancestor of all fable heros and their siblings. william made a deal for the sword of aeons to fight the court and succeeded Jack met the same fate as his ally, yet was still able to cheat death by having his essence escape into his mask. theres your answer and also fact

Jul 13, 13 at 10:11pm

Ok long post here explaining Jack of Blades, and will hopefully answer the questions regarding our favorite villain. Jack was one of 3 members of the Court. Yes he was the second defeated by William Black but he was not killed, only his human form destroyed. His soul resides in his mask, which was not destroyed.
In Fable: The Lost Chapters, our hero, yes, defeats Jack, but yet again the mask was not destroyed. The hero kept it as a trophy. This is why Jack was able to come back. The only way to kill Jack was by destroying the mask, which you were given the choice in the second battle with Jack.
Now as to why his mask does this, we don't know. We only know that Jack is from the Void which could point out that he is more of an immortal/demon, since he was no god after all. In hope this answered a few questions.

Jun 14, 13 at 7:29pm
William Black

Birth of William Black

In the days when the people still suffered under The Court's cruelty, a humble blacksmith and his wife had a boy. They named him William Black, and he would become the key to save Albion.

Little is known about William's youth. As a grown man he amazed others with the powers of his mind, by which he was able to protect his village and perform feats not a dozen other men could equal. These acts came to be celebrated as the "Powers of Will".

"Fall of the Court"

William grew obsessed with the Court, determined to find a way to overthrow it. One night, while consulting a mysterious tome, he was suddenly transported from Albion into the Void. There he met Jack, who sat on a throne surrounded by ghastly figures. Jack tried to enslave William with the power of an ornate sword, but William fought back and managed to steal the sword before escaping the netherworld.

Back in Albion the sword spoke to William. It called itself the Sword of Aeons, and it promised to help him defeat the Court, but only if William offered his soul in bondage. With the Sword of Aeons, William set off to find the Court.

William scaled the peak of Ruon, Albion's highest mountain and challenged the Court to combat. The Knight of Blades appeared first, and, wielding the Sword of Aeons, William destroyed him completely.

Next the Jack of Blades appeared. They fiercely stuck at one another until William broke Jack's body. However, unknown to most, Jack was not truly slain, and Jack's soul escaped to the Void and possibly took refuge in his mask.

The Queen of Blades was the last to face William. For weeks their battle raged across Albion. Mountains were raised and valleys were formed by their mighty blows. At last, William slew the Queen and freed the people from their yoke. They acclaimed William, who now took the title Archon, as their king.

The 2 masks are those of his fallen comrades the third is his own!

Apr 19, 13 at 2:00am

Those other masks are the knight of blades and queen of blades masks i found this out through a lot of research . also make note of the portal that you cast the sword into that portal leads to the void the relm jack'knight and queen of blades rule i have not found a reason why jack left carrying the soul masks of the other two

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