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Dec 12, 08 at 4:27pmmarioman

This thread is for fake cheats and glitches.

E.G:unlock mewtwo

play with lucario 18976543 times and complete the subspace emissery with him you will get him then.

unlock note:mewtwo is back and ready to kick butt!

this can only be done with nintendo and sega carecters. aghhhhhhhhh

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Dec 30, 12 at 7:48pm
curse mark

do classic with sonic 20 times to get shadow as a playable character
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Aug 19, 10 at 7:10pm

Make chain chomp an assist trophy

1.Get super mario 64 on the virtual console.

2. get 100 lives from yoshi and go to bob-omb battlefield.

3.Get 100 game overs by jumping into the chain chomp.

4.put the super smash bros brawl disk in.

5.You have got a 1% chance chain chomp will be in a assist trophy!

Aug 19, 10 at 3:12pm

Unlock you as a playable character: Fart on the game twice, then masturbate with it, pee on it, and flush it down the toilet.

Aug 19, 10 at 3:06pm

Unlock crayola colouring pencils fo items.

1.Draw a penguin on your TV.

2.Rub it off and draw a pencil on your TV.

3.Put brawl in.

4.Turn on the golden hammer.

5.When the golden hammer appears, you have a 50% chance the top will come off and become a crayola pencil.

That was random!

Aug 13, 10 at 8:16pm

Unlock Zero from Mega Man
Step 1:Play as Red Samus.
Step 2:Make sure the match is infinite time, and versus a Blue Samus
Step 3:Wait for a beam sword to drop
Step 4:kill the Blue Samus 50 times, without getting a single point of damage dealt to you.
Step 5:Gain a smash ball (NOTE: Do NOT kill them with a smash ball before the 50 kills, and DO NOT kill the opponent with your own moves.)
Step 6:Kill the enemy. Repeat step 5 and 6 100 times.
Step 7:Have the Blue Samus attack you 500 times without you dieing more then 3 times.
Step 8:End the match.
Step 9:Wait for a letter from Masahiro Sakurai to arrive (This can and will take exactly 1 day after his death.)
Step 10:Use your pro origami skills (if you don't have, f--k you.) and make a disk out of the letter.
Step 11:Stuff it in the wii with Brawl and turn it on.
Step 12:Repeat 41235790182750981237598123740918234570918234798 times.
Step 13:Half way, get smart enough to stop wasting your time.
Step 14:Hack your wii.
Step 15:Download Brawl +
Step 16:Get the PSA done by Razanak 7
An yes! You have unlocked Zero from Mega Man.

Aug 13, 10 at 6:39pm

Unlock Mario kart wii rainbow road music

1.Insert a mario kart wii disk into your wii

2.Beat the world champion at rainbow road without using hacks or cheats.

3.find a cliff. If there is a rainbow there, chuck your wii into it.

4. It will go over the rainbow. you have to jump over the cliff after it.

5. If you fall, a kart will ram you onto the other side.

6.Once you've got your wii, put the SSBB disk into it.

You unlocked MKW rainbow road music for the mario kart stage!

Aug 13, 10 at 1:10am

Subject: Unlock Shroob from M&L: Partners in Time.
Effect: Shroob becomes a playable character!
Final Smash: Shroob becomes invincible, does its signature laugh, and calls in several flying Shroob Saucers that crash down on the stage near opponents. Much like PK Starstorm, but the saucers fly in the general direction of opponents and explode if they hit the ground or a player.

Step 1: Play M&L: PiT and get into a battle with any kind of shroob. (ones that are on the ground, like fire shroobs and regulars)
Step 2: Just as the shroob attacks Mario or Luigi with ones of their guns, (Can't be one of the babies) take the DS card out (with the DS on) and put it in the SD slot of the Wii.
Step 3: Load up brawl, and go to the picture album, load the SD card slot and you'll see only 1 picture: the screen of the shroob attacking in the DS Card.
Step 4: Press A to look close up, and the picture will animate, and the Shroob's bullet from the gun will hit either Mario or Luigi, and you will fight Shroob with that character with Smash Balls turned on. (If it attacks one of the babies, the game will freeze right before the bullet hits, and you'll have to do steps 2-4 again.)
Step 5: Win the battle and you will unlock Shroob! You Will get a notice: "The alien from the past, Shroob, enters they fray!"

Aug 12, 10 at 12:56pm

quote thunder850
I wish I owned the original SSB. Sadly, I don't have a N64, and I don't think it is on the Virtual Console. If it ever is, I will definitely get it.
It is on the virtual console. You should check out a wiki for that imformation.

Anyways, another fake cheat.

Unlock the final boss music for mario and luigi bowsers inside story.

1.Play as bowser 1,000,000,000 times.

2.Throw your ssbb disk off a cliff.

3. before it hits the ground, go down and catch it. If it hits the ground, try step 1 again.

3.Insert the disk into your/a wii.

4.You will get this music for the level mushroomy kingdom 1-1.

Aug 11, 10 at 10:27pm

I wish I owned the original SSB. Sadly, I don't have a N64, and I don't think it is on the Virtual Console. If it ever is, I will definitely get it.

Aug 11, 10 at 10:26pm

quote thunder850
I don't think he really meant all of the N64 stages, just the ones that he liked.
Yeah, even though i don't own SSB. those are the ones i know.

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