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Nov 22, 08 at 11:41amJammaster

Welcome to the Call of Duty: World at War general discussion!

Here you can talk about anything from politics to your favorite drink! And if you really want to, you can talk about the game

Before you ask, this has been approved by the awesome Shane. And please, no spamming or flaming, we want to keep this going for as long as possible.

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Sep 26, 10 at 8:15pm

Hi im Brown1997

Ive had world at war for a while.
My facorite thing about it is that is has zombies.

And shortman. You should reconize me

Feb 2, 10 at 8:06pm

I got COD5 and COD6 with my PS3 on this Saturday gone and can't wait to play with some of you guys. I still love COD5 as much as COD6.

Sep 17, 09 at 1:02pm

He could have been in last stand but like i said i threw this so far and into an area miles away from my teammates. A teammate could have thrown a grenade, cant go into last stand right? You die instantly with explosions im sure. And it was too far away for someone to shoot him - especially on Makin when you can't see over a fair distance.

Anyway, has anyone else tried this class i created the other day? I've been doing extremely well with it lately in Core TDM. And i mean really well. Carbine with flash hider and stopping power. Not totally sure of the other perks but they're not too essential i think. It's just that you don't appear on the radar because of the flash hider, and the gun is still extremely accurate and powerful. It's awesome.

First game on Seelow i went something like 33-5-4 or something. Had similar games but kills in the 20's for the next few games. Loving it!

Sep 15, 09 at 2:00pm

That would be funny.

Sep 10, 09 at 10:17pm

Get another 149 headshots then you get a gold gas grenande.

He could have been on Last Stand - or Second Chance (i think). It does seem an interesting idea, might sneak up on a sniper and throw a gas grenande at their head. Would be funny even if it didn't work just to see/hear his reaction to someone throwing a gas grenande at his head instead of using a gun. Don't know how i would react tbh lol.

Sep 10, 09 at 9:57pm

Never figured this one out - but if you were to throw somesort of a grenade at someone's head, would you kill them?

Because well, i didn't think so, but i was playing on Makin the other day, and i just randomly launched a gas grenade as far across the map as i possible could - and i killed someone

I assume he was extremely low on health and i know when a grenade strikes the enemy it does cause a little damage....but well i'm curious what would happen if it struck him on the head?

I doubt it, it was probably just a coincidence, but judging by the radar i dont think there were any of my teammates over towards that area where i threw it.

Sep 8, 09 at 9:03pm

quote Master Tenku
but I advise against making a general Neoseeker clan as that would require permission from Redemption himself.
Just putting it out there, but there are CoD4 Neoseeker clans, and on FIFA people have used Neoseeker as Club names online. And i'm pretty sure they didn't ask Redemption.

But i understand where you are coming from.

May 6, 09 at 1:01am
Chelsea Mint FC

Hmm... Why is it I always get mixed up between a Thread and Forum in my posts? I feel like such a douche

Aye guys, this is just a random question, but are there any Aussies or New Zealanders on the forum that play CoD: WaW online?

Apr 27, 09 at 5:10pm

quote brokeandfamous
I bumped into cgauld7 yesterday whilst playing WAR. I think we got each other an even number of times but I recognised the name from here so I actively seeked him out
    Ahh, I though I recongnized the name 'brokeandfamous'.

    That was a good game, we got each other quite a lot I think.

Apr 27, 09 at 3:35pm

quote Chelsea Mint Fc
Hello guys,

Not sure if this is the place to suggest this, but I don't believe a new thread is neccessary, so I'll just post it here. Just recently, all the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 forums' merged, to create more popularity for the forum and make it easier for the members as all 5 (can't remember the exact number, just a rough estimate) seperate forums were dying quite rapidly and the same topics were being generated in all the forums but not enough responses or posts. And I've seen the same thing happen in this thread, and not as much rapidly, the Xbox 360 thread. I'm just throwing the idea out there, because it made PES 2009 one of the most popular forums in Neoseeker--and could possibly do the same for CoD; WaW.


Seems like a good idea, if we can stop the arguments between 360 and PS3 fans.

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