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Nov 29, 08 at 7:34amlbakinbaconl

[eP]Bakin here.
discuss the FRIENDLY clan war here please.

Ready and Willing versus Elite Penetration

"[eP]inoob's rules"

4 matches of 2v2 each game consists of 3 rounds. best team to win 2 out of 3 rounds win.

Sniping is allowed if both teams agree.

20 minutes, 20 kills.

IF HOWEVER both clans have tied up with 2 teams winning on one side and the other clan wins with 2 teams. Then there will be a 5th round where they shall choose there best teams to face off an another 3 rounds and like I said, 2 out of 3 rounds is declared the winner.

if you don't like these rules, perhaps we can make new ones, as long as both clan representatives agree.

gl, and let the best clan win

You can find most the people from eP on gamespot and our clan website is posted on our thread... I cant post it here because I'm a new member.. Sorry

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Dec 13, 08 at 2:00am


I guess you can say that I have mastered it. But I only tend to play this game around twice a week.

If a re-do is what everyone wants I guess it's okay. But it doesn't matter, We already won it

And btw who's my partner? Since ushot quit I dunno who now..

Dec 13, 08 at 12:20am

ok cool, so we're on the same level now.

The thing is, all the other clans will be using the dual trigger, now that most know about it, its only right that you guys master it too, and it wont take you long especially if you ever used trace a lot on MPH with the pinky zoom thing, so ye.

Good luck

Dec 12, 08 at 11:59pm

WTF? No double trigger. That is so *bleep*ing cheap.

Its certainly there to use, I'm not arguing that, but it gives an unfair advantage over those who haven't mastered the skill, and I am one of them.

If you wanna use it, you're gonna have to allow me the time to perfect the skill.

Dec 12, 08 at 10:42pm

    Sounds good to me. Everything is still standard. No sniping. Dual trigger is allowed.

    This way both teams know they can use it

Dec 12, 08 at 10:24pm

Re-doing the match seems fine with most, and thats what will be done.

But dual triggering is staying put.

Glitch or no, its there.... anyone can use it so its not unfair.

Im gona be civil with you guys. No need for conflict atm =/

We re-do the match, which gives you guys a chance to either play better or embrace the glitch, become better players and everyone can play the game as it was most probably intended.

Since when do we give a damn about the designers of the games and how they wanted us to play? The game is there, published and worldwide, theres nothing you can do about flaws ect, so get used to them.

We re-do the match, with dual trigger agreed upon.
Surely we can agree on that?

I hope so

Dec 12, 08 at 1:51am

    That is why I am saying to do only one round to see how the scores would be. If it is close, do a second.

Dec 12, 08 at 12:39am

hmmmmm we can do a redo, we don't need to use the "glitch".

Centanu, if you don't wanna face us because we don't wanna admit its a being a nub for a clan that doesn't want to do a redo. I've pwned ur ass before on wifi without using the glitch before I knew about it, so *bleep*.

Dec 11, 08 at 12:32am

quote eP ELLIS
its still not unfair because you guys can do the exact same thing if you had skill.
I just lol'd in RL.

Dec 10, 08 at 10:29pm

    I played the game since release

    This is not even the right forum for MPH either btw. I just used it as an example. Shadow Freeze was only "fair" if agreed upon by both players and it wasn't a true part of the game which is why it was removed in later versions of the game. No one considered glitching fair which is why they were always against the rules.

Dec 10, 08 at 10:15pm

quote R1DDL3S
    haha. Sounds good but Punk you are an idiot . Ellis is not, seems pretty cool imo most of the time.

    How many of the kills were gained with the glitch though?

    Also, in MPH for example, since Sylux bombs can be chained infinitely pretty much, why is it referred to as the Chain bomb glitch? Why is it considered a glitch that the imp goes through corners? Why is it a glitch to go through the walls if the developers made it that way?
Um... you didn't play mph much did you? Sylux bombs are not infinite... It's not a glitch... and glitches were used in mph and they were fair… you can SF (shadow freeze) with Noxus and that was fair in lots of wars... its just part of the game...

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