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Nov 11, 08 at 10:15pmRabidChinaGirl

Hey, everyone, just finished the Mirror's Edge review for Neoseeker. Read up if you're interested.

Hope it helps.

Mirror's Edge Review

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Aug 14, 09 at 1:23pm

I think my criticism of Mirror's Edge is that, in some ways, the game can be quite self-defeating.

The whole purpose/ethos/point of the game is free-running. That is what the gameplay is built upon. However, with that comes an innate level of difficutly, wherein the problem lies.

Often, this difficutly level is represented by the odd tricky jump here, the odd arduous sequence there. In other games (Half Life, for example), having to make 20-30 attempts at such things isn't a problem - you accept it as part of the challenge. The problem with it in Mirror's Edge, however, is that these bits and pieces that can take so many attempts to get right consequently break up the flow of the game, which is essentially what it's all about - free-flowing, free running movement and sequences.

While this can make the game very frustrating and feel disjointed at times, I still think it is excellent (I got the game on Tuesday so have enjoyed what I've played of it). I bought it after coming across so many positive references in gamesTM magazine. Normally I hold Metacrtic as my gospel - if a game has 80% or above I play it and, with the exception of MGS4, it's so far worked for me. If I'd stuck with this policy, and not read gamesTM, I'd never have picked Mirror's Edge up.

I can understand why it got mixed reviews and scores, but I'm enjoying it a hell of a lot more than 94% Metacritic-scoring MGS4! Just goes to show that you can't really quantify gaming experience.

quote Salty
Honestly I would give it 5/10
1 for innovation
1 for being fun
5 for beauty
-2 for no replay value, bad HUD (none...), terrrrrrible story, and first person platformer (still a bad idea)
Your opinion, fair enough, etc etc....but I have to say, I'm not sure what game you were playing?!

Fun - I can see that going both ways, because it can be frustrating at times. But 1 for Innovation?! If there is a game out there like Mirro's Edge, I've yet to see it (FPS don't count - it's like saying that the CD wasn't innovative because before we had vynals that were also circular in shape)

Replay value - I give you that. I've not finished the game yet, but I doubt I'll play through it a second time.

Bad HUD (none) - So what? Does a game need a HUD? I can think of many great games that don't have HUDs.

Story - it's not 'terrible', it's just that the whole 'Orwellian society/brutal regine frames family member' thing has been done to death. But then, this game isn't really about the story.

Feb 9, 09 at 12:36am

I gotta say that was a nice review and a good read :]

Dec 10, 08 at 4:25pm

Honestly I would give it 5/10
1 for innovation
1 for being fun
5 for beauty
-2 for no replay value, bad HUD (none...), terrrrrrible story, and first person platformer (still a bad idea)

I'm being generous

Definitely worth a rent, I don't think I would buy it though.

Nov 29, 08 at 7:05am

Nice review. My biggest complaint about the game was the way it threw enemies at you. It almost seems like DICE didn't realize that Mirror's Edge is a game about moving and not placing 8 SWAT guys in clusters and forcing you to slowly and methodically seperate them. If the enemies were in more areas but in groups of only a few at a time the fighting would have been more satisfying and less frustrating. Seriously, near the end of the game you need to go down several flights of stairs, kill 2 helmet-type soldiers, 6 SWAT soldiers and then after you get to the bottom there are 2 SAW-toting SWAT guys and 2 regular SWAT guys that surround you, spray constant fire at you, and block the exit. 12 armed guys in groups of two and all around you?? This may be easy for people who don't mind using a gun or two, but kicking them all in the balls and dodging a couple hundred bullets was a little frustrating.

For those on the edge though, get this game. It has some design flaws and sometimes it really expects you to get shot but the experience is surprisingly similar to Portal and it will affect the way you view video games.

Nov 14, 08 at 1:54am

quote ThrombosisJones
Oh, and boo-yeah for the no-guns achievements
You bet. I really recommend trying for the Leap of Faith Achievement. It'll cause you a lot of grief sure, but when you see it pop up after you finish the game, it is unbelievably satisfying.

Nov 12, 08 at 8:19pm

quote Redemption
Right now I'm wondering whether to go with the PC or X360 version, and the decision is mostly based on which one has the more natural controls.
Personally I'm vouching for the PC controls, having tried the demo on 360. Of course, I've barely played any Xbox in my day and I've been on a huge PC kick lately, so take it with a grain of salt..

I found turning while moving and doing everything else kind of awkward, though..and I imagine the keyboard will be at least a bit more natural than the 360 controller's shoulder buttons..course if you got the PC version and didn't like the setup, you could always get the 360 PC controller.

Nov 12, 08 at 7:37pm

That was an interesting read.

I'm really sorry to hear that the story didn't have more kick to it. EA was really playing up the Rhianna Pratchett angle in their PR blitz so I had my fingers crossed on that count.

That the controls work smoothly and make the running & jumping easy to handle is a huge relief though.

It really sounds like something that has to be played.

Oh, and boo-yeah for the no-guns achievements. )


Nov 12, 08 at 6:59pm

1984 is really one of my favorite books, so I couldn't resist putting that in. I'm so glad to see people on the forums know that book and others like it!

I also looked up some other reviews/Metacritic. I think that's a good average for Mirror's Edge... It was good, but wasn't great. I think many reviewers were just taken off guard by how different the game turned out from our expectations, and that all this raving about innovation produced something so flat.

Nov 12, 08 at 5:29pm
DragonMaster Dyne

The game currently is scoring an 83/100 on Metacritic. Not too bad, but not great either.

Nov 12, 08 at 5:08pm
Superfast Oz

quote chautemoc
Yeah I agree with Superfast..I was expecting you to rave about it and the majority of it was negative. It felt like a big slam on it hehe. But yeah I understand critcism/love thing..still very much looking forward to it, and maybe even more to the sequel now..I need a freaking free roam mode!

Funny you talked about Assassin's Creed..I just saw it in action today for the first time (so behind I know), and I'm gonna play that at some point too.

Oh, and 1984 was largely inspired by We, and is supposedly "better".
Might check the book out, thanks. Orwell was influenced by Brave New World too, a slightly newer book that goes with dystopia theme.

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